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Stun Needle Bankroll Builder

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  • Stun Needle Bankroll Builder

    Hey-o, making my thread for the bankroll builder promotion....I just passed that poker assessment quiz where you need to score 70% or better and I've never made a deposit in my PokerStars account.

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    Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline! Be sure to read THIS just to be sure of exactly what's on offer with the Bankroll Builder promotion. >>click here<< for a complete overview of what PSO has to offer. We will advise within 24 hours as to whether or not you will be eligible for this promotion. Please check back this time tomorrow! Thank you for being a member of and best of luck to you at the tables! John (JWK24) umbup:

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      You are eligible for the Bankroll Builder promotion, good job!

      NB: Bookmark this page so that you'll find it easily in the future.

      First Step

      Let's begin with the basics. Please take some time to study the Poker Basic Course and pass the quiz at the end of the course.

      Let us know as soon as you have passed the quiz and we will credit your account with your first Bankroll Builder bonus.

      Team PokerSchoolOnline


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        I passed that quiz before making this thread.


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          Originally posted by Stun Needle View Post
          I passed that quiz before making this thread.

          You've passed the basic test and you'll get your first bonus in the next 24 hours, good job!

          Step Two

          The Poker Basics test was easy right? Well, there's a lot more to learn on the road to becoming a profitable poker player.

          Now study the Cash Game course and once you think you have it mastered have a go at attempting the quiz. Don't rush through the course, there's a lot of content there and the quiz is tricky so spend some time on this.

          Let us know as soon as you have passed the Cash Game Quiz and we will award you with your next buy-in.

          Best of Luck!

          Team PokerSchoolOnline


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            Passed with a 71%


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              Originally posted by Stun Needle View Post
              Passed with a 71%
              Great Job!

              You passed the Cash Game Quiz and know you've shown that you have a great understanding of the fundementals of playing poker. We have now credited your account with your 2nd bonus.

              Step Three

              Please play a 1/2 cent Real Money table at PokerStars and using the Hand Replayer post a hand here in this thread that you have questions about.

              Here is a video on how to use the hand replayer.

              NB: You must post a Cash Game hand only, tournament hands do not count for this promotion. You must use the Hand Replayer only to post your hand, we cannot accept hands posted in any other way.

              Once you post your hand one of our Trainers will analyze it for you so please post and intersestig hand where you have questions. Give as much information about the hand as possible, for example, had you any reads on your opponents?

              Team PokerSchoolOnline


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                Got extremely lucky in this hand. I think in this situation I could've been a little less aggressive even seeing the result, but I wasn't giving my opponent the proper respect for hitting the straight. The fact he only called on the flop also threw me cause I was thinking maybe he had a two pair or suited connecters.

                Really, the range of hands was too big and maybe a better option was a bigger pre-flop raise or maybe even an all-in, cause he could think I'm some renegade aggro newbie looking for a big score, and any hand other than Aces is basically Christmas to me.

                Am I wrong? Half wrong? Three quarters wrong?


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                  Hey there, You must post the hand in this thread (not a link) Instructions are in the video above. Cheers, Raiser umbup:


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                      Thank you for posting this hand for review and I have asked one of the Hand Analysers to take a look at it for you.

                      He will do this within the next 24 hours and once it's been analysed I will advise on the next step.

                      Team PokerSchoolOnline


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                        Hi, Hand Analysis Did you have any specific reads on this villain? As played everything was done perfectly, you raised the correct amount pre-flop, your contiuation bet sizing on the flop helped build the stack to pot ratio to go all in on future streets wheteher it be on the turn or river...when we get called on this flop a range of Tx is going to be such a small portion of the villains overall range, Qx AQ QJ QT Q9 JT KJ AJ there are (16 combos of each of these hands) all of which will call based on their pot odds and the fact that their stack depth can affoed the call.. Nice and nice pot! Well played. Hope this helps. Kind regards, CannonLee

                        Quintuple Bracelet Winner


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                          This was actually the first hand I was dealt when I took my seat. I had a few more hands where I folded stuff like deuce and something almost as bad unsuited then I got called for an IRL errand and had to leave the table. I didn't read much into the table pre-game cause no one saw a flop before I got dealt in, and I chose it solely because it didn't have any players with $3+ at the table, which I wanted(I also want more experience playing 6-seat tables)

                          Again, that call with a gutshot straight draw, no flush draw, and an ace threw me because I was thinking he would either fold(if he had A9/AJ or mid-range suited connecters, a hand I did not want him to improve.) or press me all-in, which would've been a tough decision. I thought I would get him off a scary board if he only had the intent of pushing small stack me around pre-flop with a decent but not great hand. I think I might've played it better, but at least I won and this didn't turn into a YouTube style disaster hand, which IRL would have guys like Norman Duke making funny quips about what that King on the turn could do to my chances.

                          But hey, now I know.....AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE!!

                          (Let me know if I need to submit another hand, I didn't play much cash game today but I'll have more opportunities tomorrow, especially since its Feb 1 and presumably time to start grinding to ChromeStar)


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                            We now have credited your account with your 3rd bonus and You're doing a fantastic job so far!

                            You've still got one bonus to receive.

                            Step Four

                            Attend any LIVE TRAINING session here at PokerSchoolOnline. You must actually attend the session to get your bonus.

                            Please let us know what Live Training session you have attended. NB It must be a live training session that takes place after this post was posted. Past live training sessions do not count.

                            Let us know the Date/Time and Title of the session you attend and we will check your attendance and credit you with your final bonus. If you make a deposit at this stage you will also receive your final bonus.

                            Team PokerSchoolOnline


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                              Attended the Dime and some Time training session today at 17:00 PM EST. It was pretty informative, although there were a few audio issues.



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