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GGERVACIO Application for Member of the Week

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  • GGERVACIO Application for Member of the Week

    Hi, this is GGERVACIO and I am applying for Member of the Week. #7

    After watching the movie "21" and "Rounders", my mind open up to the possibility of making a living playing cards. I dabbled a little bit on blackjack. But the learning curve was too steep so I shifted to poker. I made my first $50 deposit on Pokerstars in 2008, and I never stopped playing since then.

    I played mainly No Limit Texas Holdem, either MTT Tournaments and Sit-and-Gos. From time to time I take a stab at Cash games but I am quite awful at it. It is in cash games where I lost my initial deposit. But I managed to recover my losses playing MTTs so I am sticking with it from now on.

    So far, I won two 1st place finish in a 360-Player Turbo MTT. It is just a $0.10 micro tourney but even so, the sense of accomplishment you get out it is just fantastic! I can't imagine how I would feel if it was an $11 tourney. Another career high for me would be turning $5 to $100+. It was early in my online poker career. Lost my first $50 and made another $50 deposit. Again the bankroll plummeted to $5. I stopped, relearned my strategy, and when my confidence returned, I hit the tables again. With one SNG a night, I recovered the bankroll I have lost and made a few more profit.

    Three years of playing online playing online poker and what have I learned?
    • One, making money in online poker is NOT as easy as I initially thought.
    • Two, you got to hava a lot of patience!
    • Three, I could never stress the importance of Bankroll management.
    • Four. Kaizen! Continues improvement! Keep on learning whatever you can, however you can. Keep an open mind to different Ideas.

    Currently I am reading Moshman's book on SNG Strategy. I also use Elephant software to keep records of my games and to analyze hands after each session. I also frequent online poker school such as this. The information you can get in online forums are invaluable.


    Blog: Double-Up My Bankroll Challenge

    Forum: Risking In-the-Money Position for a Much Better Future

    Social Network: Facebook Wall
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    welcome and good luck!


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      The link for your blog post is not working.

      Many people applying for the Member of the Week promotion have had similar problems; this is pretty easy to fix.

      What has likely happened is that you wrote your blog, and then you immediately posted the link for it, right?

      There is a bit of a lag time before blog posts go public, as they must be reviewed to ensure that they do not contain any TOS violations. This means if you posted the link BEFORE it was approved for public viewing, the link will not work.

      All you have to do is go into your blog post now (it should be approved by now), and take the link from it now, and post that on your application. Please make sure that the link you take from your blog is NOT the link where you are seeing "read more", or where you'd edit it. Instead, open it as if you are viewing your blog as would someone coming across it in the blog section, and paste that link to your application.

      As soon as that is done, your application will be complete.

      Also, please note that any views you have received during Week #5 of the MOW promotion will still count, even though your application will not have met requirements until the end of this week.


      Double Bracelet Winner


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        Applications for week #6 are now open.

        Please indicate by posting on your thread some time this week that you want to take part in week #5 (assuming you do not win week #3 that is! )
        If you are no longer interested in participating, a note on that is helpful as well. Only those who say they wish to participate for week #6 will be eligible to win.

        A couple of helpful tips to increase your chances:

        1) Update the links in your application thread.
        New forum posts and blog posts tend to be more active than older ones, so replacing out dated links to threads which have run their course can help your score.
        Make sure you update your application post itself, and not just post new links in the thread!

        2) Try to make your content and style of posts as interesting as possible.
        Not only does a compelling blog or forum thread generate more interest for the reader (thus more views), your MOW links will be judged on style and content too; the more interesting they are, the better those scores are likely to be!

        3) Try to keep the links to your Week #6 blog and forum post submission near the top of your Face Book and Twitter pages.
        The more people you can reach via Social Media, the better chance there is you will generate intrest in your posts. If you let your links slip down your Social media pages, fewer people will see them.

        Good Luck!


        Note: GGervacio, the link you posted for your blog is still not working. That will need to be edited to qualify you for week #6.
        Double Bracelet Winner


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          Hi JDean, just read your comment about my blog link not working. Made a few adjustments. Hope it works now. Thanks.


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            Yup, works fine.

            Are you in for Week #7?

            If so, you are going to have to update your Face Book page with your links to blog and forum posts for the new week...


            Last edited by JDean; Thu Dec 29, 2011, 09:40 AM.
            Double Bracelet Winner


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              Yup, Im in for week #7. I will just wait a while for my new blogs to get approved, then I'll edit the links. thanks.


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                Originally posted by JDean View Post
                Yup, works fine.

                Are you in for Week #7?

                If so, you are going to have to update your Face Book page with your links to blog and forum posts for the new week...


                Hi JDean, made some updates on blog link and facebook. Hope everything is in order for my application for MOW #7.


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                  Yes, you are in for Week #7, and your info has been submitted.

                  Result will be announced Tuesday.
                  Double Bracelet Winner


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                    Congrats on Winning member of the week! Go Deep!


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                      Congrats umbup: Please let us know when you will be playing so that all of us can rail you.

                      6 Time Bracelet Winner


                      • #12
                        This is a bit late, but please, let me thank Pokerstars and EVERYONE who made it possible for me to become Member of the Week. Already, I feel like a pro As if I am being staked BIG TIME!!!.

                        As of now I am studying the game formats and the schedules. If anyone can tell me if any of the tickets have expiration dates and that I can not miss playing a particular ticket, please let me know.
                        There is a $2.22 Saturday Splash Tournament within 5 hours (that is 12 midnight our time). Unfortunately, I am lacking some sleep. Last night I tried playing 360-MTT half-awake and busted all tables. I would prefer to play the tickets starting, maybe... next week. I will play the low value tickets first and the BIG ones and unfamiliar games (like OMAHA) last. As much as possible, I would like to condition myself before playing any tickets. I seldom play games beyond $2. But $22?!? $55?!? I might froze on my seat and fold all hands until I get blinded out.

                        Well, again thank you for choosing me Member of the Week.



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