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Just Saying Thanks!

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  • Just Saying Thanks!

    Hello fellow poker schoolers,
    I myself am about three or four days new to poker school here. Not to Poker itself though.
    I think my official deposit of real money was about two years and three months ago, (Yes, it was here on Pokerstars!) Although I have left for other sites, won some, lost some. But I have officially decided this is where I'm gonna be from now on. Except to finish up some qualifiers and deplete the little bit of funds I have left there.

    I've gotten books from the local Library, bought them from second hand stores, and done some trading with friends, all for the purpose of gleaning as much info as possible. I've read and reread, and I've finished in the money in a few tournies, and SNG's. Nothing to brag about since I have always managed to give it all back,lol.
    I'm not gonna kid myself, because the times I did win, the cards were really falling my way.

    So, I've told myself over and over not to get involved with the big stacks on the button, etc. But it has taken me quite a few times to learn the lesson for good. The latest realization on my part is how I fall apart near the bubble and have no chips to finish with. Well, it's not the latest, I've known this for a while. I guess I just figured I wasn't getting the cards to play with.

    All those books just haven't been helping me at all in that respect. Don't get me wrong here.They have given me a lot of great knowledge on position, good starting hands, you know, all the basic's.
    I've even read Annie's autobiography, which led me to read Moneymakers, and the latest, Victoria Cohen's. (those have been fun to read)
    Back to my issue: oh yeah, Bubble Play! So I started with the basic course here and passed it.(whew! wouldn't that have been crappy if I failed? lol. )

    I totally devoured the SNG course and passed. Not with flying colors mind you, but I figure it wasn't too bad.
    The MTT course is what I really wanted to get into, and I took notes just to reinforce it and get it to hit home better. I really liked the little simulation hands after each lesson. Test result? Fail!

    Hmm, I'm worse that I thought, but hey, I can go over and over these courses and do the test again and again till I get it right! Right?
    Second test? Pass.
    Just barely, but improvement was there. I'm going to keep doing it till I get it right.

    I also watched the video about Dealing with aggression. Thank you! Yesterday I came out of a cash game with better winnings then ever. I identified a Lag maniac and took him for all his chips.
    Then this morning I also identified a Lag Bully, but alas, someone else got all the bully's chips when the bully hit his K-2 for two pair, and the winner hit his two pair with AK! Of course the bully called the winner a big donk! I was sad to see the bully leave...I could almost see the drool dripping from the lips of the other players. teehee.
    So "Thank you" Pokerstars, for helping me out with some of the leaks in my game. I look forward to more of the video lessons, and trying to win the points in the freerolls. (Speaking of which..well, maybe thats another blog)
    Last edited by JoyceL394; Tue Jul 26, 2011, 04:25 PM. Reason: my wording is off

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    Welcome Joyce and thanks for the intro. umbup: There are lots of great people here so let us know if you have any questions on the site. Look through the tabs up top to get familiar with everything.


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      welcome Joyce, it seems like you are on the right path


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        Thanks for the comments guys. Maybe see you at the tables sometime...



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