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!st live tourney

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  • !st live tourney

    Hey Ya'll,

    Going into my first live casino tournament soon, been playing online for a couple of years now. Has anyone got any useful tips? All I know is that I can't turn up to play in my usual poker attire of boxer shorts and football shirt.


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    the 1st live tourney i played was $44. buy in. i was nervous about counting the chips wrong among other things i sat there for about 30 hands just watching and folding. i finally played a hand and won reached out and started to scoop the chips in and the dealer told me "you can't touch the chips until i move them to you. very embarrising. thier were 82 players total. i settled down and started listening and watching. got to the final table finished 2nd. thanks to one guy in particular . when he had a good hand he reached str8 for his chips and would raise but whenever he bluffed he reached for chips with his left hand moved them to his right hand and then shoved them in the pot . i got him 4 times before they shifted tables around.
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      Originally posted by Ginge77 View Post
      Hey Ya'll, Going into my first live casino tournament soon, been playing online for a couple of years now. Has anyone got any useful tips? All I know is that I can't turn up to play in my usual poker attire of boxer shorts and football shirt. Cheers.
      Welcome to the forum! umbup: Here's a thread that someone just started and I gave a couple tips in. Also, let me suggest that you use the search feature above here. (The gray tab just above here.) When you click that, click on advanced search, and maybe try the keywords, playing live tips, and see what you can find. It's been written about a few times. Best o' luck in the tourney.


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        my first live tourney was HORRIBLE omfg what a mess, for starters I was so nervous my hands were shaking uncontrollably, it was a 50$ buy in, I folded the first 8 hands on a 10 player table now get this when we signed up for said tourney they gave us 2 500$ chips and were told to go sit in assigned seat, that was fine so when everyone gets to the table the dealer starts moving chips around I guess to make change for the 2 500$ chips well he gives me change then takes it away so I get dealt A-Jd on the button guy bets in front of me and Iam like ok well I call so I put one of my 500$ chips on the table in front of my cards, now remember Iam nervous as all hell and the dealer looks at me and says whats that??? and Iam like ummmmmm and he is like well is that your bet ???? and Iam like gulp yeah I guess so guy in SB reraises all in everyone folds and I call I had the guy covered in chips as he had been in a few hands already but anyways he flips over QQ I lose about 5 hands later I get 88 guy goes all in evryone folds to me I call he flips over AKo Iam out, if I could go back I would of looked at the dealer and said no you fool Iam posting the blind but I was so nervous my mind was reeling


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          Keep an eye on the pot size for sure- and also- why not tell the table, and the dealer, that its' your first live tourney- stead of trying to 'look' like you know whats going on- will probably relieve some of the tension--?

          and gl-monk..


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            monk i have played in quite a few tourneys since my first and have seen players say just that .
            hey guys i'm new at this my first live tourney. they never stood a chance. every hand they were in it was raise and reraise . on the sb or bb 4x raise almost every time. all they could do was risk it all or fold. in a live tourney you take every advantage
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              I tend to agree with taxi there, even the other few who may be new like there 1st tourney are gonna feel like they now have an edge over said player and everyone is gonna start playing like they are pros and have the attitude of "fold son you got no business being here " not everyone is like that but there are quite a few that are, just like in the casino I used oto go too there were these jackbutts that would walk around with this chip thing in there hand and what it meant was once you accept it from them when they say so to the dealer the blinds are now double, so there all chest pumped out and like they are pros well needless to say I wiped one out as he said go and I just happened to look down at AA and slaughtered him full house AAover Js to his fullhouse Jsover As, very nxt hand KK I get lol and he was handing 100$ to rebuy back in to the table as it was a cash game, needless to say I handed his stupid chip thingy back to him and said well that was fun lol


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                ya - i get that guys- was speaking to the point of relieving nervousness- and hey losing 1st tourney - no biggy- shyt- my first FT in a 25 cent sng - i was nervous as hell--


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                  i played live for the first time back in december, 2 days after my 21st birthday. i was nervous as hell, too. it was a $1/$2 nl hold em game. i bought in for $200 and cashed out 3 and a half hours later with $203 LOL i told everyone it was my first time, they were all like, "ohhhhh" and their eyebrows went up i would rather forget that experience to be perfectly honest and start anew whenever i play live again umbup:



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