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Finding The Best Value In The MicroMillions Promotion

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  • Finding The Best Value In The MicroMillions Promotion

    Well as some of you know we were commenting on this a little the other night in the Drunk Tank and when I began spitballing my ideas a couple of the peeps said I should post a list in the Forum. So that's what I'm going to do here.

    A couple/few thoughts to start.

    First I think this is a promo with some very sexy events in it at the top,some somewhat "hidden" gems when you start looking a little deeper and,quite frankly,some others that really aren't such a good deal at all when they are held up against offerings that fall outside of the promotion. I'll try to touch on all three areas as best I can.

    I'm also going to break this down into three separate threads: this one dealing with the NLHE and Omaha options that fall under normal time structures (no Turbos) and no re-buy/add-on considerations.

    The second thread will touch open the Turbo,re-buy/add-on and other miscellaneous options (Big antes and KO's for example).

    Third thread we'll look at the non NLHE and Omaha options---the draw,stud and mixed games to find the ones in these disciplines that have the best value.

    Also since there seems to be a static structure for the most part in the non re-buy,turbo games of 5K starting chips,10 minute intervals and pretty standard blind progressions,unless I state otherwise just assume that's the nuts and bolts of each tourney.

    Also where I notice them I will add a note after each submission of any duplicate events in the promo to the one I just previewed.

    I'm sure I'll have an omission or 2 along the way and some erroneous thoughts here and there as well so feel free to jump in and correct me. This is for the benefit of all here who are considering taking advantage of this promo after all. (Lucky so and so' my government sucks.)

    So let's begin...

    NLHE and OMAHA Standard Structure Events

    1. Event #3 March 15 2PM EST $5.50 NLHE 75K Guarantee

    Day one has a very nice value event right near the top with this entry. Compare the 75K here to the guarantee of the standard weekly Bigger $5.50---75K vs. 40k---and it's easy to see that this is a great bang for the buck tournament. And if you look a little deeper it gets better still.

    In the latest Bigger $5.50 to be completed as I post the 40K guarantee was exceeded by quite a bit---13,379 runners pushed the prize pool to just under 67K,with a top prize of $7200+ and even a min-cash of $13.37--roughly 2.5 times the buy-in. You don't see that a lot in MTT's. Now look at those numbers and everything in between and envision another 8K added to the prize pool. Yeah,exactly.

    Note: Event #94 March 25 8:30AM EST replicates this event.

    2. Event #9 March 16 6:00AM EST $2.20 NL Omaha Hi/Lo 5K Guarantee

    Not that sexy at first blush I know,but do this---go to the tourney tabs for Micro ($5.00 and less) and set your filters for Omaha and buy-ins between $2 and $3. You'll see that the best guarantee offered for a standard,non turbo and/or re-buy/add-on Omaha is 1K. Looks better now,huh?

    A nice spot for all you micro Omaha players and one that may see less regs dropping down to poach the value given the low guarantee.

    3. Event #25 March 17 9PM EST $1 NLHE 5K Guarantee

    Again,it may not look like much but if you look at the $1 offerings that are normally available and don't involve re-buys and turbos this one gets a lot more attractive. The best you can normally do for a standard NLHE event for $1.10 is a 4K guarantee,this is 1K (20%) more,a not insignificant addition at these levels.

    Note: This event is repeated twice...Event #36 March 19 1:30AM EST and again in Event #52 March 20 5PM EST so don't miss out.

    Note 2: These also may have an added value to some of you on a tight BR/budget. If you are playing a couple/three of these Micro Millions events with tickets you won in the bloggers freerolls but can't really afford buy-ins to many of these events otherwise then playing these $1 offerings can be your ticket. And remember,anyone entering 5 of these Micro Million events will receive a ticket to a 50K prize pool freeroll on April 1st.

    4. Event #32 March 18 1:30PM EST $11 NLHE 400K Guarantee

    Not a lot needs to be said here I think. The 400K guarantee is a big bump over the weekly $11 Bigger game (150K guarantee) and even beats the vaunted (deservedly so...) Sunday Storm,one of the most popular games on the site (300K guarantee). Even with 39,614 runners last Sunday the Storm couldn't quite match the 400K guarantee here. Super,super value. DO NOT MISS is this is in your price range.

    Note: This event is repeated in Event #97 March 25 1:30PM EST

    5. Event #35 March 18 9PM EST $2.20 NLHE 6-Max 15K Guarantee

    Not sure how man of you are down with 6-Max tourneys but with a 15K guarantee this is well worth getting familiar with the game. Keep in mind that the guarantee here is 5K MORE than the weekly Bigger $2,20. Very good value for a low price here.

    6.Event #42 March 19 3:30PM EST $5.50 PL Omaha Hi/Lo 25K Guarantee

    I was saying to JWK the other night that this one may get a ton of Omaha regs from higher levels dropping down to hit this one the value for $5.50 is so good. At $5.50 even the re-buy Omaha events top out at 4K guarantees,so this is crazy good value. Really would not miss this one Omaha players.

    7. Event #98 March 25 3:30PM EST $22 NLHE Main Event 1 Million Dollar Guarantee--150K Guarantee to 1st

    The Grandaddy of this show for sure. $22 may or may not be in everyone's budget but when you're rubbing up against Sunday Million benefits for that price you have to consider it for sure.

    Structure here is 10K starting chips,12 minute intervals and slightly ramped up blinds with antes coming out at Level 4. But with the 10K to start and the 12 minute intervals it should be fine.

    So there you have it. With repeat plays we have 11 very good to great value plays in the NLHE/Omaha disciplines with standard non-turbo or re-buy structures. And a good spread on the buy-ins to fit every budget and BR.

    As you can see there are a lot of $2.20 to $11 buy-ins that I did NOT include here. Reason being is that they tend to fall somewhere between the daily Big event guarantees and the weekly Bigger event ones. I don't think you guys and gals should play these just because they are part of a promo when many have better value each and every week for the same prices. Now if some of the Bigger events fall at times that are no good for some of you then some of these will be a nice alternative during the promotion.

    Hope you find this helpful and will try to have the next installment up in the next day or so.

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