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Things that ive noticed alot

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  • Things that ive noticed alot

    Hi ive been playing poker for few years now,at the moment im playing 40-50 games of $7 and $15 single table 9max sng and a few tournaments on top every day.I love poker because of the challenges and prizes that can be won,but I cant help but notice certain things that niggle and frustrate me at times and one of those things at the moment is the way stars clears up the table towards the end as fast as possible i.e.It seems like The small stack at the table will lose most of the time, quite a lot of the time,you can near enough raise or push any 2 cards against the short stack and they will lose,like today the famous 7,2 being the big stack beat A,K,and then again the 2c,6h.beat Ks,8c with 3sixs comeing out just to clear the table up faster but isn't really fair is it?The Equity calc putting 2c,6h at 12.57%,and preflop at 33% beating the Ks,8c which is at 24.16% on calc and then preflop on tracker at 67%,but this is just a couple, ive seen loads and loads of short stacks getting pushed out very quickly and stars answer is alwaysITS RUN THROUGH A ALGORITHM, A METHOD OF CALCULATING through the computer,i think that's how you spell it haha,i know its bound to happen through the millions of hands that are played its just frustrateing,maybe im just tired but it seems so obvious,

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    When up against a short stack you can afford to go with any two cards and any two cards can beat any other two cards when all-in pre flop.

    I don't see why stars would intentionally rig things so that a short stack is quickly finished off as that is going to happen anyway. Surely they would rather put a bad beat on one o two even stacks to finish off games that ar hangin about? They don't do that either though.


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      Hi presadent #1!

      When players get short-stacked, the opps with chips are priced in to call them with lesser and lesser hands. If a player gets a +EV situation (one where they expect to gain chips).. the cards that they are playing irrelevant.

      27o has 32.4% equity vs AK.. so if the player with 27 has to put less than 32.4% into the pot... they SHOULD play the hand.

      The 26 hand has 33.3% equity, so in this situation, if their pot equity is less.. they should play the hand too.

      The stack sizes, blinds/antes and any others that entered the pot are not provided, so there is no way to determine what their pot equity was.. but they could have been either correct or wrong plays due to this and I'm taking all of these numbers from pokerstove.

      If the odds are correct to be in the hand, ANY hand is playable. Use me as an example. In a PSOSOP tourney last night, I took out Dave (TheLangolier) when he shoved A8... I had a whopping J4s, but was priced into the pot, so I called and hit a J.

      Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.

      John (JWK24)

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