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1 Million Dollar Question...

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  • 1 Million Dollar Question...


    I play this game since about 2 months and have a lot of fun especially when I play against loose aggressive players. But I still don't have much experience and many players outplay me because it seems that some of them have the ability to guess right my hole cards.

    So, I decided to ask the forum, what they do to have this ability?
    I also know that the ability to adapt to the opponents and stacks together with the patience is also very important.

    best regards and thank you in advance,
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    most probably they are getting reads of you from your bet sizing. Let me guess you are dealt AA and your raise from 20 chips to 350 or so. or you shove 100BB. Easy tell with bets like that. Try to keep your bet sizing uniform is a start. When holding an A in your hand, and the flop gives you an A a lot of newer players over bet the pot, another tell. Watch the videos, rail some of the better players, take notes and observe and absorb everything you can!

    Welcome to the forum and good luck!


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      This is my opinion before I get a warning from a mod!

      PSO league will only take your hand reading skills so far.If you are playing to win,then you are not developing any post flop reads. Best way to develop your game is to play cash or Heads up.
      I advise playing cash first,but heads up will jump your game leaps and bounds.


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        Here are a couple of videos that you will want to watch that deal with hand reading and note taking on opponents. It'll be a great start for you.

        There is alot of information on these, bet sizing, etc in the video section. Welcome to the forum!

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          Thanks a lot roomik17, I see the things more clear now. When I have AA or other strong hole hand I usually make different raises and it also depends on my stack and how many players remain in the game.
          I watched some videos in youtube when Daniel Negreanu shows amazing reading of his opponents. Thanks again for this info.


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            I have to admit, I play only tournaments and rarely heads up, thank you for this advice.
            Hey JWK24, thank you too.


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              Be part of the community, watch the videos, read the articles, another great tool is the hand analysis forum wich you can find here:


              Interesting hands get posted and discussed on reads, plays and what you might want to do while playing the hands.

              Another great tool is our Pokerfriends teamspeak, we are online every day and night talking about poker. We watch each other play and discuss hands after they have been played.

              The pokerfriends teamspeak is open to anyone, just send me or spike a PM and we will send you the details.


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                Welcome to the forum Tina. As you see, lots of helpful people around. Good tips here already, but I'll add one thing, don't think players have an exact read on your hands too often, it's more that they have a range of hands they can put you on in most situations. Standardizing your betting will help to confuse them. Get involved in all the areas of learning available here and enjoy. umbup: Let us know if you have any questions.
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                  It seems that this hand analysis forum is definitely a good way to improve your poker game. Thank you about this idea, I'll try it soon.

                  Hey !!!111Dan, yes, a lot of helpful people, thank you very much for your help too.
                  I agree with you - there is no such thing as hole card diviner but still I've seen it before, just some players have this ability to read in important situations and then they win the big pots.
                  For example, if I have AJ hand and the flop comes, say, 85A, I make a standard raise 3BB or call a standard raise 3BB but at the end they usually have AQ.



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