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Making boxes smaller

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  • Making boxes smaller

    Hello, I can play 8 games at once by making each box to the smallest it will allow me. I do so by placing my arrow on the corner of each game and making it change size. I am able to see every box within reason squeezing them together a little. There is space for another four games at the bottom of my screen but they would be half cut off. I was wondering if the boxes can go even smaller so I would be able to play 12/16 games whilst seeing them all. I don't like playing more than 8 because then they only time I can see the hidden games is when it's my turn and it pops up for a second while i take the shot. I've checked the settings and everything but can't find anywhere to make the boxes smaller. Is there a way? Many thanks in advance umbup:

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    Hello there sir,

    If you've already tried re-sizing the tables manually im guessing you know how small they go and how hard it is on your eyes trying to see what your hand is let alone what bet your making

    However there is an easier way to make the tables all fit on the screen the same size and that would be the "tile" feature. If you go onto any pokerstars table there will be an "options" box at the top and scroll down to "tile tables" or just press CTRL + 9 on your keyboard either way works. This will tile tables on your screen automatically all tables the same size across the screen

    If your gunna try and fit any more on than you can from tiling it's probably not the best idea just for generally being able to see the table lol. If you have the option try linking to an external monitor helped me get a lot more tables up and running without my eyes popping out my face all day long.

    Hope this helps,



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      Thank you!
      I will try this tile feature as sounds extremely helpful.
      When I fix the size of box myself it only goes as small as .. say 6cm by 6cm. Like 3 times smaller than it was before. I take it you can make them smaller than this?! Maybe it's my computer.


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        That sounds about right, don't think they go any smaller than that size. Your best bet is to just tile the tables until there's the max amount on your screen. umbup: Ads


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          Very helpful, thank you so much. :-)
          I tried the tile feature with 12 games and it worked really well, although I couldn't see them all fully, it was so much easier than adjusting the boxes myself.
          I like the idea of a bigger screen too but since I only play now and again it seems a waste just now.
          I'm not really good enough to do this full time. I have the same amount of money in my account all month. I play 8 games, I win one and get money back on say a couple. And that's me right back to the money I had before I started playing the game. lol. At least I don't lose money but I never seem to make much profit. It's more of a pass time and hobby for those rainy days.


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            Yeah the bigger screen is an expense you don't need if you don't play that often but the way i did it was just got a cheap HDMI cable and plugged my laptop into my TV and could grind tables on both! umbup: Glad this helped, Good luck at the tables. Ads



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