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  • Hello PSO

    Edit: Sorry, I just realised how long this is. I got carried away I guess. Don't feel obligated to read the whole thing by any means.

    Hi guys, I've been around PSO for a bit, but never really made my formal introduction (busy at the tables ). First off, let me explain the name, as I'm quite aware of how ridiculous it looks. In fact, that was the intention when I chose it, to appear as incompetent as possible and have opponents underestimate me. I'm not sure it's really worked to my advantage, as I'm pretty sure it cuts into my fold equity a bit. As for the avatar, yes it is Darth Vader with two four-finger rings that say "Dark Side", and yes I'm aware of how awesome that is .

    As for the poker, I first gained an interest in competitive NLHE back in 03/04 watching Moneymaker make his WSOP run. Shortly after I joined an online poker site (not Pokerstars yet at that time). I won the first big tournament I ever played, a $55 buy-in with a prize pool of about 6k (it was big for me, and the site's biggest tournament), finishing in first place. Shortly after, school/work took precedence and i slowly lost interest in poker. Early this year I decided to pick it back up, and joined Pokerstars. I noticed immediately that the level of competition was a lot tougher than I remembered, and I didn't get off to a great start, losing more money than I care to admit here .

    I wasn't deterred however, and I took to the search engines and began researching and soaking in all the information I could find on online poker. I brushed up on the fundamentals, tightened up my range a bit, and discovered tracking software, which was really up my alley, as I'm a bit of a math freak, and helped a lot in analyzing my game. I bought back in for $25 and slowly grinded that up to around $500 before tilt, bad BRM decisions, and playing in formats I wasn't skilled at cost me my bankroll. That's when I joined PSO and began to take advantage of the resources available here. A big thank you goes to the instructors for the wealth of information you've supplied, btw. I finished all the courses available, learned a bit about BRM (which I'd never heard of before), and was feeling more confident about my skills than ever. This time I took to the freeroll circuit to once again start the climb to poker greatness.

    I managed a cash of about $5 in one of the 100k freerolls. I took that $5 to the .01/.02 tables and quickly built up enough to move to the next level, and then the next, and the next, and I was just starting to mix in some of the 25NL tables when all hell broke lose. First it was good hell, I made more money in cash games in one day (about 4500 hands) than I had made in my first 50k hands. Trying to avoid superman syndrome, I took a break from cash and decided to mix it up a bit and focus on tournament play. I had a nice run in 18 man turbos, and my best MTT finish on Pokerstars to date, finishing 18th in The Big 8.80, good for $135. This was great, but at the same time a major disappointment, as with about 20 players left I was sitting in 3rd place and had my eyes on that big money at the top. I took a day off (I think) and then was back to what has typically been my comfort zone on Stars, the cash game. With my bankroll now up around $700 I thought it was safe enough to cut out some of the lower stakes games I was playing and grind mainly at the 25NL level. Not the greatest of BRM decisions, but I set a limit that if I dropped below, I would make the move back down to my normal stakes. I did drop below that mark, very quickly. Within a day or two I lost everything that I had won during my couple days of good fortune, easy come, easy go I guess.

    I stayed true to my word and pulled out of the 25NL and played a mixture of 10 and 18. That wasn't the end of it however. I'm still not entirely sure how much of this I can blame on variance. I clearly remember losing a number of AA vs KK, and I wasn't getting lucky when it was the other way around either. But something must have changed in my play, or maybe my opponents were adjusting to me, I don't know. My earlier results show a clear trend of profitability that was far too consistent to call luck, and the downswing I was on now was also far too steep and lengthy to be chalked up to pure chance. There were some clear tilt moments, but those couldn't account for all of it either. In fact I might have won more when I was fully tilted. (There was an incident with 52o that I don't really want to talk about .) Either way it was clear that a break was in order, I probably should have just made it a break from poker altogether, but I decided to try the SNGs again. I didn't see much better results there, and bad continued to get worse. I played 30 $1.50 18-man turbos in one day and didn't cash in a single one.

    After a bit of a break from poker I found myself back at the 2 penny games, but I didn't make the adjusments I needed to for that level. I was playing too many hands for starters, making some terrible calls, trying to bluff when I really shouldn't have, and other such bonehead plays. Whatever the reason, I now find myself back to where I started. Looking back now to the start of this run, it was a much more conservative and patient approach that worked for me the first time around, and I think I abandoned that strategy somewhere along the way. I've been spending a lot of time in my tracker now, going through hands to find a lot of my mistakes. I've done a bit of customization to my HUD as well to give me a bit more info when at the table. And, hopefully, having the numbers will give me the confidence to make the big lay-downs I need to when it's clear that my opponent has it.

    When I attempt what will be my 3rd comeback (hopefully the one that beats the micros), I plan to cut out the tournament play and focus solely on cash games. Even with the epic downswings, I'm still running positive numbers in cash games over all stakes, about 2 BB/100 over 170k hands (down from about 3 before the slide). I haven't been able to boast positive results from my tournament play since my first big win I think, so it's time to give that up for a while.

    Anyway, for the time-being, I can be found grinding the 100k freerolls and PSO open league, and I hope to see everyone at the cash tables asap.

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    Hello DenzMahChipz,

    Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline. Here's a short video about PSO and what it has to offer you. Also check out >>This Page<< for more info.

    We're here to help you so please feel free to ask any questions you may have and thank you for being a member of PokerSchoolOnline.

    Good luck
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      hi all i am sure that unwill enjoy this site it is awesome



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