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    I would like to be considered for member of the week for this week and in the future. My name is Joy, I am a retired IT manager 58 years young. I first got interested in NLHE through watching it on TV, I wasn't familiar with this particular poker game prior to that time. I checked out quite a few poker sites, but liked PS best from the first. Since Daniel Negreanu is one of my favourite players and Canadian as well, it seemed like a good idea to play here.

    I started with play money in December 2010, and I didn't realize that you could get more money if you lost the initial $1K, so I played very carefully to build up my stake. By the time I reached $200K, I was playing the Astronomer freerolls and trying to win some real money. I had some limited success, and had $1.02 in my bankroll when I received an email from PS saying that they were giving me $5 to help me on my way. The rest, as they say, is history.

    My bankroll had some ups and downs, but I managed to stay afloat. I played a lot of .02 990 and .10 360 tourneys to slowly build my BR. I was super conservative, since I had agreed with my husband never to deposit. I was determined to start from zero and build my BR by winning.

    I think the most important thing I've learned from playing poker is how to deal with the bad beats. I was very discouraged a few months back, it seemed that no matter how good my hand was, opponents would draw out on me. I decided to review my hand histories to try and figure out where I was going wrong. After many hours of reading, I found a few leaks in my game and decided that the suck outs were something I couldn't control. Once you're all in, you are at the mercy of the cards. It was like a light bulb came on, I realized that in order to have a bad beat, you had to be getting your money in with the best hand. Bad beats haven't bothered me (much) since.

    I had noticed the link on the PS menu to Poker School, but was sure I wouldn't be able to afford it with my meager BR. I was very surprised to find out that it was FREE, and joined in July 2010. I lurked in the forum for a while, reading everything with interest but not taking part. I felt that my poker knowledge was minimal compared to most of the PSO regulars, so I just stayed in the background learning. I started getting involved in December, and have been a regular contributor ever since. I am currently reading my way through the library, and watching the training videos, as well as participating in some live training. All of these things are helping me improve my game, and I heartily recommend them to anyone looking to improve.

    I would like to give a special thank you to all the members of the Drunk Tank and Jokers Wild home games, they all helped me become the player that I am today, and are a great bunch of people.

    Forum Post:


    Social Media:!/profile.p...881884&sk=wall

    **Week #5 REQUIREMENTS MET**
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    dang Joy stars only gave me $2 to start... good luck!!


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      Missing Items in Application:

      - No Social Media Site links
      (Note: Social Media self-promotion should link back to your blog and forum posts, not your application post.)
      (Please show link to your FB PROFILE so we can see the back links to PSO.)

      Please provide the missing items to complete your application post.

      Thank You.

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        Social media link added, sorry!

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          Please view the sticky thread on how to post Face Book links.

          We need to be able to verify that you've promoted your Blog and Forum posts on FB, so we need to have a like to your Profile please. Instructions are in the sticky thread of this forum.

          Thank you.

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            Sorry, JD, I think I've got it right now.

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              Originally posted by joy7108 View Post
              Sorry, JD, I think I've got it right now.

              you got it now!
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                Joy, are you in for week #2?

                All you have to do is say you want to be on this thread!

                I really like your poker story, and I'm sure others will to! Views count, so try to keep PSO links near the top of your facebook!
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                  Thank you JD, I think it's interesting because I had to build from nothing, when my husband found out I was gambling online we made a deal, no deposits, so I had better motivation than some lol.

                  If I blow the wad, I have to start again from the .02 990's and the .10 360's, I'll do almost anything to avoid that.

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                    Please consider my application for week 2.
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                      So I'm in first place in the Drunk Tank, that may not mean much to most of you, but take my word for it, it's a major accomplishment. Some of the most skilled players in the PSO play in this game, so it's a real accomplishment to do well. I have 18K and my closest competitor has 5688. I'm thrilled to death to be doing well in this of all games!! Four left, Effsea, Johnny Oak, brkn80 and me. AhKc and wouldn't you know it, everybody folds.

                      This is such a fun game i don't even care if I win. That's saying something, I always care about winning, lol. I currently have 16,480 in chips, closest opponent has 7268. 79o in the BB, 2 raises think I'll fold. Brkn8 wins the pot.

                      Mucked Q6 and two queens, guess I should have stayed in that hand. Lots of time, I still have twice the stack of any of my opponents. 7s8h in BB, got a walk. Bluffed the trip tens on the river and won.

                      Pocket fours, raised and picked up the pot. Jc4d, had to fold to a raise. Raising pocket threes, facing an all in from Effsea, guess I should fold. Raise to 1250 from brkn80, have to call w TT, but he beats me with JJ, now I'm second.

                      Effsea out now just three of us left. So I've dropped to third now, told you these games are tough. Pocket sevens, everyone folds, then call with Jh9h, flop comes Qh 5d Ts, OESD so I'm going. Unfortunately, it doesn't hit and Johnny Oak wins with 9cQc and I'm out.

                      The drunk tank games are some of the best home games, even the play money games are well worth playing. I give a lot of credit to the Tank for the improvement in my game, those guys have taught me a lot.

                      Heads up and I'm still watching, I can learn a lot from these guys. Johnny Oak takes it down with a flopped
                      straight!! Till next week...

                      Last edited by joy7108; Wed Nov 23, 2011, 07:59 AM. Reason: spacing
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                        I love this... and agree wholeheartedly with you on all points! Again... it really was GREAT to see you tonight, hope it isn't so long before the next time!!!

                        Have a great night!!



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                          damn joy.... u really want this... and if I were a bettin man (which I am), I'd say it won't be long coming... I've been watching u from afar... in fact... I've railed ur games in the Women's Division in the past. Ur as solid a player as anyone in the DT2... umbup: I've often stated this to both BUZZ and jordan2652... Looking foward to the day when U have ur run @ this line-up of Tourneys... umbup: Until then... just keep up the good effort, and everything else will fall in place... promise... EasyChips4U
                          Last edited by EasyChips4U; Wed Nov 23, 2011, 10:56 PM.
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                            Easy, are you psychic?? You were right, I nailed the tank this week!! I consider this a major accomplishment, I've been playing these games for quite a while, feels great to finally win one!!

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                              play the other.. I'll give you a run for bragging rights.... or check that.. JO just might too! Good playing Joy umbup:

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