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My Success Story Continues...and so can yours!

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  • My Success Story Continues...and so can yours!

    A Lady, Learning, Loving, Living Texas Hold'em. Being very successful and sharing my tips of the trade to help others enjoy the greatest game in the world, Texas Hold'em, I really want to be a member of the month, and the next best Canadian Poker Player. Daniel Negreanu I want to play with you! Read more: Home – Poker School Online: Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells by The Rose 22 01/08/2012 06:24 I Love poker. I have always been competative as long as I can remember, and strive for perfection. I have also always Loved playing games as well as being a numbers kinda gal. So I figure Poker is a no brainer for a gal like me. umbup: One fine weekend in September 2007 I was on a houseboat trip with some friends, which I had purchased at my son"s dry grad auction. A friend had an app on his phone called texas hold'em. He seemed pretty preoccupied with it. So I added the app to my phone and gave it a try. We were on the boat for 3 days, there were 5 level to beat in order to master the game. I played when I needed a break from the others, and by the 3rd day I had mastered all 5 levels and beat the game. Cool I thought, the friend had been on this for months and could not master it, so he was impressed.umbup: I dappled a little online after that for about 6 months at which time I moved to a job in the bush. In 2009 a pub was holding tourneys, I jumped at the chance to book my days off work for that weekly night of poker out of town, what a blast, rented a room for only $35 a night, oldest running hotel in canada, in Nakusp, b.c. I would take my chocolate Labrador Retriever , Rosebud with me, and we would have a girl's night out. I Love playing the game even more in person. I find it is a whole different playing field from the online poker. I have played a few house games for money as well, tourney style, and have made a pretty good profit. I have played a live tourney in Enderby b.c. twice now, it is a yearly event for a fellow poker player who has passed on. Only 60 seats available, but what a blast. First year I made the final table and finished in 6th. Last year I made the final table again, and placed 2nd, nice amount of cash in pocket to shop with. I have since moved out of that area to Mackenzie b.c. the great white north, land of opportunity, but you can be sure I will be going south for the tournament come spring. Until then I will continue to improve my poker playing skills and have fun on the best poker website, Poker Stars. I have learned that one must have a lot of patience. Always protect your stack, that is your life line. umbup: There will always be an opportunity to grow your stack. Growing your stack slowly is better than going crazy with bets and loosing large amounts of chips. Being able to remain calm and not show tells of emotion is an asset. Mixing up your playing and betting, will bewilder your fellow poker players. Don't get to funky and spunky when you are big stack, it can shorten your life drastically. Being a good sport always shows professional character, take a loss as a learning experience. Enjoy the game, it all started in the name of fun, so have fun, I always have fun and enjoy myself, but I also know how to be serious about my play at the same time. And lastley, it is never over, until it is over, so fight for your life till it's over, with patience of course. Hope these tips of the trade help get you going in the greatest game on Earth.umbup: My goal is to one day become a great Canadian Poker Star and Play with Daniel Negreanu as well as other great poker players. umbup: Thanks for reading my blog, Wishing you good luck, wisdom, health and prosperous poker. Hugs, The Rose 22 P.S. I have started a new poker club at home games, I am looking for new members with a professional attitude. Come and play poker with me club id is: 585513 invitational code is: Let's Play Poker pps Finally made the money in a womans sunday, yahoo, was a great run, down in chips and had to make a gamble, long story short was 557 in the 1st birthday event for the womans sunday. I took a bounty off a young lady, and placed 23rd in the money, so it is a start. I have won my ticket in 3 times and paid for 2. I also took 1st in a local tournament last month . Please add this submission as the member of the month and member of the week club, this and every month. Thank you (:-) Read more: A Lady, Learning, Loving, Living Texas Hold'em. Being very successful and sharing my tips of the trade to help others enjoy the greatest game i n the world, Texas Hold'em, (The Rose 22) – Poker School Online: Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells **FEB MotM Requirements Met** (I removed the double link to your forum post from the application for ease of scoring. I also change link formatting a bit for ease of reading. -JDean)
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    Last edited by The Rose 22; Mon Mar 26, 2012, 07:24 AM. Reason: to clean up links to make them easier to follow for scoring. -JDean

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    Please enter this post as my submission for member of the month.
    Hugs and wags,
    The Rose 22


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      welcome and good luck!


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        welcome and good luck.

        link is not working.
        you must view it as a reader not the author.
        to do it you must go to blog(not direct from your blog} and search your blog and view it, then copy the link and paste it.
        hope it helps


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          Many thanks and ditto to you


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            Thanks for the info, I am a newbie at blogging.


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              Very nice post what you wrote indeed. Yup i'm in same boat as you to become one of canadain greatest poker player ever to play the game. mileypoker:umbup:


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                Hey Rose,

                Welcome to the forum and as you can see they are a helpful bunch of reprobates around here.

                Congrats on your application for MOTM and good luck at the tables, you never know you might just see a few of us there


                Last edited by JWK24; Tue Mar 06, 2012, 12:41 AM.


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                  Welcome to the forum, Rose, and good luck with MOTM. I really enjoyed reading your post, and it was fun playing with you again. See you at the tables!! umbup:umbup:umbup:
                  Bracelet Winner


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                    Thank you for showing interest in the Member of the Month Contest. I thought I'd drop you a note to help you make your application as good as it can possibly be, and also to help out with any questions you might have.

                    The idea behind this promotion is two-fold:

                    First, it is a method to reward active forum members with a chance to win tickets to tournaments on Poker Stars. This means you msut have at least 1 blog entry and 1 forum thread you started to include in your application; if you haven't got those then you aren;t really active in the forums yet, right? Don;t worry though, you can make your thread and blog post at any time in the month, and include the links in your application to qualify.

                    Second, it is a way for the members to help promote Poker School On Line. The more people we can get into our forum, the more ideas we can bounce off each other to help all of use learn more aobut poker. Besides, an active forum is simply more fun!

                    By applying, you have taken the first step toward possibly winning a valuable tournament ticket package!

                    The thing is, your application is not complete...

                    You can find all the information to make your application complete by checking out this link:


                    Please note, a complete application consists of:

                    1) Info on your poker history.
                    - As a minimum, this must contain comments on how long you have been playing, your favorite games, and comments about the high points of your poker "career" (biggest wins, deepest cash in a tourney, whatever).

                    2) Your application must also include the BEST LESSON you've learned about poker so far.

                    3) You must also describe the mothods you use to improve your game.

                    4) You must include links to a blog post you've made, as well as a forum thread you started.

                    5) You must promote your blog posts, forum posts via face book and/or twitter.

                    What I usually do is go through applications and post any thing that is missing on the threads. I will be doing that as soon as I finish this note to you.
                    I also try to include some helpful hints on your thread which may cause your score to be higher.

                    You will have to fix the items in your application to make it complete before your application will be considered, but whether or not you follow the suggestions are up to you.

                    You can find instructions on how to post your Facebook and/or Twitter links here:

                    Please make sure your Face Book Wall is viewable to the public, and/or that you include your Twitter name so that we can verify that links have been posted.

                    If you have any questions please feel free to pm me.

                    Good luck this month, and in all your poker endeavours!

                    Double Bracelet Winner


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                      Missing Information on Application:

                      - No link to a Forum thread you started.

                      - The blog link you posted does not work. Please see the sticky post on posting the blog links.

                      - No links showing promotion of blog and forum on Facebook or Twitter. Part of your application is providing a link to your facebook or twitter account, with PSO links there. Also, see the sticky post at the top on how to post those links.

                      These items must be included to qualify your application for the Member of the Month Prize package.

                      When this is done, I will mark your app as having met requirements my making at note on your post.

                      Thank you.

                      Last edited by JDean; Mon Jan 09, 2012, 01:55 PM.
                      Double Bracelet Winner


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                        Thank-you Thank-you and good luck and hugsumbup:


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                          Thank-you Thank-you. I look forward to playing poker with you somedayumbup:


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                            Hello Rose22!

                            The items I posted as missing form your application must be completed before the end of the month in order for you to qualify for a chance to win the prize package. I really do not want to see you miss out on a chance to win because of a few small items not on your app.

                            So as of now, I am reminding you that your app is still not complete, and requirements have not yet been met for this month's contest.

                            As soon as they are, I will respond in this thread, and mark your application as having met requirements...and then you'll be in the running!

                            I have updated the instructions on how to post a good blog link (see the sticky thread at the top of this forum), and included screen shots. If you check that out, it might make putting your links in simpler.

                            Also, if you have any problems, please feel free to pm me!

                            Good luck! And I too look forward to the day U.S. players might be allowed to play on Stars again (no clue if or when THAT might happen! ), but if I'm ever in B.C. I'll be sure to watch out for you on my table!

                            Double Bracelet Winner


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                              Originally posted by The Rose 22 View Post
                              Thank-you. I look forward to playing poker with you somedayumbup:
                              You may want to seek a tougher challenge.



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