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Lol All over the timebank

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  • Lol All over the timebank

    Well just got threatened by someone in chat wanting to come to my house and break my neck . What over you might ask the running the time bank down in a OSL game off all things free roll talk about impatient . Told the Keyboard warrior if he or she wants to come to my house feel free as i am ex service he/shes idle threat does not bother me one inch .

    I told them i am more than happy for them to pay me a visit and i will even send them my address .Guess what did not reply go figure .

    Why is my question are these little children because that is what they are being so aggressive in chat .Hardly ever anyone is nice in chat anymore .

    Poker is a community and we should be helping each other to be honest i think most of that is bull crap most guys are just out for them selves and add nothing to the community there are some really good guys offering every thing up about what they know about poker . But the rest are ass holes

    But for me there is this unsavoury element happening in poker with most newer players ie they seem to be mostly ass holes . Just my opinion . When you can not even play a game for no money and players are being abusive beginning to think do i want any part of this anymore poker just is not worth it the taunting when players lose hands is awful talking in anything other than english and nothing gets done .
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    I feel your pain.

    But you can disable chat you know. Also if actual death threats where made, then you should report them.


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      Thanks for your words . But no bother just a little coward who has been driven by his /shes silly emotions look i have been in places in the world where the rats refuse to live . Honestly not bothered told him he can have my address i look forward to his/her visit . Just another silly child from this moment in history it is the growing trend it seems in the world today kids say what they like because they think they are safe they have much to learn . I would never say anything to some one in any social media forum that i would not say to there face but this is where times are changing kids say things like this all time behind a key board they would not dare say it too someones face like i say not bothered and to be honest to contact stars over this is a waste of my time and there's just so they can give the player a chat ban not saying they will . Stars have done nothing about all the times i have reported abuse in chat and guys talking in anything but english as long as there pockets keep getting filled they could not give a toss to be frank .They have those awful insulting emoji's why ??????? no real punishments are given out . So like i say i will give out my own punishment if that person wants to pay me a visit but they wont because they are cowards . Soon shut up when i told he/she i would message them my address or if they wanted to they could message me there address and i could get a flight tomorrow and visit them but no reply oh well .
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        Got wrong forum mate unless you have something to add ?


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          If the chat bothers you turn it off! I don't mind the occasional rants and even get a laugh out of them. If they get too far out of line with the chat I won't hesitate to take a screen shot and report them to stars. I was playing a play chip game and I was up against a short stack that opened from a steal pos. I 3 bet with suited one gapper and because of his stack size had to call off when he shoved. I didn't win the hand, his KK held up but he still went off on me. A few hands later we were at the same table again and he said he was going to track me down and kill me and my family. I reported him to stars and he got an immediate chat ban.

          I didn't take it any further than that but I really didn't like being threatened like that and considered calling or stopping in my local FBI office to see if they felt any action should or could be taken.
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            Thanks mate yeah your so right i just get really angry at players that do it in chat it does not have to be even me i get involved in it because i hate how rude some players are . I have noticed some of the hate chat has got worse i got threatened just like you mate and my response was very childish i wish i had done what you did i certainly will if it happens next time . Not sure why i do not close chat i guess if someone says anything to me i do not want them to think i have ignored them because it is not all bad i have had some fantastic chats with players but these days the nice chats are becoming less and less because players are closing chat which is a shame those ass holes are driving players away from chat it is not right they should get more than a chat ban maybe a ban from stars for a week . They are just going to ignore chat bans because when they come back they will be just as abusive . I play on another site and the chat is constant and polite so why does stars seem to have this problem more than other sites ? as i only see this here it is a real shame but i really think stars should ban abusive players from playing for a couple of days and then the ban increases to more and maybe a permanent ban after the 3rd time . What do you think ? .What affect does this have on new players when they are being abused in chat and being called donkey etc with an emoji not nice would you want to keep playing here ? does not give you a sense of community does it.just seems a shame with all the good work stars do and how hard everyone works in the forums to keep a sense of community for this element to ruin it .
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              I have never been a fan of rude chat. I have tilted and called people fish or donkeys before but that was when I was going through some tough growing pains and I had some expectation that I was supposed to win everytime I had a class 1 holding. I can handle being called a fish or a donkey that doesn't bother me but I have zero tolerance when somebody says I hope you get cancer and die, or extremely rude things like that. Or as in the most recent case where they threaten to find me in the real world and kill me and my family. It's pretty ridiculous and yes I think that the really rude offenders should not only be chat banned but removed from the site all together. I don't know if pressing charges for terroristic threats would be over reacting or not but they really should be punished in some way for making those types of threats.
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                I'm a bit late to these posts but..

                I'm turning off chat permanently now. I have turned it off in the past and then opened it again but no longer. Being called a donkey etc. doesn't usually bother me, or at least that's what I tell myself, but there is no denying it is a distraction. I like to give out a "nh" to quads or better but from now on I'd rather stay focused. I'm finding I cannot stop myself reading the chat, even if the target is not me. I rarely if ever respond because that is what the loud mouth wants, but I do feel a compulsion to ask why the villain thinks he gets to judge me for what I do with my money. Also, if he's such a poker genius, why is he playing in the micros?

                I was called a donkey this weekend as I bet 82% of the pot to try and close a hand down at the flop, because it was a draw heavy board and I had AA and didn't want them out-drawn. Villain didn't appreciate it as he had placed a decent amount of chips in the pot. He folded, but not before typing in the chat. I think he was an aggressive player not used to people pushing back. It was Zoom so I wasn't bothered about continued harassment. However, I was aware I was thinking about his name calling afterwards, like I say, a distraction. So, for me it isn't worth it.


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                  spot on

                  You took the words right out off my mouth i agree totally i am exactly the same as you . I have made friends via the chat over the last couple of years but the last year has been the worst i have known for rude and disgusting comments directed not only at myself but players at my tables .The last 3 months it has got even worse if possible nobody seems to say anything nice anymore its such a shame . I do wish stars would get rid of those emojis the donkey ones fish etc they are not nice . I like you am now saying keeping my chat open is a distraction and like i say the only thing that seems to be sad is normally rude . Sadly seems to be the world we live in now where people just enjoy being rude to someone . I said to a guy week ago nice hand he called me a bitch and to go and **** my mother all because i said nice hand i was being nice he won the hand and i was friendly his reaction i have no idea why he would be like that . Hardly anyone says nice hand anymore when i first started playing here it was great guys chatted players were friendly now most of them are rude what happened ? Anyway mate just wanted to acknowledge you taking the time to leave a response thanks take care and much luck at the tables .


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                    I too was called a donkey after shoving aces, by the chip leader (we were down to about 3 tables at the time in a big $.55). Instead of being bothered by it, I used it as motivation to prove to him who was the better player. Imagine my satisfaction when I ended up HU against the same guy, and beat him to win the tournament.

                    I leave my chat on, I like to know what people are saying. It sometimes gives me great reads, so I'm not bothered no matter what is said. If it's too insulting I contact support, it's up to them to deal with the problem.

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                      Your so right maybe i am just too sensitive use it against them good for you awesome you beat him /her you turned it into something positive maybe i will keep chat open after all after your input thanks for contributing and taking the time to post . You have proved how exactly you should use it against those awful players that say such vile things turn it into a positive and you did my hat goes off to you take care buddy and good luck at the tables .


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                        Good luck i wish we all could win


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                          Originally posted by jamiescash View Post
                          Good luck i wish we all could win
                          i have a hard compulsion as regard to these comments in threads where it is completely off-topic....

                          like WUT im sitting here laughing my ass off with tears in my eyes and almost cant help myself to ask their IQ etc etc but ill just stop right here and now before i cross the line



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