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BaaawwMe the GREAT

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  • BaaawwMe the GREAT

    Hello all PSO members and moderators My name is BawMe, I would like this application to be considered for all future MEMBER OF THE WEEK selections. I am 25 years young, from Toronto, Canada and I have been playing poker for about 5 years, after learning the game when a close friend took me to a kitchen table game and I made a clean $15 profit playing 25c/50c NL holdem. I had seen it before on TV here and there but it was my first time trying the game, and I must admit I fell in love with the game right away!! I knew I wasn't good, and didn't understand all of the rules even, but the feeling of excitement, anxiety, nervousness, anticipation, joy, and sometimes pain was too much to ignore. I had the bug. I played alot of freerolls and lowstakes, and studied alot of high stakes videos online of the Pros playing and dreamed to be playing this game I love one day comfortable for large sums of money like they were. I have only been registered with PokerSchoolOnline 4 months, but in my short time here in my opinion it is AMAZING, and a great way to improve your game, with ZERO investment. I don't come from a rich background, as not many of us do, and I work for everything I have, along with a loving family who I still live with and help me out through rough times, as I only have a high school education.(although I do plan to go back someday) so stay in school kids thats a GREAT lesson in itself. When it comes to poker I learn new lessons everyday, and PSO has great tools that have improved my game, like the training videos, courses (which taking, and passing them all, alone makes me feel as if my game has improved tremendously), interaction, skill leagues, and the whole poker environment here is simply awesome and good for any new player AND advanced player alike. Me being primarily a low stakes player and right now, currently not having a job, or a bankroll of any kind really, (except what I make from the skill leagues and then gamble away umbup it is the PERFECT place for me to still practice against quality opponents, learn ALOT, meet interesting people with similar ways of thinking and love for the game, and improve on my game. I would recommend and will be recommending to more people via facebook and word of mouth. My favourite game is NL Hold em, specifically MTTs and cash games, personal best result in poker online was here at pokerstars, back in January 2010. I played in a $11+ rebuy and finished 2nd out of 1883 entrants ((= and scored $6,791. Although I have won first place a few times this was my largest score cash wise, which I chose to withdraw most of because of living expenses and not having a stable job. I used the money to help family, pay bills, and I also went on a vacation my first trip to Las Vegas! I had the time of my life time there where I played in $1/$2 NL cash games aswell as multi table S&Gs. At one of the resorts, (Harrah's I believe it was although alcohol consumption blurs the memory a tad ) there about 64 entrants, I tied for first with one other older gentlemen who i made a deal with. for the tune of $780 which paid for my travel expenses So my love for poker grows deeper everyday, I have a deep passion for it, aswell as music which I write rhymes in my spare time, so If anyone ever wants to freestyle battle drop me a pm and we can kick a few flows In conclusion I think I would be a GREAT choice for PLAYER OF THE WEEK because I absolutely have the heart and determination to play all the saturday line up, all day, study all my moves, and give my best shot. I feel like I am destined to win in the long run, but I am humble enough to know I can always learn more and improve in someway, and I treat the game as such striving to learn as much as possible and soak in knowledge from great players on this site, in the pro ranks and in my personal life. The best poker lesson I have learned up until this point is from my favorite poker player, Phil Ivey. He said, to paraphrase - learn everything you can about the game, and always try to improve, but when you sit down at the table, just play you're game and don't worry. - Pretty much just let the results take care of themselves, and to take it a step further analyze your hands after the session and make sure you are making the best decisions. To quote myself from my first blog here on PSO: "I feel I am open-minded, and level headed person so feel free to comment, critique or disagree with me or share your views on my game" or the game in general. Read more: Beware of the Baaaww (BawMe) – Poker School Online: Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells Here is a link to my best blog post: Here is a link to my first forum topic post: (I love the responses everyone has been giving, great stuff!) umbup Another forum post about good poker books for all players: Promotion is next. Expect me to be shamelessly self promoting at the tables, through social media, and in my personal life everywhere I go, as I feel I am destined for this, and I will continue to strive for GREATNESS, as i hope you all do aswell. Best of luck to everyone!! Here is a link to my facebook page: Cheers, BawMe see you'll at the tables!!
    Last edited by BawMe; Sun Dec 04, 2011, 10:05 PM. Reason: updated link to new blog post

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    Missing Items in Application:

    - No link to blog ( <= link appears broken)
    - No link to forum post ( <= link appears broken)
    - No Social Media Site links
    (Note: Social Media self-promotion should link back to your blog and forum posts, not your application post.)
    (Please show link to your FB PROFILE so we can see the back links to PSO.)

    Please provide the missing items to complete your application post.

    Thank You.

    Last edited by JDean; Mon Nov 21, 2011, 02:31 AM.
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      Thank You JDean for the application review, I have fixed the broken links, and also provided a link to my facebook page, with promo info, please let me know if it is okay now. Thanks again.



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        Originally posted by BawMe View Post
        Thank You JDean for the application review, I have fixed the broken links, and also provided a link to my facebook page, with promo info, please let me know if it is okay now. Thanks again.


        Second link still broken
        The requested resource could not be found.


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          Everything is now there!

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              This was a fun read BawMe, but if you want to be considered for week 32, you have to say so on this application thread!

              The more views you have, the more credit you get in the scoring, so try to keep PSO links on top of your Facebook!
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                Yes i would like to be included for week #2 and all subsequent weeks, I have edited my post so that it now says this, somewhere near the top. Thanks JDean, your doing a great job around here.


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                  Welcome to PSO BawMe! Always fun to have somebody around who's so enthusiastic about this game we all love that can be so exciting/frustrating/confusing/fascinating all at the same time Good luck with MOTW! umbup:


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                    Thanks alot Sam! umbup: Appreciate the support!! GL @ the tables!


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                      Thx BawMe! I could use all the GL wishes I can get haha!!

                      Look forward to seeing more of you in the forums!


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                        Applications for week #4 are now open.

                        Please indicate by posting on your thread some time this week that you want to take part in week #4 (assuming you do not win week #3 that is! )
                        If you are no longer interested in participating, a note on that is helpful as well.

                        A couple of helpful tips to increase your chances:

                        1) Update the links in your application thread.
                        New forum posts and blog posts tend to be more active than older ones, so replacing out dated links to threads which have run their course can help your score.
                        Make sure you update your application post itself, and not just post new links in the thread!

                        2) Try to make your content and style of posts as interesting as possible.
                        Not only does a compelling blog or forum thread generate more interest for the reader (thus more views), your MOW links will be judged on style and content too; the more interesting they are, the better those scores are likely to be!

                        3) Try to keep the links to your Week #4 blog and forum post submission near the top of your Face Book and Twitter pages.
                        The more people you can reach via Social Media, the better chance there is you will generate intrest in your posts. If you let your links slip down your Social media pages, fewer people will see them.

                        Good Luck!

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