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coping ( or not coping) with bad callers

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  • coping ( or not coping) with bad callers

    I rec
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    Hi Ycey!

    Welcome to the forums (in case no one has said that to you yet!)

    I remember way back in 03/04, I used some FPP to get a special Poker Stars logo'ed "stress star".

    I used to squeeze that hard foam rubber thing, and it tended to get rid of some of my stress whenever donks would just NOT give up on hopeless draws. I kept that thing for YEARS, until one day I finally snapped a tip off of it! lolol.

    Now, I sometimes keep a rubber band on my wrist, and snap that a bit to keep myself focused and to help prevent me making rash moves against people with no real clue.

    I also sometimes use a bit of "aroma therapy". I have a small jar of 'Tiger Balm", a metholated sore muscle rub on jel, that I sometimes put on my upper lip. The smell of the menthol tends to be very soothing to me. The only problem is that if I use it too much, it starts burning

    So I too know about the benefits of having some kind of stress relief you can resort to when they just keep sucking out on you!

    Nice post mate! Anyone else have methods they use to get rid of "donk stress" while they are playing?



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      Hi ycey, yes I feel your pain m8t just too frustrating at times,you will get them in the end though hopefully m8t.


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        i got myself a tree and a half woodpile to turn into kindling. mind you ,i find it best not to chop wood in the house might miss and hit the puter

        gl y all
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          We want people to make these ridiculously bad plays, we just don't want them to hit their trash hand against us but invariably some will. Remember, if they never won they wouldn't come back so "feeding the fish" is a part of poker.

          Time and a few thousand beats dulls the pain a bit.


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            + lots, Joe. As much as those bad beats hurt, just think how much harder it would be to win if no one made foolish calls.

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              Originally posted by joy7108 View Post
              just think how much harder it would be to win if no one made foolish calls.


              there is so much difference between a foolish caller and a total donk

              i.e. betting out your A rag on river when there have been prior big bets to an AKTJ board. If they can't see there's probably a Q out there, happy days,

              It's the tools that call the whole way to big bets with air, my latest, AK pocket, flop AK7, I make a pot bet cause donks still in, he calls, turn and river 4 5, donks still there and has 3 6.

              Lol, I tried getting through the monitor to get at him.


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                Originally posted by FullO2s View Post

                Lol, I tried getting through the monitor to get at him.
                Tried "donkey puching 'em" through the monitor, wound up with custom monitor. Hangs head, shakes head, kicks can can't believe it I lost and got a brand new customized monitor in process as well LOL


                I'm slowly learning that when I make notes on these [insert Phil Helmuth line] if I write down how I feel about 'em including the play, I can let it go and focus on game from there on out. Some of my notes aren't PG friendly suffice to say the least



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