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Who doesn't hate Hellmuth... i mean 10-5...for real

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  • Who doesn't hate Hellmuth... i mean 10-5...for real

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    worst aspect of poker

    It is the WORST aspect of poker, that to be the most successful poker player
    you have to be the most rude player there is,
    it is the biggest downfall of poker, that such a RUDE and obnoxious person is the best player.

    Poker is about deception, and so, it involves distracting someone and getting them out of their comfort zone.
    It is a real shame that the most successful person is Helmuth, he is an embarrassment to poker.

    It would be SO much nicer if the;
    silence of Ivey or the
    comedy of Negraneau, or even the,
    analysis of ferguson was the most successful player
    or the sexiness of Tyler ( et al )

    The fact is, that being RUDE like Helmuth gets you the most wins,

    He is the biggest embarrassment and MUD of the face of poker.

    but that's life,,, if you want to be the best, be an annoying pouty rude brat.
    there is nothing more annoying
    that IS why he is the biggest winner, because he is the biggest wiener
    He is a rude brat and the biggest jerk in poker.

    It just hurts poker.

    It brings up the question
    say for, a small number,, like $500k or $1mm
    Would you like the money if you were going to be hated around the world?


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      Originally posted by snizz812 View Post

      It brings up the question
      say for, a small number,, like $500k or $1mm
      Would you like the money if you were going to be hated around the world?
      In a heartbeat.


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        I like Hellmuth. He's good for the game. I could do without his Grand Entrances at the WSOP, but he's been one of the most entertaining figures in poker for years. If poker is to be a popular spectator sport and attract more casual players (to make it more profitable for mortals like me), then poker needs personalities.

        Let's just say I'd rather watch a Hellmuth blow-up, than see Justin Bonomo stacking his chips like an automaton.
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          Hi UGotNuthin

          Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline!

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          As for the Helmuth debate I'm with Arty not only does he attract casual players to play the game but he makes it fun for us to watch. I love his outburts, blow ups and grand entrances. Put him at a table with Tony G and just sit and wait for the fireworks to start, great TV imo. I'd recommend listening to his 2p2 pokercast interview, it was really interesting and he showed he's a normal guy if not a little eccentric.

          Good luck at the tables!



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            I like Hellmuth too, he just plays with alot of emotion, & can be over emotional LOL
            (maybe thats why he gets sucked out sometimes, on cash games he gives away too many reads?)
            PS; I just finished watchin(NZ TV) Big Game, & Tony G & Helmuth were at it, funny to watch
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              Hellmuth is pure class, even with his roman costume.

              He has won more than most, and no one can take that away.

              There is only so many greats, he his one.

              The rest are boring and should just give up trying to get on the tele to bore us to death.

              Liven up you miserable players. You can talk at the tables.


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                Has anyone ever seen him with that swollen eye he had a while back? Anybody know what how he ended up like that? I wonder if it was the first time that happened to him. Just throwing that out there.


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                  I like him.

                  He plays with emotion, and is invested in his poker as you can tell from the outbursts.

                  Yes he is full of him self but I have to agree he has proved it to be true.

                  Grade b
                  I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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                    While I agree he doesn't represent the poker world in the classiest way, he makes for some good TV. I think his persona is largely an act. It's not like he comes across as a bad person or anything.... just a big baby haha. What I really love is watching him play cash, because he kind of sucks relative to the players he usually sits with. Same is not true for tournaments though.

                    First poker book I ever read was one of his. Not the best book in the world, but it was a good beginner's book and I was happy to have read it. I think Hellmuth is the man and it would make my day if I ever got to sit at a poker table with him and maybe take a picture. It would be like meeting your favorite actor while in character as your favorite villain from your favorite movie. It would be great!


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                      NO question, he makes for great TV

                      I only wanted to say,
                      would you like to play someone, who beats you by pissing you off.

                      The whole concept of, to be a better player, is to mimic and copy the best.
                      Would you like to play poker if ever beginner was not only having outbursts (that you would laugh at on tv )
                      but outbursts in such a fashion as they bothered you in play and thus you lost because you were bothered.

                      Helmuth IS, a most excellent player,
                      there are MANY other Great players.

                      I just wish a player with a different unique attribute than being a 'brat'
                      was the most winningest player,
                      I wouldn't mind at all if he was the 10 most winning player.

                      It is like watching Tiger woods, MOPE down the fairway as he makes $80mm a year
                      sure, he is IN his game, and emotional, and TRULY the greatest player ever
                      but,, wouldn't a smile ADD to enjoying watching him play.

                      His play,, is outstanding, so is Helmuth's
                      I just wish a different aspect of poker, had turned out to be THE most successful personality attribute.
                      Like,, math, or gambling or aggression or happy, or quiet or bluffing, or anything OTHER than being a brat

                      He IS fun to 'watch'
                      He is a excellent player
                      He IS the greatest poker player ever.

                      it is just a shame,
                      I think,, he has been trying to CLEAN his brat image,
                      now that he is the world's leading winner
                      one more, and you will see a polite HAPPY Phil.

                      He has the money and the wins, he doesn't need to be a BRAT anymore
                      now,, he can have his ego, and pride on a number on his hat.


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                        I think sometimes, Hellmuth is acting up, trying to make it look like he's steaming, when he's actually doing just fine. But in this clip, he's definitely super-tilted. And hilarious!

                        Hellmuth: "He called a raise with a queen and a ten!"
                        Levy: "It was an aggressive call".
                        Hellmuth: "Idiot players call a raise with QT, they don't even know how to spell poker."

                        (Levy actually played the hand perfectly)
                        [youtube link=""]
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                          Phil needs to join Team Pokerstars, that would be so hilarous him playing vs all these fish and blowing up would be better than anything that I'm watching on TV right now


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                            Hellmuth may be the most successful "tournament" player, but he is just another ring player. There are several who are better all around than him.


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                              How do you grade a great player? If its only based on winnings then all it would take is Bill Gates and Warren Buffet playing one round of billion dollar buy in for one of them to emphatically hold the title for a damn long time.
                              He may be a winner at poker but I wouldn't buy him a beer (and a whiskey if it was Brunson) if I met him at a bar like I would many other pros.



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