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Playing Multiple games like 15??

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  • Playing Multiple games like 15??

    I have looked up many many players on Poker Stars who are playing literally 20 or more games at one time....when I was playing a lot more often then I do now....I mught play a few tournaments at one time and once and awhile it does get a bit how can these people play that many...okay there is some software that helps right?

    Are there really software for people to cheat and see your hole cards as I saw on line? I realize some of these people are it it professionally for serious money...I don't want to loose money but I dont put up more than I can comfortably loose I know playing a lot of games at once they can make money but how is it done????


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    Alot of multi tablers are break even players playing this many tables.
    The + side is FPPs and bonuses that make it +even to play that many tables.

    If I can beat 25NL 2 tabling,I can beat 10NL 6 tabling+ and make more profit.
    So people step down a lvl and mass table to make more money per hour.
    25nl is the farthest nutpeddlers get before they have to have a stronger post flop game to get paid off.
    So you see more people doing it at this lvl and down.


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      nutpeddlers lol


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        whats a nutpeddler?
        2 Time Bracelet Winner


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          They peddle their nuts off to grind a buck or two.

          Although that Nano guy seemed to have a post flop game as well on 24 tables.



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            I do good to play 1 game at a time! lol


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              some people will use a HUD - it's a program that estimates what your opponents will be holding according to historic information. Heads up Display doesn't actually cheat and show you their hole cards, it just remembers every other time you play against them - then gives you their best guess at what they may hold now.
              the HUD is able to calculate your odds of holding the winning hand. Which lets you make swift calculations of pot odds, outs etc.

              Pokerstars runs software to protect the players against any cheating.
              HUDs are available to download, and are allowed at Pokerstars and other poker sites.

              i find i miss out on the finer points of playing poker if i get too many things going on at once.
              chatting, surfing the web or even just playing too many games at once lets me miss the tells in a hand - or from a certain player. i end up looking at the replay and seeing it then. (too late)

              good luck with your game - and see you at the tables!



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