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Holiday Gift Corner

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  • Holiday Gift Corner

    It looks like the section my discount gift post thread was in got closed, and so did the thread, so this thread's just a continuation of this one:

    Some Crafts You can Make When You're Card Dead

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    Originally posted by TrustySam View Post
    It looks like the section my discount gift post thread was in got closed, and so did the thread, so this thread's just a continuation of this one:

    Some Crafts You can Make When You're Card Dead

    Hi Trusty,

    It wasn't closed intentionally, but what I did notice was that it was in the 'Womens Section' which is no longer an active forum so members couldn't post there.

    I've just moved the thread into an active forum so members should be able to reply to the original thread now

    Very sorry for the inconvience, I think the thread topic is a very nice idea

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      Gift Idea (Time Sensitive)

      Okay, this is gift idea has kind of a long, drawn-out preamble, but if you just two-table like me and are bored and looking for something on the side to pass the time ...

      So like, back when I was still in school, I did a bunch of volunteer work at places like the Veteran's wing of a local hospital, and tutoring for the Children's Aid Society. And funny thing, but I kind of wound up feeling like I got more out of the experience than the people I was helping, because they'd face so much adversity in life, but yet had such a great zest for life ... it was inspiring, infectious!!

      Sometimes when you give money, you don't get that same chance to interact with people and have that give and take. But there's a non-profit on the internet that let's you pick specific people to lend money too, which gives you progress updates, so ... there's a bit of an interaction with a specific individual, and you get to hear their story. Most of the people asking for loans are entrepreneurs, with a high degree of initiative and drive, and since it's a loan rather than a donation, you actually get your money back at the end. Here's a little description to give you a better sense of who's asking for loans:

      This is going in the 'gift idea' section, because there's a Groupon for this site - like if you buy a $25 credit, you get two to lend out, and eventually you (or your gift recipient) will get back $50. It looks like it's an offer the non-profit's making in hopes people might go out on a limb and give their site a try, and will hopefully find it rewarding? I'd heard of kiva before from people, but had never tried it before myself, so now seems like the perfect time. And the coupon's good for another year, so maybe that might be another way to support the rebuilding efforts in the Philippines as people might start looking for loans in the months to come? There's lots of other places in the world too

      Here's the link to the Toronto offer, but it seems to be available for all the Groupon sites in North America:

      There's a slight risk of default, and you lose the time value of money, but ... as far as 'donating' money goes, especially with the Groupon ... the price can't be beat I guess

      Hope this post made sense and wasn't too confusing

      PS Oh, by the way - Groupon doesn't say how much longer this offer'll be available, so it might be soon
      Last edited by TrustySam; Wed Nov 20, 2013, 01:20 PM.


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        Ok thanks Raiser!!

        PS Your continued generosity with donations was part of what inspired me to make the post above
        Last edited by TrustySam; Wed Nov 20, 2013, 01:12 PM.



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