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Play chip omaha 8 etiquette

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  • Play chip omaha 8 etiquette

    I'm not sure where to post this but this place looks like the least inappropriate.

    I've been playing a lot of the limit omaha hi/lo play chip games and something consistently happens to me while I play. My omaha game includes a pre-flop raise whenever it is appropriate but whenever I make a pre-flop raise the other players berate me in the chat for doing so. People curse at me, call me stupid and say things like “pros say you should never raise pre!” (Which is ridiculous but more than a few people have told me that). If this was one or two people I would just shrug it off but I have received these messages from numerous players at different play chip stakes on different tables consistently over a period of months. On more than one occasion people have declared they are leaving the game because I make the occasional raise pre-flop. If I was doing this on every single hand I would understand this a bit better but I play about 20% of hands and come in for a raise pre about half of the time so it doesn't happen that often but I still receive all this criticism.

    I'm not offended by this, if people don't want to play in a game because it is played in a way they don't like that’s fine. The reason I am posting is because I want to ask if anyone else has experienced this and I also want to ask why people get so upset about pre-flop raises in limit O8. I'm struggling to understand it.

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    I haven't played the play money tables, but regularly played the 2/4 cent and 5/10 cent limit O8 tables before black Friday (I'm in the US). I can absolutely say that I was raising here (plenty of opps had the auto-raise button clicked), just like I would do in a limit hold'em game. If I have a hand that has scoop possibilities (can win high and low), then I'm absolutely raising.

    If someone wants to get out of line with chat, call a chat mod at the table. You shouldn't have to be subjected to it and it is against the rules.

    It seems that these players want everyone to play their incorrect way and if it tilts them when I raise.. so be it. I'm going to make the best possible decision for the hand I'm playing. What I won't do is to let it effect any of my plays and I will not reply to their trash-talk. Just turn the chat off and continue to play your game... and 'Don't tap the glass'. If they want to play like fish, let them. Don't get into an argument with them or let it get to you.. that's what they're trying to do.. take you out of your comfort zone.

    John (JWK24)

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      Thanks for the response John. You're right, it would be better to just turn the chat off when it gets bad.



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