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Hi I'm sort of new here

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  • Hi I'm sort of new here

    Well I opened a Pokerstars account awhile ago when a few friends from the pub set up a private league but not many actually played so decided not to make a deposit.

    Recently however after much pestering from my friends I have decided to have a dabble on stars.

    Played a few tournaments now with a couple of cashes but nothing major yet.

    I have been playing poker for about 5 years and built up a couple of bankrolls on other sites, so looking to build one on here hopefully.

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    Welcome to the forum Philfer! Awesome name and avatar, btw. Is a philfer like a pilferer? Or a thief named Phil? I'm taking wild guesses.

    Anyway, someone will drop by pretty soon with some links to PSO resources for you to check out. I hope you enjoy your time here and get a lot out of the community!

    Happy bankrolling.


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      ty. yh it was meant to be pilfer but I can't multi-task and it ended up philfer.


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        you are new here ... sigh
        for gods sake man run for your life
        quit before its too late
        if you stay you will beat your kids cheat on your wife and lose your job
        you will spiral down into a deep abyss of addiction
        politicans in USA say 10 to 20 million poker addicts will rise up if poke r is legal in USA
        run run run for your life
        lets see if we add up all the major sites worldwide on any given day you are lucky to get
        oh say 1 million players online daily of a population of 6 billion plus
        all the world except USA
        so obviously USA with a pop of 300 mill plus will add to pop of 6 billion plus to easily raise
        online players 1000% if USA entered cuz USA are addicts
        I mean just look at the coke thing
        run run run for your life
        other than that .
        welcome aboard


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          hey that is a great avatar
          me I'm just red cuz my head explodes a lot


          • #6
            lol been playing poker 5 years so I am used to the drill lol played FT long ago so know on big sites you will get called by ATC and to be honest every1 says the same about other sites.

            ty for the welcome


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              Welcome Chip.

              Be sure to take advantage of the courses, live training sessions, the leagues and the hand analysis sections. They will help you learn and improve your game.
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              6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                ty jwk24, yh i will check it out when not on the virtual felt


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                  go and win some money

                  HEP HEP

                  ONE TIME BIG TIME


                  • #10
                    ty marvin, sure i will when i get to grips on this site and the way people play, seems more loose and aggressive compared to a site i have been playing at, so some adjustments to my game will be needed


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                      Hey Chip, thanks for the intro and welcome to PSO and the forum! umbup: There's lots of great people here so be sure to get involved in all the great tools offered here like Live Training, Hands Analysis, and the rest. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions after looking through the tips JW provided. Your avatar is some old cartoon isn't it? I can't remember which one, but I like it as well. Take care and we'll see ya' around.



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