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Ever sense your not well liked? lol

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  • Ever sense your not well liked? lol

    I am getting that sense these days.

    Sit at table with peeps and say hi.......nothing. Sit with them for hours, nothing. Offer GL , nothing.

    Write replies. Odd to see large # of posts with nothing added and others with 10's or hundreds.

    Its all good, I know we all dont actually know one another, but i just get this sense..........

    If I offend with posts, i apologize........ if i bitch a little too much, sorry.

    I;ll try and be nicer in 2012, really.

    At least college co-eds like me, and really, isnt that what counts?

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    i like you
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      then again, i had a few drinks
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        I'm sorry I didn't say hi, I just don't normally chat when playing. If you said hi I missed it, I'm often checking stats and info, or doing notes. Doesn't mean I don't like you, you were one of my biggest supporters for MOTW, I like you just fine.

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          Constantly, but then again, I don't really care that much if they do, don't or indifferent. I didn't come here for friends, but have met some cool peeps since I joined. I barely have time for an afternoon BBQ @ a buddies(of course I can't turn down meat on a grill! lol).

          Have fun & take your time, maybe look up some peeps in tourneys, and rail them. Most are pretty friendly, but not every1 likes to chat while playing either.


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            Hi Skiny,

            many times at the tables, people turn off their chat.... or had it turned off for them.

            Hang in there, keep learning from all the things offered on the site and good luck at the tables

            John (JWK24)

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                Hi Skinybutphat -

                As JWK says, and in common with Joy - I am one of those rarely in chat at a table. Especially in the Open League I will be tracking my current position/remaining field in the info tab and railing opponents tables. If I do have the chat visible I don't often type in it as I am a slow typer and too busy thinking about the tables I am playing/watching. I might read the chat to see if I can pick up info for additional reads on the other players, or see who is on tilt - but that's about it. Only likely to be actively chatting if I am single tabling a home game with peeps I know or have reached an FT.

                So please don't assume no response is rudeness or unfriendliness.

                BTW Thanks for the mention in your other thread - and for the warning that the legendary II Cote II is making another surge up the Open League - I'll be looking over my shoulder.

                Good luck

                Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeManm
                Last edited by EdinFreeMan; Tue Jan 10, 2012, 07:43 AM.
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                  BBQ anyone ??

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                    Times are tough in Hemet,Dennis? LOL

                    Hey skiny I can only speak for myself but I like what you've been posting so far myself. As for table gab...well,hopefully soon.

                    Pretty sure JW and I like you better than you probably liked the BCS Championship game.

                    ROLL TIDE !!!


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                      21-0 ??? Are you kidding me?? LOL..........


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                        As for the forum posts Skinny,

                        I have to say i don't answer based on who started the thread but rather wiether or not I can add some thing to the conversation.

                        I don't consider anyone here to be " an enemy". Not really the word i'm looking for but with my brain best i can do today.

                        I do think there are some great people here that i would'nt mind haveing over for some brewski's and a game, bt accept the reality that its a learning forum not a social forum for me at the moment.

                        (mind you given your blasts in chat on sunday!!!!)

                        If i'm multi tabling i too struggle in chat and often i will have chat windows off. When i was doing MOTW games i had to keep flicking back to the chat when i realised i did have railers.

                        I dont mind chatting but sometimes miss it with action at other tables.

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                        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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                          I'll take that one !!! My Big 2.20 chat blast against the two German donks was a boil over of three horrific calls when I has such a sweet stack built up...............and I let it get to me. Gotta learn to control that better and probably just not type anything at all, but instead punch some pillows or something to blow off


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                            Originally posted by Moxie Pip View Post
                            Times are tough in Hemet,Dennis? LOL

                            Hey skiny I can only speak for myself but I like what you've been posting so far myself. As for table gab...well,hopefully soon.

                            Pretty sure JW and I like you better than you probably liked the BCS Championship game.

                            ROLL TIDE !!!
                            Next year U.S.C. TROJANS all the way BCS Championship


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                              yeah i know the feeling of being ignored. i used to chat my butt off and i often get nothing (not necessarily pso games but in general on ps). i usually am the one that had to get the conversation going, and if anyone else started up i would be sure to pipe in with my two cents to help maintain the flow of words. i got the sense that i wasn't very popular as people would often tell me to shut up, or would comment on my character, how i played, etc., but it wasn't regular forum members saying that, just other random pso'ers. i didn't mind chatting, and it made it simple since i usually only played 1 or 2 tables at a time. and i only comment to a thread when i have something constructive to say as well, but i read like crazy, so if someone has a question that i can answer i usually will find it and respond.



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