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Gutted for you Moxie :(

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  • Gutted for you Moxie :(

    I can't believe the Ravens lost that game....I'm a Saints fan and after they lost to the 49ers last week....I wanted the Ravens to win the whole thing. I hope the Giants or 49ers (preferably the Giants) destroy the Pats in the SB.

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    Go Giants!

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      Thanks mc.

      Was an 11 hour bus ride back from Foxboro,what with the weather. Probably the longest 11 hours of my life. Just a sick,sick,sick,loss.

      Trying to take a positive away from the game and I think the main one I can is that at least now the Ravens know they have a QB who is good enough to win a Super Bowl with. So maybe now they can jettison Cam Cameron and his 1993 playbook and bring in an offensive coordinator who can install an an offense in the passing game that isn't entirely composed of deep throws,hitches and dump offs to Ray Rice. Some actual pick plays like NE uses to free up Gronkowski,Hernandez and Welker,some bunch formations with a drag pattern coming across from the weak side---stuff like that. You know---imagination.

      If it were up to me I would capitalize on the Raiders recent idiocy and bring Hue Jackson back into the fold (he was Flacco's QB coach his first 2 years) and give him the keys to the offense.

      I'm with you and royal on SB Sunday. I don't even like the G-men (wish it had been the Niner's myself---when Baltimore was deprived of a team for 12 years the Niner's were my team...still my number 2 favorite franchise) but I'll be rooting for them to win in two weeks for sure. Seeing Brady pounded into mincemeat wouldn't hurt my feelings either.

      Two great games yesterday,with two sucky results where I'm concerned. Have to feel terrible for that Willams kid on the 'Niners.

      Well think I'll tuck in tonight and watch the biggest bloodbath of the week---the Newtron Bomb versus Mittens in the Florida GOP debate.


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        That Williams kid is the son of the pale hoser's GM Kenny Williams..... I see that screwing things up definitely runs in the family on that one.


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          that was def. a sick sick loss... even worse than my 9ers fumble in ot.... RIGHT when hand #2 leaves the ball. humph !! woulda thunk.. COVER THE DAMN BALL!!!!! but i grats giants


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            Jeez Moxie. I didn't know you were actually at the game. And an 11 hour trip home? Christ this is making ME sick

            The things that I thought about last night were...what must it be like to have been on the Ravens flight/coach trip home? Seeing the dejection on the faces of warriors like Lewis, Reed and Suggs who had left it all on the field as their coach John Harbaugh said.

            How must Billy Cundiff and Kyle Williams have felt, knowing that they would be the ones to be made the scapegoat for thier team losing?

            Or how things were in the Harbaugh household for Jack (who I believe was a long-time football man himself?) and his wife. How much of an eomotionally draining roller coaster ride having watched those two games, only for it to end in disappointment...and the double heartbreak of seeing their sons coming agonisingly close to realising lifelong ambitions only to just miss out.

            Sport is like can be cruel sometimes



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