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Is the Open League losing its popularity?

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  • Is the Open League losing its popularity?

    I know that it is still early in the month, but.

    I have noticed that the Open League is not attracting the numbers that it used to.

    Not too long ago, if you didn't register within the first five minutes of registration opening for the 17:00 Open, then you didn't get in as it filled up very, very fast.

    There has been 6 17:00 tourneys since this months league started.
    I missed the first one so don't know the numbers entered, but the next five were: 4th July 8,852 entered after the 10min late reg period ended. 5th July 9,811 entered by late reg end. 6th July 10,000 entered and filled just before late reg ended. 7th July 10,000 entered almost on the end of late reg. and today 8th July only 8,756 had entered by the time late reg ended.

    I noticed this first last month towards the end of the month, but put it down to people not entering because they were too far down the Leaderboard to make a difference.

    I understand that some of the other timeslots don't fill up either, especially the 21:00 slot.

    So does this mean that the Open Skill League is losing its appeal ? And if so, will that portend the end of the League ?

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    I find, that players that are not looking to play all day everyday, don't participate, as well as players that are lower on the leaderboards, the better you do, the higher you're going to place, so as the month progresses, less players start appearing.


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      Its been a while since it was essential to enter the OSL as soon as registration opened.

      So far this month I have played 15 games and only 8 filled up to 10K - and some of them not until late reg period after the tourney had begun.

      Average number of players in the 15 games I have played is 9103, with the lowest turn-out at just 6741. I know several of the tourneys I was not in did not reach 6K players, the lowest I saw was 5,424.

      So there definitely has been a drop off in numbers.

      Unless you always have 20+VPPs and always finish in the prizes and often in the top 20, the rest of the prizes are probably not that attractive given the time consumed to gain them. There are easier ways of making up to $10 a month.

      There is a core of experienced leaguers who regularly take the majority of the big fund, and hopefully new players soon realise that after a few months trying and getting the smaller prizes. The competition at the top is fierce and the tourneys are a minefield.

      I still enjoy the games and appreciate the small $$$ I make from OSL - but I am not surprised that other players may have given up on the OSL.

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        I myself have noticed the drop in numbers entering certain start times in the game. At first it was during the 2am(PST)/5am(EST) and now I'm seeing the same for the 10pm/1am (PST/EST). Is this a worrying trend? Maybe not. When I started in the OSL, you could register for the game and sit out and still get some points. Then it changed and most of the games began to fill up after the few minutes of opening for registration. I believe this was because more new players were encouraged to join by friends and as they became better or more confident playing the game, they have moved on the to playing just cash games or MTT's and STT's. Many have moved up to the Premier Skill League and the Premier Skill League Qualifier.

        So, is this an alarming trend? Or the end of OSL? I'm sure that since this format of training/education in playing live poker, has been started, PokerSchool has seen these types of fluctuations many times. We should see an increase in numbers again in the schools some time in the near future.

        Should Poker School redesign the Open Skill League to draw in more players or to bring back previous players? I'm not sure on that.

        Right now, I'm enjoying the smaller number of players in the games. I also think that by having less people playing, it has reduced the need of some to people to go jamming all ins at the beginning and through most of the game, just so they can get as many chips as they can get. Less players to compete against so maybe better play from these type of players.
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          The current game had less than 4K registered when it started, which got up to 5,369 by end of late reg.

          Lots of sit-outs too.

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            perhaps a victim of its bingo design.have not played in 3 months
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              Maybe it has a connection to the fact the World Cup is on? More people are out at the pub lol. But over time, as with anything, popularity wains. The one good thing about this is that the folks that are going to be left are going to be those that take the league seriously, which means those bingo situations that cause so many timebankers may start to slow down.


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                It hasn't lost it's appeal with me umbup:umbup: Does anyone know if your still rewarded a Big Bang ticket for 3 finishes of under 400 if there's not max entry?
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                  Originally posted by TR1V1A View Post
                  It hasn't lost it's appeal with me umbup:umbup: Does anyone know if your still rewarded a Big Bang ticket for 3 finishes of under 400 if there's not max entry?
                  Yes you are Raiser umbup:


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                    Thank you Raiser.
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                      I do am not sure what the stats be for the Leagues, I do no for the last 10 years of being at PSO that from May to September have always been the slowest time with less people playing and coming to the site.

                      So that could be part of this, but like i said i don't no just my opinion based of what i have seen over the years

                      Thanks for being part of PSO, and Best of Luck at the Tables


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                        I believe this can be what TOO2COO said or, It might be that players don't like to be harrassed & threatened for playing in the style prooven to work since the league started. This is especially true when PSO pays more attention to Play-Money Players than to "real" school members who are trying their best to make a small bankroll & become serious players.
                        This business of "selective inforcement" by "Snitching" has never worked. When u are in a situatiuon where u must be afraid of your fellow players because they don't like your style of play, certainly a player will look elsewhere to have FUN.
                        Just my thoughts,



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