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Does anyone see my point?!?!?!

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  • Does anyone see my point?!?!?!

    Quite a random thread,

    I just want to see your thoughts on a certain situation,

    Am I really that bad at getting pissed off with a certain person that over celebrated/exadurated their win as if they are GOD, they were a 5 star team, I was a half star team, I had 70% in the whole game, with far more chances and he had something like 2 shots on goal and won 2-1...

    Right I know many of you MUST be thinking, hey this is only a game, yes it is, but what I'm annoyed about is sportsmanship... If I was to get lucky against someone whilst I was playing poorly, yes I may take pride, However I would have respect and would not rub it in the opponents face...

    Incase anyone thinks of this thread as petty, yes in a sense it is, HOWEVER it is a question of PRINCIPAL and HONOR....

    I'm annoyed that a housemate of mine has put me on a guilt trip over this, and surely someone must see what I'm saying, by all means congrats to the player but act respectfully!!!

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    First of all I really like your avatar! Deadmau5 ftw!

    When playing on PokerStars if you find a player is being disrespectful at the table and they are doing so in a vulgar tone, simply click options on your table window and select/click "call moderator" and type a short description of the problem they will promptly reply in the chat giving a warning to the offender. Keep in mind that moderators are for chat problems only.

    If that player proceeds to say bad things in that chat right click their avatar and select "block chat" or contact the chat moderator once again.

    Continue making good decisions at the table and in the long run you will come out ahead by a mile of the people that like to chase thin/marginal holdings.

    Best of luck to you at the tables and thank you for being a member of


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      He won 2-1. What game where you two playing?

      Its is hard for us to comment because we do not know the background to your situation. Would it be best to be gracious in victory yes do I always manage it ...ummmm actually i do if i don't know the opponant but with a close friend where a rivalry has built up over time we can be bad me certainly but they now i still know what the score is. After all what is the point of winning bragging rights if you don't brag.

      It seems from your post that your roommates knows how you fell and is playing up to that for extra windup points.

      of course i could be way off base.

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        It's all about trying to get each other to rage!!! Me and my best mate play fifa 12 vs each other reguarly and to be honest with you we only play each other for the bragging rights and to get on each others nerves.
        My personal favourite thing to do is to run in circles with the goalkeeper when im up a few goals. Then I sit and laugh my face off whilst my buddy screams at me



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