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Help! Any tech heads here? Screen stopped showing in 1680x1050??!!

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  • Help! Any tech heads here? Screen stopped showing in 1680x1050??!!

    Hi! I know this isn't a cumputer problems forum but I'm not a member of one of those and can't help thinking one of you clever people might be able to help me.

    I have an HP w2207h montior and it has stopped displaying in 1680x1050. Or I should say Vista has stopped displaying in tht resolution, the screen is doing fine. I have gone to screen sttings and tried to change the resolution but the 1680x1050 option is no longer there.

    I tried to update the driver but that crashed the puter and I've just had to restore to a previous point.

    Any feedback would be most welcome. Hard to play poker when my screen is as black as the ace of spades!!

    Cheers, K.

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    try update drivers(monitor+graf. card) without crash ) I don't know what graphic card you have, but you can try even older drivers. sometimes it helps


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      OK. NVIDIA springs to mind, is that the graphics card? The driver for the monitor is def up to date. I guess it's a trip to the NVIDIA website (if that is the graphics card) to find the driver for that.....

      Thanks for your feedback :-)


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        yes, NVIDIA. they have great support. just download drivers pack for windows vista or try windows update. there are drivers for nvidia cards too


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          It sounds to me like CZ's on the right track. The first two things I'd be looking at are the drivers for both the monitor and the graphics card.

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            OK. Went to the NVIDIA site and downloaded the appropriate driver version package. When it was loaded a followed the instruction to reboot. When system rebooted there was no signal to the monitor. The monitor gets a singal in the initial stages of boot up but 'goes to sleep' when the Vista side of start up kicks in.

            This also happened when I chose the auto update option within the windows screen settings before everything went blank. I then had to use F8 and restore to an earlier point.

            Trying to do that again now but can't seem to get back to a point where the is a signal to the monitor.




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              try this

              or google "nvidia XXX no signal to the monitor after install drivers" xxx = type of card.

              I tried google it and it there is lots of links, but i don't know what card do you have exactly


              Uninstall driver, delete NVIDIA folder from C:\

              Delete this folder:

              C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation

              Go here let it pick the drive for you:


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                hi m8t have you got it on? i may be able to help you .what stage are you at,have you post screen then no display,or is it completely not coming on now?


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                  OK I like the idea of deleteing and reinstalling etc. but can't do that at the moment as can't see anything on the screen to do it.

                  I have moved house recently and I did wonder if it was possible that the graphics card has become dislodged or the connection needs reseating. Would these symptoms fit? Seems possible as the screen does respond to input at the start of booting up but not further down the boot up process.

                  Have just opened up puter to check that aspect.


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                    Hi Holdemace.

                    Only goes to no screen once it get's past the initial boot up sequence. I'm guessing it's when it fires up the graphics card. Prior to that is all fine. Screen comes on, getting a windows scrolling bar etc and then the signal to the screen shuts off and the monitor goes to sleep.

                    I've just opened up the puter and removed the graphics card and plugged the screen into the mother board and it boots up fine.

                    Going to shut it down now and reboot with the graphics card in again and see what happens. I'm not expecting anything different but it may be that it just wasn't seated properly I'm wondering.

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                      Nope, no change. So, I'm left with a situation where I can only access the computer to make any changes when the graphics card is removed. Therefore, if I go to the NVIDIA site it won't self detect my graphics card as I will have removed it.

                      I did boot the puter up in safe mode and unistall the NVIDIA driver package that I installed that seemed to be the root of the problems. Now when I boot up the screen comes on but says that the signal input is not compatible with 1680x1050 and asks me to adjust settings. I would if I could, believe me!!


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                        so when you boot with out the card installed all works well.....sounds like your card has had it you could try dual booting vista to check its not a software prob you just need to partion a HDD and install it on there if all works fine then its software.


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                          hi m8t if you are getting post screen and just before windows boots your screen is going blank that is normally driver problems as drivers dont kick in post screen or in f8 safe mode.

                          make sure in your bios pressing normally the del key when you first turn on your system, that you have disabled the onboard graphics and that it is set to your slot meaning pci express or whatever your card slot is.

                          boot in safe mode then removing all nvidia drivers and nvidia folders and also making sure it is removed from registry.
                          type regedit into the run search box this brings up your registry,you are only deleting nvidia named registry enties.

                          Then search for the exact model of you card driver for your operating version,try not to use forced ware or detonator drivers but the model version of your card.

                          install this driver

                          if this fails try one of the older drivers for your card and see if that works

                          if not there may be a chance that a windows update may be causing you the problem,or some sort of conflict.

                          Check your direct x and see which version you are running,type in the run box again dxdiag this will get up your direct x diagnostics as such,

                          to me though im saying wrong driver m8t,check if either u are running 32 bit or 64 bit operating system as this as bearing on driver.

                          hope this helps let me know if u fix it.


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                            hi jig, check to see if your moniter is on windows driver, if it is see if there is a driver from samsung for your actuall moniter this may help.

                            if you are running onboard graphics which is what that looks like simply buy a graphics card that simply plugs in if you are running a tower, if you are on a laptop update the drivers as u have no agp texture support which should be enabled,

                            i think you will find that you are running standard windows display driver and not the intel graphic driver.

                            right click on my computer
                            left click properties
                            left click device manager
                            left click the drop down box on display adapters
                            right click on the card<yours should say intel>
                            left click properties
                            left click driver/driver details

                            if it says microsoft for details you need to install intel driver for your card

                            hope this helps a bit its hard with not having it in front of me to fix lol



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