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MOTW PROMO; Twitter & Facebook.....

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  • MOTW PROMO; Twitter & Facebook.....

    Hi Guys n Girls,

    A quick straight forward question about the Member of the Week Promo 4 any1 that can enlighten me...

    Is is vital to have Twitter and Facebook links in an application for MOTW??

    I only ask because im not on twitter or facebook for whatever reasons, anyways thats regardless, im not on either of them and was wondering would that effect an application for MOTW, i can see from other applications that Twiiter and Facebook are involved in some way....

    I havent applied for MOTW yet as i dont think my content in the community is large enough as of yet, but im working on it...

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    *** moved *** Hi Briany, Firstly, by all means put forward your name for MOTW, it is open to all regardless of how long they are a member. Here is a link to the scoring system of the competition. Social media does play a small part of this. I wish you the best of luck in the competition. I moved this thread into the MOTW thread. Regards, Raiser umbup:
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      Yes, posting links to your forum post and blog on Twitter and/or Face Book is a requirement of the Member of the Week competition.

      The idea of this promotion is 2 fold:

      1) Reward the contributing members of PSO. Since it is the content that they post which makes this a community we can all share, it is good for PSO to reward those contributors.

      2) Get the word out to those not on PSO yet, about how great the forum and all its content really is. Part and parcel of this goal is using social media to spread the word.

      As for your present level of content on the site: The scoring for the MOTW Promotion is set up specifically to keep a level playing field between long timer members, and new members; ALL members add to PSO in some way when they post and/or blog, so all members should have a chance to win right?

      The scoring is set up so that half of your points are based on the combination of Style and Content for a forum thread you start and a blog you post, and half are awarded based on the number of unique views you receive within the week you've applied for the promotion.

      A newer member can generate greater interest in their posts my making them as interesting as possible, and also by becoming active in OTHER forum posts. When people start seeing your name in other threads, it really doesn't take them long to start searching out your posts and blog. Social media sites are a GREAT way to get a message out, so the more people who see your links on those sites, the more active your forum posts and blog will probably be. The more people posting on the forum, and visiting each other's threads, the more fun PSO can become, right? (Please note: adding to the discussions started by others is good, simply hopping into their threads and posting your links is annoying and de-rails the thread. HELP your fellow PSO'ers with keeping their threads active, and they will tend to help you keep yours active!)

      As for style, that is more subjective of course. If you are clear and concise, if you stay focused on the point you are trying to make, or the idea you are trying to put out to the forum, even if you may not be the greatest writer in the world, your style should be pretty solid.

      Content is also somewhat subjective. Since this is a poker forum, having a poker based theme for your blog and/or forum post tends to help. Talking about about your thoughts on a poker question which may trouble you is good fodder for posts. Posting about a big win you've had, and including a description of the action leading up to the nice cash tends to make for very interesting posts, and those also usually get a lot of encouraging words from fellow community members (which is always nice to hear!). Talking about what PSO has done to help your game, writing about experiences you've had at live games, or passing on some new bit of info you've learned about the game can all be good topics too; and good poker related topics generally means your content will be good too.

      So new member or old Briany84, member with a huge post count or a small one, everyone has a shot at winning the fat Member of the Week MTT Ticket package. If not having a Twitter or Face Book account NOW is the only thing stopping you from trying, is it REALLY that hard to start an account on one, or both, of those sites?

      The rewards to be had in the way of tourney tickets YOU might win are probably worth doing so all alone, but the rewards we ALL get from helping PSO to grow are definately worth it to me at least.

      So how about giving it a shot? All it takes is to sign up for a social media account and do a very few minor things to have a chance!

      No matter what you decide though, best wishes to you, and good luck on the felt!

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