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  • PSO Open

    I'm trying to put some more effort into the PSO open this month, getting some deep runs and scoring some points.

    Can anyone let me know what my points goal should be to finish within the top 500?

    I can then set a goal to hit that and improve it through the month.


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    last month 500 place have 2171 points. you can chak this on leaderboard for each month


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      Also, last time I got in top 500 there was 150 ppls that did not get the required 20+ fpps. Hope this helps. umbup: HAPPY
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        Yeah i looked at an average and 2175 seemed a good number

        I reckon that (to begin with at least) Simply sitting out will get me about 5 points (2500-3500 mark) getting further than that but still in the 4 digit mark will be about 10-20 points and getting into low 3 digits scores will be approaching 50 points or so.

        All I need is 628 points, if I reckon to be able to register for 5 games, 2 of which i will have to sit out and 3 of which I can score decent spots of about 20 on average, I only need to work for 9 days to hit the 500 spots. If i over-perform then it will make my life easier but going deep in these very soft games where opponents will shove at you with top pair vs your set, its easy money.

        Is this realistic?


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          sitting out will only work when your points are low. Once you go over 1770 I think then you start losing points
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            Yeah I thought as much and think I remember that from past half-assed attempts.

            Well when that occurs I can simply bypass the sitting out need.

            I am tempted to see how far time-banking will take me with a tactic to keep time-banking until I hit shove/fold stack and then when a premium hand or decent hand with an open spot comes up, shove it in then rinse+repeat


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              Knocked out 1700 or something . Only needed top 3400 to score. I had to take deep breaths and relax over that timer. Was actually really mellow.


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                Got to love this game sometimes

                1hr in, snuck back to see where i was, about 1700/10000 with 1BB
                Shoved with ATC, hit a straight and flush draw on flop and flush filled in, 1BB = 5BB
                Next hand had A6, shoved again vs 96 and held up 5BB = 10BB
                Next hand QQ, shoved once more vs KJ, river came a Jack and KOd in 1640

                Thought I could have scored 20BB stack and then just sat out for another 30 minutes or so for a better score, but ill take the small bump that will probably give me

                Fairly sure I can hit 500 this month as long as I dont miss any games or screw up with any early bust outs


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                  Originally posted by awmm83 View Post
                  Knocked out 1700 or something . Only needed top 3400 to score. I had to take deep breaths and relax over that timer. Was actually really mellow.
                  What do you mean?


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                    I'll count the number of my bottom card to utilise time. A couple of times I thought I'd get a zzzzzzzz.
                    There wes nothing. In fact, I wasn't alone.



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