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    how to we get to do tournaments to actually make money without depositing

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    Grind your butt off in the Astronomer freeroll tournies (tourney tab,freeroll,Astronomers are in brown and named for famous astronomers...Hubble,Sagan,Ptolemy,Brahe and so on). Just worry about getting your WR2 tickets and if possible play a couple or more of these at the same time. Depending on the time of day this will be a more possible option than other times,but no matter when you should be able to multi-table these. If you're close to getting a ticket in one then think about sitting out on your other tables,or at least focusing more on the table you're close to the ticket. Try to be well stocked enough on tickets that you can use them to play every Weekly Round 2 Freeroll that you possibly can. There are only 2 each week...Saturday at 10AM EST which is always NLHE and Sunday at 2PM EST which can be any number of games. You can also play the Open Skill League and I would indeed recommend this but the best cashing options for the monthly leaderboard prizes,which is where the big money is,won't open up to you until you start playing raked games (cash tables and MTT/SNG's that have rake attached to them). If you are dead set on doing this without depositing it IS doable. More than a few here have turned a nice profit without ever depositing,myself included. But it will require patience and discipline. Do not shirk your commitment to learning and self-analysis in order to play more,get into the habit of doing that work now and it will always pay off as you move forward. Also do not be in a hurry to win a few cents/dollars and then hurry your behind to the cash tables with that thin a roll. That's a nearly sure fire recipe for you to be constantly "hamster wheeling" from on busto back to the free rolls over and over again. If you're new at this and truly do not want to deposit then you should be extra conservative with your bankroll at the start as this is when you'll be most vulnerable to variance. And variance and bad runs are going to light your butt up from time to time,just like everyone else. No one is immune. 100 buy ins minimum for any SNG/MTT game and/or 40-50 stacks for cash play should be your minimum before you even think of attempting any kind of a grind.And again...this is not easy to get to simply through freeroll play and will take time and a lot of effort on your part,but is IS DOABLE. Any questions or advice you need on hands or anything else and we'll be here to help. Just finding this school gives you a leg up on a lot of the players out there. Good luck and better decisions. umbup:
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      Great response by Moxie there.

      Have a look in the 3 tournament tabs: Freeroll, Regional and Private.

      As well as the astronomer tournaments and the OSL there are various other freerolls. All are difficult but the more you play the better your chances.

      In the private tab especially, check if your eligable for the freerolls available. Some are only available through registering with a 3rd party site, which can be easy to do.

      I for example am a member of Bankrollmob and as such i can play in any one of their 6 daily freerolls. The prizepools aren't fantastic but there's a leaderboard with better prizes available.

      Other freerolls to watch out for are the "watch this" freerolls. Normally the weekly sunday million qualifyer or the EPT live freerolls. both require you to watch the program to obtain the password.

      I would definitely say the Open skill league is youre most secure route though. I myself made min cashes for 50 cents in the league which was a starter but by finishing in the top 400 in 3 consecutive tournaments i got a big bang ticket which i cashed for $35.

      I now have $67 and growing

      Good luck in your quest and remember, If it has restrictions, find out what they are and if you can overcome them by registering with a certain site, or watching a film or something.

      Also take your filters off to make sure you can see all games available

      Again good luck and i hope you turn a good one


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        The EPTlive freerolls are easy to cash, and sometimes under certain criteria circumstances they add money to the prize pool. If you follow them on Twitter while watching their show, you can also find out about other bonuses as well. Best of luck!
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