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Hi guys

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  • Hi guys

    Long story short;

    Semi successful B&M 2-5 NLHE player (By semi successful I mean I generally double/triple up, then leak all my money away in a seemingly endless series of bad calls/bad bets/).

    I have won a few sit and go 90's on FT as c0findancer, turned 100 into almost 1000.00 playing rush PLO, then lost it all when variance reared her ugly head (and I have the poker tracker hands/graphs to prove it! lol)

    Basically I heard about the forum/community here and I have decided to move away from FT and play here. Why you might ask? My game has more leaks in it than the titanic, trying to formulate the proper bet online escapes me, and I can't finish MTT tourneys. I, almost 100% of the time without fail, jump out to a nice stack, say top 10%, in between the start of the tournament and the second break. After that I tend to nit away my chips and just be plain afraid of confrontation in my quest to win. Bad beats, which it seems are not my biggest problem, make me want to smash things....Things like 42' LED tv's and 27' inch monitors, oh and cell phones. Needless to say when my deposits are factored into the equation I am very -EV.

    I am going to lurk and play as many of the small tournies as I can (I seem to exhibit more emotional balance in tournies), my best online games, IMHO, are 10 and 8 game and then NLHE. My favorite is PLO but my graphs don't support that, in fact my best game ROI and profit wise seems to be NLHE.

    So please excuse me if I ask any dumb questions, or offend anyone.

    What are these 50/50's I hear so much about? Oh and if anyone wants to look over my HH/Graphs etc to help me identify my leaks I would be grateful.

    Thanks guys,


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    Hey there Stephen. Welcome to the pso and the forum. umbup: Thanks for the intro. Emotional control can be a huge issue and there are many threads on it in the forum so don't smash your stuff. Sounds like you may need a little confidence boost is all, so that you can take advantage of those good stacks early in tourneys and put your soldiers (chips) to work for ya'. Have you checked the info in the tabs up top here? The league one explains the scoring and the leaderboard. The live training is just constantly being applauded by our members. If you have any other questions, this group is more than helpful. I believe the 50/50's you're looking for can be found in the Sit N Go tab > 1 table. You'll see a bunch of them there. (They have a new for a bit of easy reference.) Be sure to look the lobby over for one of them. You need to have some decent chip counts to get much more back than your original investment. I will be sending you a pm this week. Take care and best o' luck out there!


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      Appreciate the response, I am looking around the tabs and reading about what is offered here, look forward to the PM.



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        Won my first free-roll, so now my bankroll is at 11.00 dollars since I feel like the returns are more favorable playing some MTT or SNG's as opposed to the Sunday 1/4 million. Who knows, maybe this is the start of a nice run!


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          Nice Nice!



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