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New players and anyone wishing to assist them.

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  • New players and anyone wishing to assist them.

    The following is a message I've been sending to new members. Since some of you may not even know how to get to your messages, or just never bother to look at them, I need to post it here.
    It contains a link to a home game for new members to the pso. If you are one, please look through everything. (There are a few links to look through.)

    If you are someone interested in assisting our new players get their foundations beneath them, then please let me know.
    Always appreciative of our great community,

    I'd like to invite you to a home game for new members. The info for all this is in the thread link here.

    Basically, you will have a chance to ask any questions you may have about pokerstars, the pso, or poker in general. This Friday night we will be having a great guest coach who will help w/ poker questions, along w/ evaluating our play at play money tables. We will have a couple play money tables and a play money tourney all going at the same time. With the detachable chat feature, we can all talk together from different tables.
    Please also look at this thread if you wish to join us on a chat sight called ventrilo.

    I hope to see you there. If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me.
    Thank you and best o' luck!
    New Members Coordinator

    New Members Home Game Club
    club id: 22037
    invite code: For The Fun Of It
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    happy to help


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      The 2 links aren't working...not sure if it's on my end or not...anybody else check em ?



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        Originally posted by BULLSeyeCoA View Post
        The 2 links aren't working...not sure if it's on my end or not...anybody else check em ?

        nope i got the message link appears to be broken


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          All fixed.. sorry 'bout that!


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            id be happy to come on board and show how to play as a LAG one week, showing down every hand i win with my LAG style

            and then the next week ill play like a NIT and a ratings whore and give advice how to do that

            ill fill the chat box with poker theories
            and tell them where to look for answers
            explain the hand calculator and the forum

            id rather do this REALLY EARLY IN THE DAY before the real tournies start
            it would be fun to creat e new generation of monsters


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              I will not break my rule. I will not teach anyone, and I don't think all you top boarder should either. Especially you Dan. Stop that. I order you to stop it at once. LOL, j/k kinda. Let me know if you need anything from me Dan. ie. a little prize money, ( I do mean little, u thief.) Dan stole 25 out of my account. LOL -shark


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                Hi Dan,
                I think this is great and signed up. I know I posted a few questions in the forums and received no constructive answers or opinions ( how to attack straight draws) so I look forward to learning a lot more.
                cheers The Hamster


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                  I like the idea of having not-so-new members help out the new members find their ground here. I still consider myself new, but if I can help, let me know.


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                    Right now, all help is appreciated. As the guest sessions go, our guest will have control and direction on the night. Our main goal is to make sure all questions are answered.

                    Just a bump on the updates of bounties tonight.

                    :PSO-Staff is $1
                    Ol Mud is $2.50
                    !!!111Dan is $2.50

                    I will still match another .50 on mud or myself.

                    Thanks all.
                    See ya' later!


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                      i have joined and will play but i will not be wanting to recieve any bounty/ prizes dan


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                        Thanks Ant!!

                        Hey all, looks like I have my comp fixed and we will be resuming these in the next week or so.
                        So if you're interested, here's the thread w/ all the info.
                        Thank you all for your patience.


                        Page 1 has the club info.
                        Take care,


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                          A bump of this in case you only read the general forum.

                          The last page of the thread has the tourney info for Saturday, and the first page has the club info.


                          Hope to see you there!


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                            I have sent all the players a pm who I have on my list. If you didn't receive one, please either join or send me a pm. All new players are invited to participate. I'm currently working on recruiting a couple players to place a bounty on. Hopefully staff can make it again and maybe even Admin!

                            Very soon we will be having a guest session w/ the Langolier too.

                            Anyone wishing to assist is more than welcome. Just remember, the first hour of ring table play money play, is not the time to work on your stand up (or sit down) comedy.
                            We just want to answer questions that new players may have.
                            During the tourney, you can go ahead and show your funny side while we still try to answer a few remaining questions.

                            Hope to see you there.

                            Here is the info I'm sending out.

                            I'd like to invite you to a new member home game tourney taking place tomorrow at about noon EST. Please read through the thread here. The first post has the info for the club, and the last page contains the info on the tourney tomorrow.
                            Please read through everything and apply to join as soon as you can as we're getting close to our limit of players allowed.
                            Hope to see you there!



                            ps..if you're having trouble w/ the link, pm me. I've had this happen before..something goes wrong when I copy a link from a previous quote...this one works here.
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                              Update. Bounties so far...Trumpin Joe is $6.50 ...that's 2.50 from his last game that he donated..2 from Bill and Rock, and 2 from me. And myself will be $4 ...2 from Bill and Mike and 2 from me.
                              Hopefully more to come. Just waiting to see if we get the other players to put a price on.
                              Hope to see you there and best o' luck! That's it about for me tonight...gonna go try and rest this cold out of me. Good night all and thanks for everyones help and participation.



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