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Coping With ADHD, ADD and Poker.

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  • Coping With ADHD, ADD and Poker.

    I hope this is the right section for this but i wanted to put this out there.

    I suffer from ADHD (it's not an excuse it's a problem to overcome) and i was wondering if there are any others, and what techniques they employ to improve their concentration on the game.

    For me i have a relatively high IQ but very short attention span, and this affects my game immensely most of the time. Part of the frustration of this is doing well in a tournament but losing interest, or patience after the 3rd or 4th hour and basically tilting myself out of a good finishing chance.

    When i'm playing i limit my tables to 4 or 5 max to help with keeping me busy, but not too busy. but i get distracted very easily too so i'm usually surfing the web, watching t.v. even doing the chores whilst playing.

    Even now i'm doing well in a 25cent tourney but as it's my only table i'm writing this too :P

    To get to grips with this i've started trying different techniques to help improve.

    One is to switch everything off. t.v., radio, all but stars on my laptop. Before i start a session i make sure all my daily tasks are complete so that they aren't on my mind.

    Another thing i do to try and ward off distraction is keep a word document open. Anything that pops into my head, Either a task to do, a program i forgot to watch, or something to look up on the net, i jot it on the document and depending on the task i use the breaks in tournaments to do it or i wait until my games have finished and do it then.

    I was wandering if anyone else has ADHD or ADD and what techniques they use to improve concentration.

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      Hi thephoenix11,

      Here are some tips I have adapted from tips for students with ADHD. The list also works for most students, but like everything some things will work for one student where as others will not, and you just need to try and see which work for you.

      1. Employ background noise ie. Music on low (I have audio books I often put on just for the noise.)

      2. Clear up the work space. Less clutter =less distractions.

      3. Break down the task. If the MTT you are playing normally takes 6 hours to reach the final table that’s a large chunk of time to be thinking of.

      Break down into 1 hour blocks. i.e. By the end of this hour taken notes on X people and played a [insert style here] image.

      4. Have support- get someone you trust to check up on you and keep you focused [I will ask people to come rail me from time to time and tend to play better with less distraction knowing that they are watching my play.]

      5. Have a visual reminder of your end goal [students would tend to recommend the day the course ends. But it could as easily be stereo your going to buy with the winnings]

      6. Use a “concentrated distraction.” Such as a fidget toy scribble pad even better would be to take notes on each of your opponents

      7. move around as you work, [use an exercise ball as a chair]

      8. encourage yourself. [Remind yourself of the times you have done well, because you focused, and kept going]

      9. take breaks [during tournaments you get a five-minute break, but make sure that every time to step away from the poker table/computer.

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        Thank You

        Hi Grade.

        Thank You for the tips. Some of them i already use but some are new and seem to be good.

        Particularly the background noise. I recommend a music heave radio station. It stops the mind from wandering as much as your listening to the music, focusing on the game and there's not much room to go wandering in there.

        Hope these tips help anyone struggling with a wandering mind and if any of you have more tips please pop them below.



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