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    My poker history

    Well i won't go on and on about my history, due to fact its not a lucrative history lol But i been playing since i was 16 with mates and then played online and at casino's from age of 18 and im now 23 and love the game more and more. My only game is Hold'em on the fact as its most popular and i like action. my career hights are very small but i once made 2.6k within 2 weeks back in 2010 and i came 2nd and then 1st in a game called "5K GTD late night short handed" (this was at another site in which i wont mention lol) and then cashes there on.

    Best lesson you've learnt in poker up to now?

    if i was to think about my best lesson i have learned in poker it would be this...never go on tilt! its basic and simple as everyone says it but its the most fundamental asset in my opinion to have. i use to go on major tilt and i would lose hundreds in one session and i would be miserable for days, even weeks and this was something that bothered me alot, but the moment that changed my way of thinking was what my dad told me one time i was low after a horrible session, i told him i lost few hundred dollars to a guy who had bad beated me with 35 off suit against my kings, i over looked my hand several times and i didn't do anything wrong in it, it was a 100% bad beat, anyway my dad says to me "so he had best hand at end of it?" i stood with a gaunt look on my face and replied with a sarcastic voice "yes!" this was what he said "well then he won, you can't go on about how he screwed you over, at end of day, he won you lost and thats that, what ya need to do is to get back on the game and grind away like that hand never happened" now this was a guy who doesn't have clue about poker but he was right, why should one bad beat create a massive tilt attack which can lose me more money. and so after time my tilt would get rarer each time i got bad beated and now it takes me a hour break or so to forget about it. that is the best advice and also something i have learned, so thanks to my dad!

    What methods do you use to improve your game?

    i am now using the method of reviewing my hand history and finding leaks in my game, this is a major rule i have set myself after a week of playing and i would take a day to just go threw them to see what i can improve on. i also read and watch videos from fellow pokerstar pro's (yes have to mention those guys lol), anything that would improve my game i will go ahead and do it.

    thanks for reading guys and good luck to others who are lucky enough to win

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    Missing Items in Application:

    - No link to blog (link is broken, but I see you have a blog)
    - No Social Media Site links
    (Note: Social Media self-promotion should link back to your blog and forum posts, not your application post.)

    Please provide the missing items to complete your application post.

    Thank You.
    Double Bracelet Winner


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      Applications for week #4 are now open.

      Please indicate by posting on your thread some time this week that you want to take part in week #4 (assuming you do not win week #3 that is! )
      If you are no longer interested in participating, a note on that is helpful as well.

      A couple of helpful tips to increase your chances:

      1) Update the links in your application thread.
      New forum posts and blog posts tend to be more active than older ones, so replacing out dated links to threads which have run their course can help your score.
      Make sure you update your application post itself, and not just post new links in the thread!

      2) Try to make your content and style of posts as interesting as possible.
      Not only does a compelling blog or forum thread generate more interest for the reader (thus more views), your MOW links will be judged on style and content too; the more interesting they are, the better those scores are likely to be!

      3) Try to keep the links to your Week #4 blog and forum post submission near the top of your Face Book and Twitter pages.
      The more people you can reach via Social Media, the better chance there is you will generate intrest in your posts. If you let your links slip down your Social media pages, fewer people will see them.

      Good Luck!

      Double Bracelet Winner



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