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help :(

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  • help :(

    So I have been on PS for a week now, had a blast around a few tables but have become addicted to one on one games, but that's not the point,
    So have decided to go back and carry on poker school, Am half way through Core Basics, And am getting a put off.
    So I openly admit I am not well educated, and I more so admit I am a failure at MATH.
    So am reading and studying through the 'odds' and 'outs' section andehave had a mathmatical brain overload and now think I just dont get it!!!
    So to play in the poker school league i have to pass core basics quiz, which is what i would like to do BUT how do i get around all these numbers and calculations when I am just not that good at math? As a matter of fact im pretty useless at maths....
    What do I do??
    Do you have to master all these formulas and calulations to be a good PokerStars player???
    Please help?????
    Yours faithfully,

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    The basic math principles will come to you- in time-- focus on starting hand values- relative to position, and call, raise fold decisions-- and you can pass the course quite easily -i am sure-- gl.- monk..


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      If it helps you, try & write down the parts in the course that detail how to calculate your odds/outs & keep it by your side to reference. If you think that quiz is hard, I'd stay away from the SNG one!



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        Welcome to the pso and the forum Mz KC. umbup: You've got a couple great tips already here. I would add, w/o thinking too much on the math, try and take the quiz using your instincts. In the questions where you have decisions, do what you think is best...fold, bet, whatever. Then like dewski says,,if you still have trouble, try and jot down the questions that you think are giving you trouble, and then try and look for the answers. Let us know how you get along and we'll try and help as best we can. This group is very helpful. Best o' luck!


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          You are in the right place to start learning. I have been playing off and on here at pokerstars since 2006 and I to am no math freak at all. I actually never really tried to learn the math aspect of poker until just about a few months ago. I once heard somebody say that " you don't want to be known as a math player, but you need to know math to be a player".

          However, I would not worry to much about math right now. Just take the notes like they said to pass the quiz and play as many PSO tourneys as you can to develop your game. Don't feel like you are a bad player because you don't know math either. The math will come. Right now just focus on developing your game and trying to figure out what style player you are.

          The PSO tourneys are free and offer real cash, so it doesn't matter if you lose or not. You are taking a shot at gaining cash and points, but you are also getting very valuable experience against other players that are trying very hard because they want the points. It's a win win situation.


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            owww shucks guys you lot are awesome!!!!!! as ya'll suggested i now have my"poker Book" which is just a little notebook i have super glued to my side, with ALL the notes i need I do get where all the formulas and that come into play, so yer i can see it being helpful in the future, I am struggling to get chips though I dont have enough yet to enter tourneys so will march on getting more game and learning, i find in real life hold em helps me heaps for the tables here(i am um 'folding' lots and lots! lol um so yer thanks heaps guys for your feedback and will put into practice your tips, and Dew, i will totally stay away from SNG's lol oh and i passed the Core quiz with 71%!! woop woop! i actually found the basics quiz harder! lol Peace out from Earthquake Central, Christchurch NZ xoxo umbup:



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