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Some Crafts You can Make When You're Card Dead

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  • Some Crafts You can Make When You're Card Dead

    For people who are hard to shop for, sometimes I'll make personalized gifts. People seem to love those ... at least that's what they say

    1) Photo totes - people seem to especially love these with black and white photos of pets and kids:


    2) Mugs with a design you copy onto it with non-toxic marker

    Instructions and patterns here

    3) Photo coasters - the clear-colored ones seem to come out cuter than these in the blue, yellow, green, and black, if you can find them ...

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    Nice stuff Sam. You are one creative cat.


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      Thx Annie!

      Gosh, I wish that were true ... alas, my love of artsy things exceeds my talent - hence the copycat stuff of other peoples' ideas

      Oh well


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        Another arts project - Christmas CD's always seem to be a big *hit* with people

        Here's a label you can customize: Label. The picture looks similar to this address label:

        And sometimes Itunes has a sale on Holiday music - last year, songs were $0.69 the 3rd week of December. It seems like everybody's put out a Christmas album at one time or another so there seems to be a ton of music to choose from. Some sample playlists:

        All I Want For Christmas is You – Mariah Carey
        Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano
        Mary's Boy Child – Boney M
        Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - U2
        Christmas Time – Bryan Adams
        My Only Wish – Britney Spears
        Step Into Christmas – Elton John
        I Wish Every Day Could Be Like Christmas – Bon Jovi
        Winter Wonderland – Eurythmics
        Do They Know It's Christmas – Band Aid

        Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Michael Buble
        Winter Wonderland – Tony Bennett
        O Christmas Tree - Aretha Franklin
        Blue Christmas – Elvis
        O Holy Night – Celine Dion
        The First Noel – Susan Boyle
        Winter Wonderland – Anne Murray
        The First Noel – Clay Aiken
        White Christmas – Keith Urban
        Cantique de Noel – Andrea Bocelli

        These can also be nice to listen to when experiencing periods of great poker turbulence ... so soothing ... hopefully the turbulence eases up soon so I feel like talking more about poker again instead of crafts

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          No Bing Crosby?


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            Originally posted by Deleted user View Post
            No Bing Crosby?

            I'm always skeptical of any XMAS album that doesn't contain The Kinks "Father Christmas" myself.


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              ... thank you Sam, this is great stuff! So glad you shared this with us... helped me out quite a bit!!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!! Love these ideas so much!!


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                Originally posted by chelle867 View Post
                ... thank you Sam, this is great stuff! So glad you shared this with us... helped me out quite a bit!!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!! Love these ideas so much!!
                Thanks Chelle!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday as well!!!


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                  Originally posted by Deleted user View Post
                  No Bing Crosby?
                  Originally posted by Moxie Pip View Post
                  I'm always skeptical of any XMAS album that doesn't contain The Kinks "Father Christmas" myself.
                  It was the Britney that's inspired you all to offer up the friendly alternatives, wasn't it lool

                  Bing's still rockin' the iTunes charts - right up there with the Biebs ... so timeless! And that Kinks song's a great tune - I like it!!


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                    Holidays 2012

                    What a difference a year makes ... back when I was 1-tabling regular-speed STTs, I had all the time in the world to do stuff on the side This year I guess it's gonna be a little more of a challenge to try and find presents.

                    If anybody has any fun/thoughtful/interesting/creative/unique gift ideas to share, please stop in a drop a note! Would be great to hear suggestions from people!!

                    Some Gift Idea Lists from Magazines:

                    Rachael Ray
                    Canadian Living

                    Oprah's list is getting ridiculous - $238 for soap? But I guess the list can be used for ideas and stuff ...



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                      This Person's so Talented

                      I was looking for a picture frames for kids' 'art', because my nephew just learned how to use crayons, and stumbled onto this site that makes dolls from kids' drawings:

                      Some of the dolls they made were amazing! Eg:

                      So neat what some people can do, eh? My 'art' *still* looks like the pic on the left

                      Kidding ...

                      I don't draw


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                        (This is a duplicate from this morning - got a lil confused by stuff ... d'oh! Thanks again Raiser for the help!! )

                        Gift Idea (Time Sensitive)

                        Okay, this is gift idea has kind of a long, drawn-out preamble, but if you just two-table like me and are bored and looking for something on the side to pass the time ... well, this might also be boring, but ... also, hopefully interesting too I don't know lol

                        So like, back when I was still in school, I did a bunch of volunteer work at places like the Veteran's wing of a local hospital, and tutoring for the Children's Aid Society. And funny thing, but I kind of wound up feeling like I got more out of the experience than the people I was helping, because they'd faced so much adversity in life, but yet had such a great zest for life ... it was inspiring, infectious!!

                        Sometimes when you give money, you don't get that same chance to interact with people and have that give and take. But there's a non-profit on the internet that let's you pick specific people to lend money too, which gives you progress updates, so ... there's a bit of an interaction with a specific individual, and you get to hear their story. Most of the people asking for loans are entrepreneurs, with like ideas, and a high degree of initiative and drive, and since it's a loan rather than a donation, you actually get your money back at the end. Here's a little description to give you a better sense of who's asking for loans:

                        This is going in the 'gift idea' section, because there's a Groupon for this site - like if you buy a $25 credit, you get two to lend out, and eventually you (or your gift recipient) will get back $50 after only investing $25. It looks like it's an offer the non-profit's making in hopes people might go out on a limb and give their site a try, and will hopefully find it rewarding? I'd heard of kiva before from people, but had never tried it before myself, so now seems like the perfect time. And one of the coupons is good for another year (the other one expires at the end of 2013), so maybe that might be another way to support the rebuilding efforts in the Philippines as people might start looking for loans in the months to come? There's lots of other places in the world too

                        Here's the link to the Toronto offer, but it seems to be available for all the Groupon sites in North America:


                        There's a small risk of default, and you lose the time value of money, but ... as far as 'donating' money goes, especially with the Groupon ... the price can't be beat

                        Hope this post made sense and wasn't too confusing

                        CLIFFS: Buy a lending credit at Groupon for $25, invest it at, and make back $50 (100% ROI?)

                        PS Oh, by the way - Groupon doesn't say how much longer this offer'll be available, so the offer might be expiring soon?


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                          Funny that Oprah's list of favorite things came up a couple of posts ago, because it looks like in 2010 Kiva and Groupon had a similar offer available, and Oprah made it one of her 'Favorite Things' ... right alongside a $2500 diamond-encrusted watch and a $50 scented candle lol :o

                          Just thought that was cool that the site had been featured by Oprah
                          Last edited by TrustySam; Thu Nov 21, 2013, 05:33 AM.


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                            Can't grind until the training vids that I'm converting to iPad format are finished - think I may have accidentally pressed some sort of button that's made it take 10 times longer than usual, because it's been converting for like over 2hrs now ... d'oh!

                            Oh well, it's given me time to check out some of the profiles at Kiva. Just to tie this stuff to poker, last Mission Week I got lucky and won $120 - that was enough to get 4 of the Groupon coupons, so like ... for the $100 spent, I'll be getting back $200. Guess Kiva's a bit like staking in the non-poker world?

                            Those 4 Groupon coupons give 8 credits to use at Kiva, and I've already used up 4 of them - the stuff that people have been able to accomplish with hard work and a clever idea is amazing - here's a couple of profiles:

                            It's kind of interesting to get to see the kind of businesses that people are opening in different countries as well, so that's been neat to get to read about too


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                              Holiday Gift Idea

                              There's an album for sale on iTunes where the bulk of the proceeds go to the Red Cross in the Philippines:

                              Usually I don't *buy* a lot of music (), but people seem to really enjoy receiving these song collections as gifts - guess they tend to have a nice variety to suit a lot of tastes? You get 39 songs for $9.99 - here's a sample:

                              Gosh, it's feeling like I picked up a bit of a sore throat ... probably at the mall. Was going to try and do more shopping this weekend, but may have to take it easy and play poker instead

                              Will see ... hope everyone's having a nice weekend
                              Last edited by TrustySam; Sat Dec 07, 2013, 03:19 PM.



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