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Bad beats

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  • Bad beats

    I’ve been playing the multi table tournaments on poker stars and everytime I push or call an all in 85% of the time I’m ahead with at least 8 outs and everytime I’m getting jammed by weaker hands. I have a feeling that in those situations it’s usually a player that has no knowledge of the game because no decent poker player would be calling to the river with nothing while being raised and just getting lucky on the river. How can a person play a game when there’s so many bad players against you that haven’t a clue how to play the game.

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    You can't look at it short-term and need to look at things long-term. All we can do as poker players is to make the best decision at a given point in time based on the available information that we have. I personally have over 250k hands from multiple sites (PS being one of them) and the more hands you get, the more the numbers go right to what the expected %'s say they will... but in the short-term, anything can happen.

    One thing that you will want to look at too... being ahead is NOT what we're looking to do. We want to make plays that are +EV (we expect to gain chips or money by making a play). There are a LOT of spots where we know we're behind, but it is the correct play to be in the hand, as while we may lose over 50% of the time, we expect to gain chips.
    A great example of this was a hand that I looked at for someone else this morning. First opp shoves, hero re-shoves (correctly with AA), then a 3rd opp calls with 55... well, the 55 expects to lose there over 70% of the time.. but it IS a play for them, as they do expect on average, to win chips.

    When players get short at a table, us or the opp, there are lots of plays that are positive for expecting to win chips.. but we lose well over 50% of the time. Taking these types of spots is one of the differences between the pros and the average player at a table. Due to this, we need to be shoving before we get below 10bb, if at all possible and if something happens, that gets us down below 5bb, then the opps can play almost anything at us profitably.
    EX: we blind down to 3bb and pick up AA... well, what can the opp in the BB profitably play against us.... the correct answer is.. TWO WET BAR NAPKINS! The cards don't matter, because due to the chips already in the pot, they profit from us with anything. Many newer players to the game don't recognize this and end up tilted because their big hand got beat.. well, when the opp can correctly play against us, no matter how good our hand is.. we expect to lose chips and will each and every single time on average.

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      Losing 85% of the time is normal in tournaments, the best tournament players in the world only win about 10-15% of the time. A lot of things need to go right in order to win in a large field, it won't happen every day. You will need to get lucky a few times, but making the right decision will put you in a better position to win.

      We all have bad beats that KO us from tournaments, when you lose you need to just shake it off and go on to the next one. You might want to try some smaller sit and go games where your chances of winning are better. Keep studying the game and the results will come eventually.
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