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[JK] I would like to take part in the Bankroll Builder promotion please.

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  • [JK] I would like to take part in the Bankroll Builder promotion please.

    Hi, I would like to really commit myself to learning poker and this seems the perfect thing to do it with.

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    Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline! Be sure to read THIS just to be be sure of exactly what's on offer with the Bankroll Builder promotion. >>click here<< for a complete overview of what PSO has to offer. We will advise within 24 hours as to whether or not you will be eligible for this promotion. Please check back this time tomorrow! Thank you for being a member of and best of luck to you at the tables! John (JWK24) umbup:

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      Hello Bazzapotter,

      You are eligible for the Bankroll Builder promotion, good job!

      NB: Bookmark this page so that you'll find it easily in the future

      First Step

      Watch the following video and pay special attention to the tips on retrieving and saving your hand history from PokerStars. This will be important for the rest of your promotional journey.

      After wacthing this please play some PLAY MONEY FULL-RING (9-Handed) tables at PokerStars and using the Hand Replayer post a hand here in this thread that you have questions about.

      Here is a video on how to use the hand replayer.

      Then when you have that done please have a go at the Poker Basic Course and pass the quiz at the end of the course.

      So you have 3 steps to do to begin with and when you have all 3 done we will award you with your first bonus.

      1) Watch the 'Getting Started' video
      2) Post a 'PLAY MONEY' hand here in the Forum using the Hand Replayer
      3) Pass the Poker Basic course.

      Let us know as soon as you have all 3 steps completed.

      Best of Luck!

      John (JWK24)

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        At the end, when the queen came, I didn't put him on trips since there was no decent bet on the flop and when the four came, I was confident that I had the best hand. I was thinking the other guy had AK but talked myself into just checking on the river in case he had an eight. I am thinking I should have bet in hindsight to push him off the hand just in case he did have it. What would have been the correct play? Thank you for taking the time to review this hand.
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          Hi Bazzapotter! With A4s from UTG, I'm going to fold this hand immediately, as it's not a strong enough hand to be playing from out of position. If I was on the button or cutoff and it folded to me, then I'd make a standard opening raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper, but from early position I need to muck it. I definitely would not want to make an abnormally large nor small bet. Keeping all of my bets standard helps to keep the opps guessing as to the strength of my hand. Players that make abnormally large or small bets are basically turning their cards face-up to an observant opponent.. something I want to avoid doing. If I did see the turn (which I would not), if I want to make a bet here, I need to make a standard value bet. Bets post-flop need to be made based on the pot-size, number of opps and board texture. With 4 opps in the hand, I need to make a pot-sized bet of 96. Any bet less than this can give the opps the correct odds to try to outdraw me and if I do that and lose, it's my own fault that I lose the hand. The river pairs the Q, but since nobody bet the flop (which a Q should be doing), I'm not worried about the opp having a Q. However, a player with an 8 could check the flop, then call the turn.. so since I'm not sure that I have the best hand, I will check and hope to go to showdown, as my hand does have showdown value. In poker, I want to be making the best decisions for a given point in time and for this hand, the best decision I can make is to muck a very marginal hand preflop since I'm out of position. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) P.S. Please let me know when you have passed the quiz.

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            Thank you for the advice, I will remember next time to fold such a hand instead of calling. As for the quiz, I completed that when I signed up and it asked me to do it but I have read through all the lessons anyway and picked up a hell of a lot of great advice and strategy. I wanted to read through it anyway because I want to learn the game as much as possible so I am ready for the next step.


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              Brilliant Bazzapotter! You've done all 3 tasks and you'll get your first bonus in the next 24 hours, good job! Step Two Use your first buy-in to only play the 1/2 cent real money FULL RING tables on PokerStars. Do not play any other type of game other than this. Post one hand that you had difficulty with here in this thread using the hand replayer and we will analyze it for you. Please watch the following video and answer the question below. List 3 reasons why a player may want to make a big bet? Then study the Cash Game course and once your happy have a go at attempting the quiz. Don't rush through the course, there's a lot of content there and the quiz is tricky so spend some time on this. So you have 3 things to do to earn your next bonus. 1) Play the 1/2 cent Real Money tables and post an interesting hand here in the Forum using the Hand Replayer. 2) Watch the Bet Sizing video and answer the question below it. 3) Study and pass the Cash Game quiz. Let us know as soon as you have all 3 tasks complete and we will award you with your next buy-in. Best of Luck!umbup: John (JWK24)

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