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Why do you hate me Poker Stars

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  • Why do you hate me Poker Stars

    I've played about 4 open skills league tourneys and in each case have lost early to rediculously bad beats...AQ suited loss to all in preflop 3/7off, aa vs kk loss on river all in preflop catch k on riv. I know that you can't winem all but com'on!

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    Hi sieco!

    All hands, even aces are going to lose a given % of the time. The key to the league games is to survive as long as possible without taking any chances if at all possible. I don't want all my chips in until I see all 5 cards on the board and see that I have the best hand.

    AA even loses to 27o 11.8% of the time.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Hi sieco

      Nice to hear from you, and welcome to PokerSchoolOnLine.
      We all get our good and bad days, it's just something we have to adjust to.

      We have some great features here which i am sure will help your game, this link will show you what is available on the site. The courses and video's are really helpfull.

      Welcome again and good luck.




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        You mention "good days" What exactly are these ? I have vaguely heard of such things but never experienced them. Someone will quote "variance" and stats etc,etc. The hard cold truth is some of us are just plain unlucky, I know i was one of Triplets and I got the bottle. I'm afraid it's a case of suck it up sometimes and hope for a 5 min window where you run like a dream.
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          good days and bad days suppose it makes a change from varience haha


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            Been there done that !!! Pokerstars does not hate you!!!! When playing the pso games you MUST at all times keep the word POINTS at the front of everything you do. You do not have to win every game not even most of them sometimes not any. You must try for the points EVERY game that means you toss out over and over again, cards you would normally play with. Patience is everything in pso games. When you do play a hand as JWK says it better be a winner not a maybe. I cant tell you how many times we who used to play all the time would time down and whittle away our chips to 3 or 4 hundred or even less before the cards came and then wham right up to the penthouse, patience was always the key.
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              4 whole bad beats (if they truly WERE bad beats mind you...)?

              When Americans could play for money here 4 bad beats was about an hour,2 tops, in my world.

              Get used to it,poker is a cruel game and it's not a question of IF you're going to get donked but WHEN.

              All you can do is focus on your decisions,what your goals in each game or cash table session you load up are and how any individual hand plays into that as a risk/reward scenario and then make the best decision you can within that parameter and the information you have before you.

              Luck,thankfully,will always be a part of the equation. Because without luck this would be a boring game to be honest.

              The rub is that good players rely less on luck and tend to have the damage that runs of bad luck will do to them be minimized while on the other side of the coin they also tend to capitalize more on any good fortune that comes their way.

              Bad players often as not put themselves in positions where there simply isn't enough luck in the world for them to accomplish anything beyond the occasional good result,and those tend to be few and far between.

              In short,show me a player whom believes that poker is mainly about luck and I'll show you a losing player more often than not. Show me a player who takes care of their business,works on their game through learning and self critique,whilst understanding that luck is an extraneous factor beyond their control,and I'll show you a successful player more often than not.


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                Took a nice long break from PSO and the forums, of course a bad beat discussion is the 1st thread I see. I got nothing to offer that has not been said already, bad beats happen, suck it up and keep getting your cards in good.... umbup:
                You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.


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                  Hey Sean,good to see you man.

                  Funny how there would be a "bad beat" thread there,waiting for you.

                  Who woulda thunk it?


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                    Originally posted by Moxie Pip View Post
                    Hey Sean,good to see you man.

                    Funny how there would be a "bad beat" thread there,waiting for you.

                    Who woulda thunk it?

                    Next thing ya know he be complaining its rigged


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                      Originally posted by Moxie Pip View Post
                      Hey Sean,good to see you man. Funny how there would be a "bad beat" thread there,waiting for you. Who woulda thunk it?
                      Hey Mox, how ya been? umbup: I guess I should have calculated the forum thread odds and prepared for the standard
                      You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.


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                        Some good advice there sieco.
                        In the open league you need to survive at all costs.Since it's a freeroll you're gonna get some wait, alot of shove donkeys hoping to double up.Bide your time and watch how they drop like flies.I think first time I ever folded big slick pre flop was in open league and I didn't like it , but now i'm in premier league
                        When fish are in schools they sometimes take debate.


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                          Its not so much that Pokerstars hates you as you are playing the monkey shove league. Don't get me wrong by all means play it but winning plays learnt in the open league are only good for the open league.

                          Well maybe not that bad its a great place to studey statistics, you have AA and 6 random hands call what are your odds to win. (you are favoraite indevidual to win but when you look at it as you win or you lose ....your going to lose more often than win in this spot)

                          Hope your not too down on pokerstars

                          Grade b
                          I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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                            hey siec, hows it going ,not too good by the sounds of it,
                            I understand ive been there mate, theres a lot to understand about poker, more than people think.

                            Firstly i will explain the skill league to you,

                            To a lot of players its all about the money, people with no bank rolls trying to make a buck.

                            A lot of these players do not care, they enter just because the fact it is free.

                            Beginners to experts enter these and by no means is standard poker played with too many beginners etc mixing it up,

                            If you are a serious player looking to climb the ladder and make it into the premier league there is always the premier league qualifier for i think its a $1 buyin.

                            If u feel u wish to complete the skill league and do it that way ,the way to do this is not to difficult.

                            Its all about the points, and i can tell you that just over a double up from the initail stack size played correctly will make it to the points.

                            Remeber its a league, and a bad start does not nesacarily mean a bad finish.

                            Another point i would like to say to you, is are you playing the hands in the correct manner,e.g AQ is not a shove ever early on in any tourney unless a specific read as been acheived on loose opps.

                            The skill league is bingo at times, very hard as often multiple pots.

                            Why not stick around on the forum for a while and see what you can pick up, even the most advanced players could learn a thing or two on here.

                            And p.s a big welcome if you stick around



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