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Premier League and Open League Questions

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  • Premier League and Open League Questions

    PSO Open League, a few questions

    1 : When you are ranked 2000 or better, it states you get a prize. How does that prize work as I have tried to find out on the site where it references this but can't

    2 : How does one join the Premier League?

    3 : If one becomes qualified to join the Premier League what considerations have to be taken into account?
    Does one have to play so many games per day/week/month?
    Should your level of gameplay (ie what limits you play?) be a factor in joining?
    Is there anything one should know about the Premier League before joining?

    Don't get me wrong, I have no assumptions of my own ability at present or even in the future that I deserve to be considered to join any league and wouldn't want anyone to look at my results / rankings and say "Why is he even asking this, hes a total donkey"

    What I am looking to know, if anyone has the kind time to reply, is what is involved with being a member of the Premier League, how does one become a member and what qualities or abilities one should have to join

    Any answer on the above questions or comments would be greatly appreciated

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    I think this page should answer all your questions.

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      Hi baud2death!

      The prizes are for at the end of each month.

      Entry to the Premier League has to be earned through one of the other two leagues, either the Open or the Premier Qualifier. It cannot just be joined, as it has to be earned by the member.
      A player can play as many of the games as they like, but must play at least 5 games per month to qualify for their monthly prize.

      Here is a link to the league overview. This will have all of the information about each of the leagues and how the prizes are determined.

      Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.

      John (JWK24)

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        Originally posted by joy7108 View Post
        I think this page should answer all your questions.

        Taking a look now, thank you kindly

        I hope you don't mind, if i still have questions, i will reply again asking again but hopefuly it should answer


        ANSWERED : Basically i need to enter a buy-in qualifier or place top 500 of the Open League. good to know

        May i ask again my other questions which are

        How does the prize work? Is it paid at the end of the month.. i know getting into 2000# only gets you 25c, but thinking about advancing further (of course!) and wanted to know how that reward works
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          It is paid on the second day of the following month usually. They send an email telling you what you won and the money is put in your PS account.
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