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  • All in FUN

    I too am reatively new, I have been playing at our clubs for about 9mths. I have won probably 7 times or more but I have met some old timers who have told me they have never won and these are good players. Just younger guys are more aggressive, there is always someone who will go all in every hand and I love when I am the one who finally takes them out & the table will all be saying thakgod now we can enjoy the game but sometimes someone will just take their place.
    I play for fun too but some people can get really angry when they lose. I once won with a king and seven and got full house and the woman who went all in with pocket queens just wouldn't let it go for weeks till someone else did the same with a bad pair. Hey its not who has the best at the beginning but at the end and you cannot tell this woman that. No way she had the best hand and she goes on and on about it. She even kept going on about it to my son saying is ur mother here? She shouldn;t have won that hand etc Everyone at poker tries to avoid being on her table. She is a nice lady but just cannot get the concept of fun play.
    I go to be social as just moved here to central coast (australia) so am meeting ppl but found out last week that everyone thinks my son or his mate is my partner! Whoa he was a bit upset saying he must look old but I put him straight and told him the truth "it's not about you looking old, its about me looking young" now when we go anywhere I say this is my son Danny. One of his mates said this is danny's old lady and I said hey they might think that is biker talk so please say mother.
    I go by myself now but when I first started I needed my son as I did not know the rules or the ppl so he will go play pool or snooker which he is really good at and makes money on it more than poker and I make money on poker as we have a deal to go halvies if either wins so I get very flustered when its final two and they ask to go halvies - I am a softie and it is so hard saying no but if I say yes and give them half then my son half my half I get less for coming first as they only ask if I have the biggest stack. I never ask when there is two of us left. I did split 3 ways last week but only because the game went over time and the club wanted to shut so in that situation it was fine. I was still put down as winner as I had the biggest stack.
    In these lessons they say only play strong hands where I disagree, at the beginning when the blinds are small I go in everyhand unless someone raises as even a seven and two the worst hand by their words - I have had full houses with those two plenty of times. So my advice is still enjoy yourself and go all in if you think you can win (I do) but to play as much as you can while the blinds are 10 and 20 or even when they go 20 and 40 its not much to lose and great if you get to see a flop.

    Well I have raved on as per usual so keep having fun and I might see you at the tables, I play texas hold em as I do not understand Omaha or 7 card stud and that is why I joined poker school when I came across your commment.

    Hope you win and keep smiling [/CENTER]

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    Hi Deb

    Just to welcome you to PokerSchoolOnLine, it's a really great site to be part of with some very helpful people.
    This link will take you to all the features the site has to offer.

    Have fun and enjoy.


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      ****moved to appropriate location****


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        Hi Debeelee, Great first post and nice to meet you here! Raiser umbup:



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