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Mayweather SCAM.?

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  • Mayweather SCAM.?

    Does anyone think that Floyd did enough to win the fight against the Pac Man.?
    I think it was RIGGED Floyd bought the referees
    How do they give him the fight when he didn't fight and was running around the ring every round.? He got cornered 2/3x every round and Pac Man laid into him and every chance he got he would grab hold of him, not 1x did Floyd corner him and lay into him.
    At the end of the 5th his Father tells him in his corner you look scared out there what are you doing.???
    The crowed was booing when they announced he won I wonder why.?
    Not 1 round did Floyd take the fight to him and dominate and YES I know he is a counter fighter but still I don't think he did anywhere near enough to even get a draw.
    No wonder Floyd didn't fight him 5 years ago, Pacquiao was MUCH slower then he was in his prime and still beat him.
    I guess being in the boxing game 20 year/ 1 of the most corrupted sporting events he has the contacts to buy and do anything he wants.

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    Completely disagree, I thought it was a masterclass in defensive boxing and for all Manny's huff and puff I thought Floyd was the clear winning


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      Actually the stats would also say Mayweather was more offensive. He threw 435 punches compared to Manny's 429, and connected with 148 to Manny's 81. Mayweather was too quick for him.


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        Even as Filipina I have to afree that Mayweather won the fight, even though it huuuurt!!!


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          We have all seen the score sheet and the 435 punch's land were? on his gloves or miss.
          Manny was there to FIGHT while Floyd was there to show us how the 100 meter dash is done.
          If there was an exit door in the ring he would of used it.
          His own FATHER tells him in the 6th or 7th [B]WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU LOOK SCARED OUT THERE[/B].?
          At the start of the 12th his FATHER tells him if you don't win this round they will take the fight off you.
          So how can the cards be so different saying Floyd won by many more rounds.? when is own FATHER who is standing ring side and a ex BOXER tells him it all on this round.
          Pacquiao was there to FIGHT and cornered him every round and laid a few combos in while Floyd never did it 1x.
          $$$MONEY can buy anything, as the supposed best fighter he didn't bring anything to the fight yes he had speed to run away and run down the clock and was to scared to get into a brawl.
          Everyone at the fight was booing the win and everyone agrees on social media Manny was DUPED.
          Also do you know Manny was fighting with a injured shoulder that needs surgery.?
          No wonder he didn't fight him 5 years ago because it would not have gone more then 6 rounds.


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            Also not 1pt was deducted off Floyd for all his dirty tactics just warnings for 8 rounds.


            • #7
              Just saw the replay.

              Mayweather is a despicable human being and how he,his handlers and promoters handled this fight is the epitome of everything that's wrong with boxing and at this rate is going to lead to the sports well deserved demise.

              Yeah,they ducked Manny until Manny was well past his prime and damaged from some other tough fights. That's no surprise,Mayweather and his people have taken that tact before.

              Yeah,he fights an unexciting and defensive style. Um,duh. Was this your first time seeing a Mayweather fight? That's his style,always has been. Love him or hate him,he's a great defensive fighter and a master tactician in the ring.

              All that said...Mayweather won that fight,deservedly and easily.

              Punches landed means just that...punched landed,either to the head or the body. Floyd definitely landed more blows,not sure how you can't see that. Personally I would have scored the fight 117-111...9 rounds for Mayweather and 3 for Manny. Fight wasn't close,Manny was slow and ineffectual and at no point was Mayweather ever under any duress. They could STILL be fighting and Manny wouldn't be close to knocking Mayweather out,at any point.

              The real loser is boxing and it's remaining fans,especially anyone who was suckered into coughing up the PPV fee. This fight should have happened years ago.

              Last person to give a flip about what's become a sham of a sport (not for what happened in the ring,but for everything that happened leading up to this fiasco),turn out the lights.


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                Not sure how he handled the fight makes him a despicable human being, even if I don't like it Agree with the rest of your post though.


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                  Domestic abuse...barring female reporters who have dared to call him out on the same from doing their jobs and having access to the fight...stuff like that. He's a creep.


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                    I totally agree the fight was handled badly from the start, and it is 100% obvious that he ducks Manny for 5 years.
                    I think the boxing association needs to do something about the fact that,if someone is ready to fight and challenge you for the belt - in their prime and there is no other reason the opponent (champion holding belt)has to put off the fight other than he doesn't want to lose (like Floyd did with Manny) they should take the belt of you.
                    Just like in the UFC Tito takes off with the belt because he doesn't want to lose.
                    I totally disagree with what you say about Floyds style he has not always been a defensive fighter, he was a attacking fighter then changed his style in his late 20's to a defensive counter fighter.
                    Look at his fights in his early 20's even when he fights at the Atlanta Olympics were he got duped for a bronze medal he is a attacking fight and against De La Hoya the same.
                    Manny rearranged the 1990's chap Oscars face in 8 rounds as he destroyed Mangalino who is his height, just as he also K.O's Hatton in 2 rounds. I think Floyd was to scared of his quick speed and reckless style to fight him in his prime.
                    And calling Manny a steroid taker just to put off the fight is totally wrong.
                    Totally agree on the domestic abuse and treating female reporters badly and giving male reporters more access.
                    Its a shame he didn't have the heart to fight Manny when they both were in their prime.
                    Also when was the referee planning on deducting PTS off Floyd? After the fight.?
                    Floyd grabs hold of Manny every time Manny corners him and is about to unleash, he also puts Manny in 4/5 head locks, elbows, stepping on his toes, pushing head down and holding on to him for dear life.
                    The commentators were saying it in the 2nd round they will start to take PTS off Floyd, I guess that's the bonus they give you for home ground advantage.

                    Entirely agree boxing is the REAL loser in the end.


                    • #11
                      class action suits lodged already failure to disclose shoulder injury


                      • #12
                        NO incorrect, the boxing association know before the fight he was taking medication for the injury.
                        It was said after the fight in the press conference.
                        Manny has the same injury as Kobe Bryant did and went to the same doctor as Kobe did and got a MRI taken before the fight and was told not to fight because it needs surgery.
                        And they approved the medication.


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                          Originally posted by Moxie Pip View Post
                          Domestic abuse...barring female reporters who have dared to call him out on the same from doing their jobs and having access to the fight...stuff like that. He's a creep.
                          Oh wow ok didn't know all that, shows how much attention I pay to the news. Ok despicable human being I agree


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                            Manny Pacquiao has already undergone surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder, and the procedure is considered successful, with the 36-year-old Filipino superstar expected to make a full recovery and fight again.

                            Pacquiao (57-6-2, 38 KO) lost a 12-round unanimous decision to Floyd Mayweather last Saturday night, and immediately after the fight publicly disclosed the shoulder injury, which reportedly was suffered roughly two weeks before the bout.

                            There was also an issue with Pacquiao not being allowed a numbing injection prior to the bout, as his team had failed to check the box on his medical questionnaire that indicated an injury, though they did list the medications he had been taking to treat it.

                            The injury is expected to keep Pacquiao out of active competition for 9-to-12 months, with 4-to-6 months the earliest he may be able to begin light training again. It's highly unlikely that he'll fight again in 2015, but there are already hints of a May 2016 rematch with Mayweather.

                            Pacquiao is also potentially facing a perjury charge in Nevada, which comes after he claimed that the commission sabotaged him by not allowing the lidocaine cocktail injection.

                            This was in todays post.


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                              Floyd Mayweather has mocked his beaten opponent Manny Pacquiao on Instagram, after the Filipino revealed that he had fought in the fight, which Mayweather won convincingly on points, on Saturday with an injured shoulder.

                              Mayweather posted a picture on his account today, writing: "19 years in the fight game and I've had one excuse: "Don't have an excuse". Winners win and losers have excuses."

                              The post comes as after a report that Mayweather has agreed to give Pacquiao a rematch next year. The unbeaten American is said to have told an ESPN journalist Stephen A. Smith that we would be willing to fight Pacquiao again - once he recovers from shoulder surgery to repair a tear in his rotator cuff.

                              "I will fight him in a year after his surgery," Mayweather is reported to have told Smith in a text message.

                              The news comes following reports that Pacquiao is the subject of a $5m lawsuit in Las Vegas after being accused if lying over a shoulder injury sustained before the fight.

                              The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) says Pacquiao did not declare he had a problem on a pre-fight questionnaire.

                              Two people in Nevada have alleged the boxer defrauded ticket buyers, television viewers and gamblers, but Pacquiao's representatives have said that they are confident that the lawsuit will be dismissed.

                              'The allegations in this lawsuit are demonstrably false,' attorney Daniel Petrocelli, who represents Top Rank, told ESPN. 'There are documents that explicitly show the medications that Manny was using to treat his shoulder and it was fully disclosed with USADA, which we contracted for this fight.'

                              'This is a frivolous lawsuit and we are confident it will be dismissed,' he added.

                              Pacquiao can face a fine or suspension for wrongly filling out the medical forms.

                              LOLOLOL Floyd used and ran out of excuses when he was ducking Manny in his prime.

                              In todays post.



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