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Member of the Week by DoomedXXX

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  • Member of the Week by DoomedXXX

    Hi to everyone, known and unknown I play at Poker Stars since 2009. After two years, i feel that game evolved so much, even in freeroll field. I just love playing poker, when at table, I'm trying to do my best and play at 100%, no matter how big or small buy-in is. Results that matter most to me, are: 1st place in a 18 000 entries PCA freeroll in 2009. (9 tickets for main event). 7th Place at Online Poker Show Freeroll, just a three weeks ago. In 2010 i had a decent run from freeroll zero $, to over 200$, just in three weeks. I played one table knockout tournaments, not cosidering bankroll management :P I was great while it lasted ... at my peak, I once played against a online poker pro 75$ buy-in and finished second (he came third) ... but, my biggest win came from108 $ buy-in single table KO ... 1st place All details about this tournaments, even my feelings and thoughts, can be found in my blog posts. or this: I hope that link works I also posted in forum some interesting hands and topics, so, if You have an extra time, take a look: Just a two of 75 posts. I think that my blog is a good and valuable for players who want to learn and maybe avoid traps that I fell into Best lesson I learned so far ? The best and smartest doesn't allways win. Being patient is great, but, when I decide to play a hand, I'm prepared t go all the way ... Best method to improve game is play, play and play more umbup: About promoting my blog and PSO online ... YES ! I promoted allways on Facebook, I just love to brag about my results See You all at tables, I'm not so nice there P.S. I allways forget something :P My fav. games are 2-7 single draw and of course, NL Holdem.
    Last edited by DoomedXXX; Wed Dec 07, 2011, 08:33 PM.

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    Welcome to the contest DoomedXXX!

    There seem to be a few things missing in your application here, and those will have to be added before you are eligible to win this week. Those things are:

    - No Face Book/Twitter Link.
    We need to know you are promoting PSO on FB or Twitter, so we have to have a link to your Face Book or Twitter account Profile on the application.

    - Which blog entry do you want us to consider?

    Your link works, it takes us to your blogs. The thing is, it takes us to the page with ALL your blogs. Which entry do you want us to look at for the contest this week? Please post the blog link to the specific blog entry you;d like to use this week.


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      wow haven't seen doomed in a year lol, Good luck


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        I wrote my blog as a diary, posting results, and it's value lies in comparing every blog and player progress (or downfall) through time. They also reveal strategy and my approach in tournaments. If I have to choose ... it's hard, but I choose: and also: Link to my Facebook account: I don't know is this everything You need, If something's missing, please let me know umbup:
        Last edited by DoomedXXX; Thu Dec 08, 2011, 02:24 AM. Reason: I keep forgeting stuff :P


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          Hi umbup: Thanks Autumn and winter are my poker times


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            The links you added to the thread are pre-view links, and do not work. Please go to the blog post you want, and link the url to that form the page itself, as if you are viewing it.


            See the /?id=19769 at the end of the url?/id=19769 ?
            That is an id number for a specific blog post of yours. It can be found by clocking "read more" at the bottom of the blog entry you want to use for this week.

            If something like this appears at the end of the link: 9&preview=true
            You are posting a PREVIEW of your blog, and the link will not route us to an actual blog post.


            I opened your Face Book wall, and do not see any links to your PSO blog or Forum thread there yet.

            It may be due to privacy settings you use.

            If you do have privacy settings on, please removed them, as the links must be view-able by the public in order to qualify. It also helps you to have random people using those links to come to PSO and view your blog and forum posts!

            So please make this change so I can mark you as qualified for week #4.


            Last edited by JDean; Thu Dec 08, 2011, 02:41 AM.
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              Third time the charm

              Facebook setting changed also, it should work now-
              I didn't open Twitter account.


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                **REQUIREMENTS MET, wk #4**
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                  Originally posted by DoomedXXX View Post
                  Results that matter most to me, are: 1st place in a 18 000 entries PCA freeroll in 2009. (9 tickets for main event)
                  Ooooh ... so, so jeally! Did you swim with dolphins while you were there? GL with MOTW!! umbup:


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                    No need for jelaousy, main event was a clumsy title for online tournament final round ,which lead to Bahamas.
                    I don't remember exact details about package worth, it was over 10 000$ each ... 27 tickets trom final round (I think)
                    I didn't get very far on that one, still remember the hand that kicked me out (shall I tell another story about losing?)

                    I won't
                    Last edited by DoomedXXX; Sun Dec 11, 2011, 09:34 PM. Reason: typo


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                      Applications for week #5 are now open.

                      Please indicate by posting on your thread some time this week that you want to take part in week #5 (assuming you do not win week #3 that is! )
                      If you are no longer interested in participating, a note on that is helpful as well.

                      A couple of helpful tips to increase your chances:

                      1) Update the links in your application thread.
                      New forum posts and blog posts tend to be more active than older ones, so replacing out dated links to threads which have run their course can help your score.
                      Make sure you update your application post itself, and not just post new links in the thread!

                      2) Try to make your content and style of posts as interesting as possible.
                      Not only does a compelling blog or forum thread generate more interest for the reader (thus more views), your MOW links will be judged on style and content too; the more interesting they are, the better those scores are likely to be!

                      3) Try to keep the links to your Week #5 blog and forum post submission near the top of your Face Book and Twitter pages.
                      The more people you can reach via Social Media, the better chance there is you will generate intrest in your posts. If you let your links slip down your Social media pages, fewer people will see them.

                      Good Luck!

                      Double Bracelet Winner



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