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  • Bankroll Builder Promo

    I'm new to PSO and I'd like to participate in the Bankroll Builder promotion.

    m4gic mike

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    Originally posted by m4gic mike View Post
    I'm new to PSO and I'd like to participate in the Bankroll Builder promotion. m4gic mike
    Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline! Please read THIS just to be be sure of exactly what's on offer with the Bankroll Builder promotion. >>click here<< for a complete overview of what PSO has to offer. We will advise within 24 hours as to whether or not you will be eligible for this promotion. Please check back this time tomorrow! Thank you for being a member of and best of luck to you at the tables! Raiser umbup:


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      Originally posted by m4gic mike View Post
      I'm new to PSO and I'd like to participate in the Bankroll Builder promotion. m4gic mike
      Hello, You are eligible for the Bankroll Builder promotion, good job! NB: Bookmark this page so that you'll find it easily in the future First Step Watch the following video and pay special attention to the tips on retrieving and saving your hand history from PokerStars. This will be important for the rest of your promotional journey. After wacthing this please play some PLAY MONEY FULL-RING (9-Handed) tables at PokerStars and using the Hand Replayer post a hand here in this thread that you have questions about. Here is a video on how to use the hand replayer. Then when you have that done please have a go at the Poker Basic Course and pass the quiz at the end of the course. So you have 3 steps to do to begin with and when you have all 3 done we will award you with your first bonus. 1) Watch the 'Getting Started' video 2) Post a 'PLAY MONEY' hand here in the Forum using the Hand Replayer 3) Pass the Poker Basic course. Let us know as soon as you have all 3 steps completed. Best of Luck! Raiser umbup:


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        hand history 1) done 2) check out my trips. too bad the guy sucked out but the good news is it was a split pot and I didn't lose. I hit trips on the flop with a medium kicker and knew that the probability of another player hitting trips was low. I didn't want to slowplay so I showed agression after an all-in in front of me. By raising I tried to isolate (impossible in playmoney and freerolls). My question is: how much should I have raised the all-in to get a headsup showdown with the guy in front of me who went allin with T2 (he sucked out and hit a deuce on the river and hit a boat). 3) I keep getting an error saying that I can't take the quiz. My guess is that it doesn't allow me take the poker basics quiz because I already passed a more advanced quiz in MTTs. I already contacted the support team but they didn't know exactly. Does the fact that I aced the MTT quiz count? Uploaded with Uploaded with
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          Hey Mike, I'll look into the quiz issue for you Raiser umbup:


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            Thank you for posting this hand for review and I have asked one of the Hand Analysers to take a look at it for you.

            He will do this within the next 24 hours and once it's been analysed I will advise on the next step.



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              Thanks Raiser!

              I'd appreciate a hand analysis and sorting out the quiz issues.

              Basically, I didn't start with the basic course but MTTs since that's what I'm interested in. Now I can't take the two previous course quizzes. Neither the basic quiz nor the STT quiz. And it's a shame bc I discovered STTs are also interesting and less time-consuming than MTTs. It would be cool if you guys could override the limitations on the quizzes I can take. I'm pretty sure it's the order I took it in (didn't follow it in order).


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                Hi m4gic mike! The first thing that I see is even before the hand starts. When sitting at a ring table, I ALWAYS wait for the BB to start playing. Paying extra blinds over and over will be a HUGE drain to a player's bankroll. With a really bad hand like 8T from UTG+1, I'd like to fold this immediately, but since the blind was posted, I will check and hope to see a free flop. If anyone raises, I'm immediately mucking. I flop trip 10's with a bad kicker on a really wet board (straight, flush and even royal draw possible). I now get an abnormally large overbet from an opp (a standard bet for 4+ opps in the hand is a pot-sized bet of 19). Since I have a hand with some value, that could easily not end up the best hand after the other two board cards are revealed, I'm going to call this bet. I do not need to raise, because the opp has already overbet the pot. Another point to make here is that the raise that was made in the hand is basically 1/3 of the remaining chips.. which pot-commits me. This means that I cannot ever fold, so instead of making this raise, if I wanted to raise, I would need to shove. The turn brings another flush possible and it now checks to me (including the opp that made the overbet on the flop). Here is where I will make a value bet and I'd like to make a pot-sized bet... BUT... I don't have that many chips. Due to this, I need to shove the turn. The key with this hand is to wait until the BB, so that I can muck my trash hands preflop and not get into bad situations post-flop like this one. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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                  Originally posted by m4gic mike View Post
                  Thanks Raiser!
                  I'd appreciate a hand analysis and sorting out the quiz issues.
                  You already passed the quiz


                  You've done all 3 tasks and you'll get your first bonus in the next 24 hours, good job!

                  Step Two

                  Use your first buy-in to only play the 1/2 cent real money FULL RING tables on PokerStars. Do not play any other type of game other than this. Post one hand that you had difficulty with here in this thread using the hand replayer and we will analyze it for you.

                  Please watch the following video and answer the question below.

                  List 3 reasons why a player may want to make a big bet?

                  Then study the Cash Game course and once your happy have a go at attempting the quiz. Don't rush through the course, there's a lot of content there and the quiz is tricky so spend some time on this.

                  So you have 3 things to do to earn your next bonus.

                  1) Play the 1/2 cent Real Money tables and post an interesting hand here in the Forum using the Hand Replayer.
                  2) Watch the Bet Sizing video and answer the question below it.
                  3) Study and pass the Cash Game quiz.

                  Let us know as soon as you have all 3 tasks complete and we will award you with your next buy-in.

                  Best of Luck!



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