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Motw - rianbowmaker

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  • Motw - rianbowmaker

    Rianbowmaker - First blog Hey guys, Rianbowmaker here. 2012 will be my second year playing poker online. I tend to hyper-manage my bankroll since I decided to challenge myself by depositing only 100$. The idea was to sink or swim. If I went broke then that would be it for me. No re-buys. So how did I do? I played poker an average on once every 2 weeks. I'd log in good 4-5 hour sessions, sometimes longer. I tried to play when I wasn't tired. I tried not to drink while playing. Not eating, etc... which proved to be more difficult than anticipated. I stuck to my guns, playing only 1.50$ sit-n-go's and never multi-tabling. The result? I'm now at 419$. Since I learned from Chris Ferguson that you should never invest more than 5% of your bankroll at any given time I figured that for me, someone who can't go broke, I should play only 1% of my bankroll. So when I get to 450$, I plan to up the stakes and move to 3.50$ sit-n-go's. I want that 100$ cushion before I move up. I'm constantly on the hunt for pro tips and info that might improve my game. Phil Galfond is a good player to watch if you're looking to learn from a good teacher. I also like to sit down, search for PokerStars pros and watch them play their games. One example is Grayson Phisioc. It's a great learning tool to watch someone play 300$ sit-n-go's when you are a 1.50$! Next is a thread that I started myself about playing poker at home when you have company: And here is my Facebook link: Blog: So, that's it for my first blog. I'll talk to youz later. Cheers. umbup: **MotM for JAN, REQUIREMENTS MET**
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    Thank you for showing interest in the Member of the Month Contest. I thought I'd drop you a note to help you make your application as good as it can possibly be, and also to help out with any questions you might have.

    The idea behind this promotion is two-fold:

    First, it is a method to reward active forum members with a chance to win tickets to tournaments on Poker Stars. This means you msut have at least 1 blog entry and 1 forum thread you started to include in your application; if you haven't got those then you aren;t really active in the forums yet, right? Don;t worry though, you can make your thread and blog post at any time in the month, and include the links in your application to qualify.

    Second, it is a way for the members to help promote Poker School On Line. The more people we can get into our forum, the more ideas we can bounce off each other to help all of use learn more aobut poker. Besides, an active forum is simply more fun!

    By applying, you have taken the first step toward possibly winning a valuable tournament ticket package!

    The thing is, your application is not complete...

    You can find all the information to make your application complete by checking out this link:

    Please note, a complete application consists of:

    1) Info on your poker history.
    - As a minimum, this must contain comments on how long you have been playing, your favorite games, and comments about the high points of your poker "career" (biggest wins, deepest cash in a tourney, whatever).

    2) Your application must also include the BEST LESSON you've learned about poker so far.

    3) You must also describe the mothods you use to improve your game.

    4) You must include links to a blog post you've made, as well as a forum thread you started.

    5) You must promote your blog posts, forum posts via face book and/or twitter.

    What I usually do is go through applications and post any thing that is missing on the threads. I will be doing that as soon as I finish this note to you.
    I also try to include some helpful hints on your thread which may cause your score to be higher.

    You will have to fix the items in your application to make it complete before your application will be considered, but whether or not you follow the suggestions are up to you.

    You can find instructions on how to post your Facebook and/or Twitter links here:

    Please make sure your Face Book Wall is viewable to the public, and/or that you include your Twitter name so that we can verify that links have been posted.

    If you have any questions please feel free to pm me.

    Good luck this month, and in all your poker endeavours!

    Double Bracelet Winner


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      Missing Information on Application:

      - No link to a Forum thread you started.

      - No link to a blog you have posted.

      - No links showing promotion of blog and forum on Facebook or Twitter.

      These items must be included to qualify your application for the Member of the Month Prize package.

      When this is done, I will mark your app as having met requirements.

      Thank you.

      Double Bracelet Winner


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        More of RianbowMaker

        Hi guys, RianbowMaker here. A couple more things to add to my MOTW application. First off, here is an interesting thread for anybody planning to play a couple of games of poker while vacationing in the U.S.:

        Next is a thread that I started myself about playing poker at home when you have company:

        And here is my Facebook link:!/profile.p...560538&sk=wall


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          I'll wait until my blog is approved before I post the link. Cheers.


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            Please edit the new info into your first post on this thread.

            When iot comes time to collect data for scoring purposes, there may be many posts on your thread overall, and that means data could get buried.

            All you have to do to put those links on the first post of this thread is copy and paste them to the first post here.

            You can edit by simply clicking the "edit" button below your first post.


            Double Bracelet Winner


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                I check thru your links again, and your blog link is perfect.

                Your face book link does not take us to your wall page, nor even your profile, from which it is easy to get to your wall. Please take a look at the sticky post at the top of this forum for instructions on how to post your face book links for verification.

                Also, the link to your forum post is not working. I receive a message that I do not normally get with a broken link, so it appears you might have had a small error in your copy/paste (perhaps you left off the last few digits or something). Can you please re-post.

                As soon as that is done, I will enter "requirements met" on your application and you will be in!


                Double Bracelet Winner


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                  Sorry for the inconveniance. You're right. The copy/paste step crapped out. I think I fixed the problem. Everything seems to be working out fine. Cheers, mate. Gonna go hit the tables


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                    You have it all perfectly done, all info in your applications, and all requirements met!

                    Good luck!
                    Double Bracelet Winner


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                      HaHa! Thanx buddy. GL 2 U 2.


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                        Hi RianbowMaker,

                        Are you going to be in to try again for FEB Member of the Month?

                        If so, all you have to do is reply here on your thread that you are in, and then add new new facebook and/or Twitter links for your thread and blog posts.

                        Please note, it may also help you to create a new forum thread and blog, as older posts tend to get less interest than newer ones. Simply edit those links into your application for FEB, and remove the old links, and you will be all set!

                        I'm looking forward to you competing for FEB MoM!

                        See ya!

                        Double Bracelet Winner



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