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huff school passes 9 tickets stingy

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  • huff school passes 9 tickets stingy

    So i spent 2 hours playing a school pass event finish 60 something out off 1300 something only 9 get the tickets kinda off always leaves me miffed most off the time i spent watching my lucky neighbours get AA KK jj QQ while i got excited about 77 as my best hand whole tourney never won anything in the school pass event ever beginning to feel it isnt worth my time to play it so much effort for no reward just a shove feast even thou the blinds are 10 minutes each .Would be nice to get something 9 tickets awarded seems a little stingy .

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    What were the value of the tickets and how much did it cost you to enter?


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      Those games are a minefield. There's a little bit of EV in them as you have a free ticket for a chance at $3.30 (if I remember correctly), but with such a small percentage of the field getting paid, they aren't something you can "grind" for profit. I think they are OK for playing on the side while you're more focused on another game.
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        Fair enough i know they are free to enter if you have a pass but you can rebuy for chips and addon which all i am saying is that should be added to the prize pool which as it stands are not .I am saying the 9 tickets are stingy that is all .


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          I agree Arty and that is what i do i know they are free to enter if you have a pass but i would like to see the prize pool increased when players have rebought and added on which at the moment the prize pool stays the same regardless it would be nice to see .


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            Thanks for your input
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              ? Seems like a resonable question from Chipgrifter ?
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                Thanks for the comments
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                  I don't normally play the school passes event as they go on for too long IMHO and too many maniacs early on.

                  However, bit rusty from my time away so I started playing and 1st game won a $3.30 ticket for nothing but my time. It was free to enter!

                  I might play them to blow some steam off but know my chances of winning $3.30 are small. It is odd how we have 1000 entrants but only 50 turn up to watch the stream. There are better prizes available for playing the PSO Home Club Games.


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                    Well done you must have played well .All i am saying is maybe with the rebuys and addons that maybe they should be added to the prize pool which as i understand is not at the moment . Maybe make it a turbo as well yeah i agree i keep missing out on the pso home games keep forgetting about them . have a good one and be lucky.
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