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Hey i'm new

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  • Hey i'm new

    Hey All,

    I've been playing bad poker for some months now and i found out about this pokerschool.
    I wonder if there is anyone who wants to chat whilst playing, so i dont get bored.

    I will participate in as many pokerschool freerolls as i can so it would be fun to play in the same tournament. Maybe you have some good tips that i can use as well.

    Hope to hear from some of you guys.

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    Welcome to the league and the forum. umbup: Thanks for the intro. You should check out the live training where you can ask question while a trainer goes through hands. You can also look at the lessons they've logged in the archives. There's a lot to see and check out so take your time. Lots of great people here so don't hesitate to ask any questions. Be sure to look through all the tabs, including the league one to get all the info on the different setups.


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      Thanks for the welcome, i was planning on participating in tonights live training sessions. Been here and there on the forum as well. currently playing the pokerschool freeroll that started 5 minutes ago already at 2000 chips


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        welcome to p s o tiber. you picked a great place to come learn the game. there's a ton of info here on numerous, numerous, subjects. is there something you can't find just post it here or beginners questions and somebody will surely help you get the info you seek. Enjoy! see ya around, and stack em high! MT
        May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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          thanks for the welcome currently in the money already, dropped from 20k to 10k.

          Still looking for someone to chat about Poker just for fun while playing poker

          edit: ended 1136, still need to learn to controll my reckless bluffing... does anybody know when the rankings are updated?
          Last edited by XxTiberxX; Wed Sep 21, 2011, 05:18 PM.


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            Originally posted by XxTiberxX View Post
            edit: ended 1136, still need to learn to controll my reckless bluffing...
            the open league is NO place for that! At least not till u r reeeally deep, and from what I hear about it, even then you should be playing really solid poker. check out some of the older threads in the general forums about tactics for the open skill league. that should give you a pretty good idea of the monotony you need to indure to do well in that league. GL umbup:
            May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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              put the players up in the top 5 spots and take note how day play you will pick it up quick. wotch bobythe fish thats how you play the open
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              4 Time Bracelet Winner


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                thx for the advice, im gonna poker all evening and keep my results in a blog, btw anyone that wants to add me on skype to chat: tiberxxx


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                  Originally posted by XxTiberxX View Post
                  thx for the advice, im gonna poker all evening and keep my results in a blog....
                  Just make sure she's ok with having it in a blog.

                  couldn't resist.


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                    who is and why shouldnt i keep it in a blog? :P


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                      hi im new and is wonderin how to get one of these tickets so i can enter this freeroll and i want to play more poker but dont know how to go about it?


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                        Hey how did you end up in the tournry.I played in my 6th yesteray and i ended up 14th for my first cash out...


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                          somehow i keep failing in these freerolls, monkeys calling me with bad hole cards and then beating me on the river


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                            but i found a new challenge now, playing 1,50 fifty50 SNG's are the first thing in 3 years that i make a profit of, problem is im not much of a patience guy so i cant just play poker to sit and watching.

                            So now i play WoW and play poker on a second screen and just keep folding and playing untill i get good cards


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                              Weird, first time i read the SNG course the whole thing then made the quiz and failed with 1 error too many.

                              Now 1 week later i try it again without reading the SNG course whatsover and pass with 73%... with just filling in what i would do personally.



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