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[JK] Bankroll Builder Promo Attempt

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  • [JK] Bankroll Builder Promo Attempt

    Hi I would like to take part in the Bankroll Builder promotion

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    Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline! Be sure to read THIS just to be be sure of exactly what's on offer with the Bankroll Builder promotion. >>click here<< for a complete overview of what PSO has to offer. We will advise within 24 hours as to whether or not you will be eligible for this promotion. Please check back this time tomorrow! Thank you for being a member of and best of luck to you at the tables! John (JWK24) umbup:

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      Hello Pkr & Pizza,

      You are eligible for the Bankroll Builder promotion, good job!

      NB: Bookmark this page so that you'll find it easily in the future

      First Step

      Watch the following video and pay special attention to the tips on retrieving and saving your hand history from PokerStars. This will be important for the rest of your promotional journey.

      After wacthing this please play some PLAY MONEY FULL-RING (9-Handed) tables at PokerStars and using the Hand Replayer post a hand here in this thread that you have questions about.

      Here is a video on how to use the hand replayer.

      Then when you have that done please have a go at the Poker Basic Course and pass the quiz at the end of the course.

      So you have 3 steps to do to begin with and when you have all 3 done we will award you with your first bonus.

      1) Watch the 'Getting Started' video
      2) Post a 'PLAY MONEY' hand here in the Forum using the Hand Replayer
      3) Pass the Poker Basic course.

      Let us know as soon as you have all 3 steps completed.

      Best of Luck!

      John (JWK24)

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        Bankroll Builder Hand Replay - Ac & 5c Hi, should I have bet pre-flop on this hand? I know in the end it turns out I would have lost, but I feel I probably should have bet.


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          Bankroll Builder - First 3 steps completed Hi, just to let you know I've done the first three steps Also, could you please let me know if I played this hand correctly?


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            Thank you for posting this hand for review and I have asked one of the Hand Analysers to take a look at it for you.

            He will do this within the next 24 hours and once it's been analysed I will advise on the next step.


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              Hi Pkr & Pizza! I'll take a look these hands for you.

              1. A5s can be a trouble hand. When it makes top pair, you often have kicker trouble, as it's dominated by A6+. The suited version is playable, however, because you can make the nut flush as well as the wheel straight (A-5) with it. It's a hand you don't want to a play a big pot with unless you make two pairs (or trips) or a straight or flush.
              Here, you're in the big blind. While you could try raising, you're likely to get called very often on the play money tables, and since you'll be out of position on the flop, it will be difficult to know how to proceed when you flop one pair or a draw. It's very hard to win a big pot when you're out of position. For these reasons, I'd just check my option and see a free flop, with the aim being to win a small pot unless I hit the nuts.
              The flop is AQ8, and this is where a hand like A5 gets into trouble. You have top pair, bad kicker, and there's a flush draw. When the SB bets, he usually has something, but it's hard to know if he has you beat, or if he has a weaker hand or draw. The standard play is to call here. Keep the pot small until you have a better understanding of villain's holding. When you raise, you're usually only getting action from hands that beat you. Here you raise and get re-raised. Both villains are showing strength, so you can make a good laydown, but the information cost you 90 chips. If you'd just called, you'd usually see a turn card and might improve to trips or 2 pairs.

              2. With 98 in the cutoff facing 3 limps and a raise, I'm folding almost always. This pot is likely to get very big if multiple players enter, and there might even be a big re-raise that you can't afford to call. If you had the suited version then calling in late position might be worthwhile, but an offsuit 98 hardly ever makes the nuts. Unless the flop is 998 or 765, you'll never be very confident with your hand against so many players. Usually you'll flop one pair or a weak draw like a gutshot that can't call decent bets. Since you'll be folding 98 on most flops, it's pointless playing the hand in the first place!
              A family pot develops. With 8 players seeing the flop, the winning hand will usually be very strong; probably a straight, flush or full house.
              The flop looks good for you, as you hit a pair of 9s, but you're losing to trip 7s, better 9s and all overpairs TT+. There's not a lot you beat when there is all this action in front of you. These players' bets say "I have a monster hand". You should be folding on the flop, even though you hit it.
              As played, you shipped the rest of your stack and got very lucky. Look at what the other players had on the flop. Two had trips and one had a pair of queens. All these hands were beating you. So you "got it in bad" and sucked out. In the long run, you'd lose a lot of money calling off your stack with just a pair of 9s. Villains will show you much stronger hands, and you won't hit a 2-outer very often.

              The main lessons to learn here are:
              * Small aces are OK for seeing a cheap flop in the blinds, but you don't want to build a big pot if all you have is one pair on the flop.
              * Don't play weak offsuit hands like 98, especially facing a raise. They just won't win very often.
              * If there is a lot of betting and raising in front of you, re-evaluate the strength of your hand. If all you have is one pair, average kicker, make a solid laydown.

              Hope this helps! Best of luck with the next stage of the promotion!

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                Hi Arty,

                Many thanks for that, I wasn't expecting that analysis for 1, but yes I see your point. The pair of aces is very deceiving and I sometimes forget to look at the kicker

                On the second one, I guess I had a good idea I was lucky and played the hand pretty badly, I think I just needed the confirmation.

                Thanks again for your tips!!


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                  Brilliant Pkr & Pizza! You've done all 3 tasks and you'll get your first bonus in the next 24 hours, good job! Step Two Use your first buy-in to only play the 1/2 cent real money FULL RING tables on PokerStars. Do not play any other type of game other than this. Post one hand that you had difficulty with here in this thread using the hand replayer and we will analyze it for you. Please watch the following video and answer the question below. List 3 reasons why a player may want to make a big bet? Then study the Cash Game course and once your happy have a go at attempting the quiz. Don't rush through the course, there's a lot of content there and the quiz is tricky so spend some time on this. So you have 3 things to do to earn your next bonus. 1) Play the 1/2 cent Real Money tables and post an interesting hand here in the Forum using the Hand Replayer. 2) Watch the Bet Sizing video and answer the question below it. 3) Study and pass the Cash Game quiz. Let us know as soon as you have all 3 tasks complete and we will award you with your next buy-in. Best of Luck!umbup: John (JWK24)

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                    Hi, I played at the cash tables as advised and I'm afraid to say I was ... hopeless. This hand bugged me for a while though and I was wondering should I have called with the hand that I had?


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                      3 reasons why a player would want to make a big bet:

                      1) To put a lot of pressure on opponents who are still in on the hand

                      2) To try to bluff opponents off decent hands they may have

                      3) To gain value from very strong hands like monsters you get on the flop, turn or river.


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                        Originally posted by Pkr & Pizza View Post
                        Hi, I played at the cash tables as advised and I'm afraid to say I was ... hopeless. This hand bugged me for a while though and I was wondering should I have called with the hand that I had?
                        Hi Pkr & Pizza! Good foldumbup: Q10s is a speculative hand (a bit like Arty discussed with A5s previously). Small pairs, suited connectors and Axs fall into this category. With these hands you want to see the flop cheaply, from late position AND with multiple opponents in the hand. Normally these hands miss the flop and you have to fold. When you do hit a set, or strong straight/flush draw you will often win a huge pot. In your hand, if V9 had just limped in along with all the other players, it would have been a fantastic spot to complete and see a cheap flop. However, when v9 raises several problems occur for you. Firstly, you will be out of postion all hand in the sb. Secondly, there are three players left to act after you. Any one of them may re-raise forcing you to fold. Finally, just calling the 8 cent raise is pretty expensive. It will be hard to win enough the few times you win to cover all the times you loose when calling a raise of this size. Folding was perfect, well done! Note: yes a Q came on the flop, but V7 may have had you beat nonetheless. Furthermore, you made the right discision preflop when you folded. Don't worry about what happens after that point. The results don't matter. Keep at it GL and have fun at the tables! Roland GTX


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                          Hi Pkr & Pizza!

                          Please let me know when you have completed the cash game quiz.

                          John (JWK24)

                          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                            Hi John!

                            I have now passed the Cash Game quiz!

                            All three of the second list of objectives completed


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                              Hello Pkr & Pizza, Fantastic! Your second Bankroll Builder bonus is on it's way to you, great job so far. Watch this video that will help you on the cash game tables There are three ways in which you can earn your next bonus. 1) Earn 10 VPPs AFTER receiving your 2nd bonus and you will automatically be credited with your 3rd bonus. Let us know if you hit that target 2) If you lose your 2nd bonus at the tables please post the hands where you lost the money with here in this thread. As soon as you post the losing hands we will advise on the next step. 3) If you make a first deposit at PokerStars you will automatically be awarded your remaining bonuses from the Bankroll Builder promotion. Best of luck to you at the tables and we are here to help you should you have any questions. John (JWK24) umbup:

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