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Good day to you all

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  • Good day to you all

    Just started with (online) poker last week. Read an awesome lot about the game, and played as much as I could (time is limited with a fulltime job and a family).

    Now I have just one question: Is it strange to be this hyper when you win your first little tournament?

    Was only a 45 man sng with a $1 buyin, but I feel on top of the world

    Just wrote a blog post about my first 2 weeks here (probably not yet approved when I'm posting this), but I felt the need to celebrate some more xD

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    Welcome mate, you've come to the right place if your into improving ur poker game, make sure u check out all the videos on topics that interest you..

    Haha congrats, i remember my first win.. was a .25c 45 man but i almost broke my laptop from jumping around.. so celebrate away..

    Im sure one of our friendly mods will swing by very soon and point u in the right direction for getting urself set up...

    Welcome to the family..


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      Hi there Biblio, Yep, that first win is always memorable! Welcome to PSO, it's great to see you here. Wishing you much more success at the tables, Raiser umbup:
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        Yep Biblio, I still get a case of the shakes when I go to play least for the first 15-20 minutes or so. I usually calm down with the first pot dragged my way. (It's also one of the reasons I never look at my cards live until it's my turn. Heaven help me if I get AA early...might hyper-ventilate. ) After having a look at the link Raiser provided, be sure to let us know if you have any questions. The community here is more than helpful. Take your time, enjoy, and best o' luck! umbup:


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          haha dan I'm the same.. doesn't matter if I'm at a casino or just a home game.. always a bit jumpy till i drag my first pot.. and u reminded me about another thread i want to start.. haha


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            Thanks for all your kind words.

            Funny thing is, I did read a lot of information here at PSO, did some courses, read some articles, and tried to tweak my game a bit with the information I learned.

            I immediately noticed a difference, particularly in the sng's, where for the past few days, I'm more often in the money then not.
            Most of the time, when I get excited by something, I want to do it right. Same now with Poker. The past week I really haven't played all that much, was much too busy reading and learning about Poker.

            I realize I lucked out a bit with my win last night, I called his all in (A7o) with JQo, and made the straight on the river, but ye, luck is part of poker, and sometimes you just need to embrace it.

            Anyway, as an almost complete newbie at play-for-money poker, I often surprise myself with the level of excitement I feel (pounding heart, flushing cheeks), when I go all in on a micro-stakes table, or in a $1 buyin tournament, really not much at stake, but I'm often happy my opponents can't see me. If I ever want to play in a real casino or something, I gotta get my physical reactions under control

            Anyway, thanks again for the welcome, and I think you will see more of me here


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              Originally posted by Austerror View Post
              haha dan I'm the same.. doesn't matter if I'm at a casino or just a home game.. always a bit jumpy till i drag my first pot..
              Add me to the same category. Always a bit nervous until the first person gets KO'd live and until I get my first pot.

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