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odds of being dealt same hand 3 times in a row !!

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  • odds of being dealt same hand 3 times in a row !!

    Anyone know what the odds are for having the exact same hand dealt 3 times in a row . I get it 2 times in a row often and sadly it is never AA guy on my table got KK twice in 5 hands and i can not get them in 600 really think the rng hates me even after all the christmas gifts i bought him .

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    I got dealt AA three times in a row in a 'Cowboys Corral' game back in 2011.

    Won one lost two. lol

    Don't know the odds though, but I think Sandtrap made a post either last year or the year before saying he had been dealt the same hand five times in a row.

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      It depends which combo it is, as there are more offsuit hands (e.g. AKo has 12 combos) than pocket pairs (6 each of AA-22), and suited combos are even rarer (just 4 of AKs), with a total of 1326 combos.
      Once you've been dealt aces, then the probability of getting aces on the next hand is the standard 6/1326 or 220:1, which is about 0.045%.

      If you wanted to know the probability of your next three hands being AA, it's (6/1326)*(6/1326)*(6/1326) = a very small number indeed.
      FWIW, I was pretty freaked out the other day when I got the same precise combo of Qc Th back to back (1/1326 * 1/1326 if we were looking for the chances of that happening in my next two hands), made the nut straight both times, and stacked the same player two hands running, as if the RNG had got "stuck". Randomness is weird sometimes, as anyone who's won the lottery twice will tell you.
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        Thanks Arty lol was just wondering thanks for answering my question


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          Thanks Bill 5 times wow that would freak me out . AA 3 times lost two ouch .



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