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    I've just signed up to PokerSchoolOnline and would like to enroll on the Bankroll Builder program. Am I eligible?


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    Originally posted by shakey1985 View Post
    I've just signed up to PokerSchoolOnline and would like to enroll on the Bankroll Builder program. Am I eligible? Thanks
    Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline! Be sure to read THIS just to be be sure of exactly what's on offer with the Bankroll Builder promotion. >>click here<< for a complete overview of what PSO has to offer. We will advise within 24 hours as to whether or not you will be eligible for this promotion. Please check back this time tomorrow! Thank you for being a member of and best of luck to you at the tables! Raiser umbup:


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      Originally posted by shakey1985 View Post
      I've just signed up to PokerSchoolOnline and would like to enroll on the Bankroll Builder program. Am I eligible? Thanks
      Hello, You are eligible for the Bankroll Builder promotion, good job! Hot Tip#1 : Bookmark this page so that you'll find it easily in the future First Step First up please watch the following video and pay special attention to the tips on retriving and saving your hand history from PokerStars. This will be important for the rest of your promotional journey.
      Let me know as soon as you've had a chance to watch it. Cheers, Raiser umbup:


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        Watched and taken everything on board.

        What's up next?


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          Also, just so you know, in your first reply in this thread - "Thank you for being a member of and best of luck to you at the tables!" has the wrong link, I assume it should be, not

          Only reason I mention it is that it seems like it's copy/pasted in all Bankroll Builder threads, so it looks like it's wrong in them all


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            Originally posted by shakey1985 View Post
            Watched and taken everything on board. What's up next?
            Thanks for letting us know about the link's Brilliant, now that you have watched the video you now know how to save hand histories from both real and play money games Next Step Next up play some 9-handed full-ring play money tables. Make sure the tables have no empty seats. Find a hand that caused you difficulty or cost you chips and using the hand replayer post it here in the Forum. Here is a video on how to use the hand replayer.
            Once you've posted your hand we will analyse it for you and then continue on from there. Raiser umbup:


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              Sorry I haven't updated this thread all weekend, it's been a busy one. I finally got round to playing some hands tonight and have a few to post up that I'd like your advice on...


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                Hand One Hand One - Bet Sizing Question --- PRE-FLOP --- I start off with hole cards of 3c 2h, a hand which I'd usually fold, but as I'd already posted the second big blind to be dealt in and nobody had raised previously, I limped through to the flop. --- FLOP --- The flop comes down as 4c As 5d, giving me a straight A-5. - SB checks - BB bets $2 - I raise to $10 (the size of the pot) - BTN calls - SB calls - BB calls Total pot: $48 --- TURN --- The turn comes down as 8d. Not affecting my hand and not leaving any of the other players to make a better hand than mine. - SB checks - BB bets $2 - I raise to $30 - BTN calls - SB folds - BB calls Total pot: $138 --- RIVER --- The river comes down as 9h. Not affecting my hand and unless another player has 67 to make a 5-9 straight, I still have a winning hand. - BB bets $2 - I raise to $75 - BTN folds - BB calls Total pot: $288 --- SHOWDOWN --- - BB show Ac3h - I show 2h3c I win $288 pot. --- MY QUESTIONS --- My question is with regards to bet sizing. Did I bet and raise the correct amount to get the most out of the game? Would raising less have kept the other players in the hand longer and made the pot ultimately bigger? Or if I had of bet/raised bigger, would the players who did stay in still have stayed in as long and continued calling?
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                  Hand Two - Calculating Odds And Calling Bluffs? Hand Two - Calculating Odds And Calling Bluffs? --- PRE-FLOP --- I'm in the CO and have QsQd. - SB posts small blind ($1) - BB posts big blind ($2) - second BB posts big blind ($2) - UTG calls - MP folds - I raise to $8 (just over the size of the pot) - BTN calls - SB calls - BB calls - UTG folds - second BB calls Total pot: $42 --- FLOP --- Flop comes down as 8c 3d 2c. Not improving my hand. - SB checks - BB bets $4 - BB calls - I call $4 (See question 1) - BTN calls - SB calls Total pot: $62 --- TURN --- Ac comes down on the turn. - SB checks - BB folds - second BB checks - I bet $2 (accidentally clicked the wrong button, doh!) - BTN raises to $12 - SB calls - second BB calls - I raise to $22 (See question 2) - BTN folds - SB calls - BB calls Total pot: $140 --- RIVER --- 9h comes down on the river. - SB checks - second BB checks - I check --- SHOWDOWN --- - SB shows ace high - second BB shows pair threes - I show pair queens I win $134 pot. --- MY QUESTIONS --- 1. Post-flop I calculated that I had 2 outs (the other queens) to make a better hand than the pair I was holding. Using the rule of 2 and 4 I figured my odds to get another queen by the river to be 8%. The pot was $50 and it was $4 to to stay in the hand, also making 8%. Using only the maths, there was no clear advantage or disadvantage to either stay in or fold the hand. I figured that since all the flopped cards were lower than my queens, it was a good bet that the other players hadn't hit anything higher and so I called the $4 to stay in. Was this the right decision? 2. On the turn, the BTN raised to $12. In hands previous to this one, he had a habit of staying in the hand holding nothing, then trying to buy his way out of his bet as the turn and river came down. I figured I'd try and call this bluff, holding a moderately good hand myself. I'm pretty sure this worked, as he folded right afterwards. Was this a fair decision to make or was this irresponsible? Despite ultimately winning the hand, should I have stuck to the game plan - the maths - at the expense of a potential win based on my hunch?
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                    Hi Shakey, I'll take a look at these hands for you.

                    I've written quite a lot below, but there are a few ideas for you to digest. I hope you find it helpful.

                    1. 32o. Posting the blind out of turn is OK in playmoney games, as it's an insignificant part of your "bankroll", and you can easily make up the loss against bad players. When you come to real money, though, always check the "wait till BB before posting" option, as you'll be check-folding 80% of hands you're dealt. All those blinds will add up.

                    You see a flop with one of the worst possible hands, and you flop the nuts. Perfect! Now it's time to get paid off. I like your bet-sizing on every street. It's best to bet big and try and get heads up, instead of giving multiple players a good price to try and hit a bigger straight. Villain 9 keeps min-betting and calling raises, then mindonking again. Punish him by raising the pot. Typically he has an ace or two pairs, and he'll pay you off. While there's a small chance villain minbet an OESD with 76 (which makes a better straight on the turn), I'd be committed to stacking off here against all but the most passive players. I might even make an overbet shove on the river, as this villain seems incapable of folding a second-best hand. You got plenty of fat value, so well played!

                    2. QQ. This hand is the 3rd best starting hand in holdem. You definitely want to to try and get money in while you're often ahead. QQ also plays best against few opponents. You don't want multiple players getting in there with Kx, Ax or random junk that could out-flop you. A pot-sized raise is good. Another way of working out how much to bet is 3bb (a standard raise) plus an extra bb for each limper. With two limpers, I'd make it 3bb + 2bb = 5bb = 10 chips.

                    As is common in playmoney games, almost everyone calls the raise. In real money, you'd often have just one caller, or would just take the pot down immediately, which isn't a bad thing.
                    The flop is an 832 rainbow (no flush draw). This is great for you. A big overpair is nearly always ahead here, as you're only losing to sets of trips and random 2 pair hands (and who calls raises with 82/83/32?).
                    Villain 6 makes a donk bet, when he should really check to the pre-flop raiser (you). He might be doing with with a pair of 8s, or another overpair. (99-JJ also liked this flop, and they have no idea you have them crushed).
                    You just called here, but I like a big raise, like in the previous hand. The pot is 42 chips. If villain has a hand like A8, he's got a chance of making trips or hitting an ace really cheaply. Protect your hand by making a raise that is close to pot-sized. Something like 40 should get lots of value from worse one pair hands, or cause hands like Ax and Kx (which have a reasonable chance of beating you) to fold.
                    You said that this villain sticks around with weak holdings, so you definitely want to try and get lots of chips from him with your overpair.

                    The turn brings an ace. This is a terrible card for you. With 3 other players in the pot, it's very likely that one of them has an ace. No one bets, so maybe you're OK here. I'd just check here, so I can see a free river card and evaluate if QQ is still a decent holding. As played, you made a minbet. This serves no real purpose. Hands that now beat you are never folding, and it opens up the betting so that someone can check-raise, putting you in a horrible spot.
                    With your read on villain (he bluffs), I like calling the raise. It's still a fairly small bet. If he is bluffing, maybe he'll make another small bluff on the river, giving you some value. Re-raising here is somewhat suicidal. Your hand has what we call "showdown value". It could win the pot on the river quite often, so you'd like to get there. By re-raising, you're effectively turning your hand into a bluff. (You're saying "I have an ace or better", when you have 2nd pair). There's no need to do this in 2NL cash, let alone play money. With 2nd pair that was an overpair on the flop, try and get to showdown by calling.
                    On the river, checking is fine. It seems that no one had an ace after all, and the players still in the hand had weak pair/draw hands. I think you could have won a similarly sized pot with a more straightforward line: Raise the flop, check the scary turn, and then bet, check or fold the river depending on the action in front of you.

                    I hope this advice is useful. Hit me up if you need any clarification.

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