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Curiosities of my Poker'ing

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  • Curiosities of my Poker'ing

    Hello there.
    Short introduction first, I guess. Name's Vidmantas, from Lithuania. I am pretty much new to poker, but I learn as fast as I can. This PokerSchool tought me much already and I am not going to stop. So, to talk about my experiences today...
    At the start of the day I had 27000 play chips. So, I went to table, where 40 is big blind, to get started. After few hands I learned one thing: I still don't match my position with my cards and bets for best play. Here is an example:
    5 players at table. I am a dealer and I get (icon doesn't matter here) K9. UTG+1 raises to 4bb. Next to him calls. I fold SM and BB calls. The flop is JKJ, then it's 7 and 9. UTG+1 wins with 10 high card
    So, this was a time where I could have at least called at first I guess. Have You had similar happenings?

    Now pretty much different and funny curiosity:
    I get 57 unconnected/unsuited (different icons), I fold. Others just call to bb. The flop: 757. I was like "I am an idiot", with the idea of putting all in if I were still playing. The turn - 8, river - Q. Showdown: the pot is 75000, some have pairs and one guy shows a full house of 888 77. THAT was a funny relief for me, as I accually saved my money. And then I thought - it is still better to play strong hands.

    This was funny AND lucky:
    I get A10, and raise to 3bb. Others call, the flop is AQJ. For some reason I thought: "There, I just need 9 and I have straight" (stupid, right?). And I put 4bb more. The turn - 9. I say "YES, A STRAIGHT!" and put all in. 3 players call. The pot is 125000. The river - 10. "Still, I have straight and I don't care" I think. And then I realise: I only have two pairs of A and 10. I was ready to dig myself a grave, since others raised again and again. Showdown - BUM! I win the main pot with my "straight" (which happened to be two pairs) My pants were full of happiness.

    And last but not least - how I missed a straight flush:
    I get 8(cross)2(heart). I fold. The flop is: 10,9(crosses),8(diamond). The turn - 7(cross); river - 6 (cross). That was my first straight flush and I happened to miss it But hey! It was just a luck. 3 guys shared a pot as there was was straight on the table.

    Now it is the end of a day and I have 389 000 play chips. Happy me Still, there is much to learn and still many funny hands to play. So, until next time!

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    hello Wertnex

    Thank you for your post, and welcome to pokerschoolonline.

    We have some great features here and this link will help you to find your way round.
    Again, welcome, and good luck at the tables.
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