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Poker for Change

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  • Poker for Change

    Hi Guys.
    I realize this is probably not quite the right place to post this, but I am not quite sure where to begin.
    My name is Wolfgang and i am looking for someone to talk to about how to start a charity campaign using poker as its medium.
    The saying goes: give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teaqh a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.
    This is somewhat my goal,Where i live, there is not much, what i do have though is the space and skills to teach underprivelged teenagers how to change their own lives by playing poker. I honestly believe i can help these young people to learn how to become solid grinders and in doing so change their lives and give them a chance at something more than just poverty and suffering.
    I apologize for how completely random this is, but if any of you could maybe help me come up with a propper plan of how to get this going... I can start a website and get donations so that i can get equipment to start a poker learning center. Thats the basic idea i have. But i have no idea how to get something like this off the ground.
    Please help with some ideas and how to make a website for such a purpose or even blogging and making poker lesson videos etc.



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    I would not worry about making poker videos, just use the resources here at PSO, twitch or other free content . What country are you from and how much would these students need to earn to live so you can set realistic goals for them to begin with and are there any laws and restrictions governing this type of project by your country and Pokerstars ?

    If you can answer those questions positevely you need to plan how much the equipment is going to cost you and regular expences.

    Also if you could show examples of yourself or other players who have earned X amount of money to show how it can be achieved.

    Have you got any funds to start this project or are you realying on donations.

    Why not set yourself a goal earn X amount of money which you will invest in this project and start a twitch channel so players can follow you .

    Hope these ideas help good luck in your project.


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      Wow thats a lot of help already. Lets put it to you this way, if a person like this can earn $500 a month then they are already earning more than minimum wage... In all honesty i would need to find out about the restrictions, but South Africa is not really focused much on anything but destroying the country all by itself, Where I am is basically in the middle of nowhere, so anything that helps the community would be fine by anyone. But i would like to keep the government out of things as they have a massive tendency to screw everything up. I would definitely have to start with some donations. Nothing crazy, I think $2000 should get us started quite well with getting some computers for them to use etc... I would love to start playing again and donating 50% of all my winnings to the project, but i am running this place that i could use as a venue and its taking up all my time and all my resources have gone towards it too for now.
      The internet out here is really not all that great... lol to anyones standards its actually really bad, but one can play poker. Its not very good for uplaoding and streaming and downloading...
      Any ideas of who i could talk to about setting up a donation system just to get us started.
      What do you think?
      Thank you so much for your ideas and interest. Its really awesome


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        Originally posted by Wolfgang0613 View Post
        Any ideas of who i could talk to about setting up a donation system just to get us started.
        What do you think?
        Hello [@Wolfgang0613]

        Thank you for your post and it's a great thing that your trying to get off the ground there

        However I've both good and bad news for you. The bad news is that its not possible to set up a donation system through PokerSchoolOnline.

        The good news is that PokerStars are very welcome to all charity ideas and have an extensive programme of Charitable Poker Events:

        I would reccomemd you email your idea to and they will put you in touch with the right person to talk to from there

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